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Haven't said much for days, (editing) so a rant was well overdue I suppose.

Just spotted this over at Anne Harris/Jessica Freely's Blog.

"Romancing the Genre was less fabulous.   There the subject of m/m's suitability for the romance section of the bookstore somehow (*sheepish grin*) rose its thorny head and we had what is becoming the predictable debate between m/m converts who want it in the stores and established publishing professionals who insist there's no call for it.  The conversation devolved into a shouting match between an audience member and a panelist and as moderator, I had to chill it out."

Good GOD. rantymcrantrant )

Forgive me for being dim, but doesn't Gaylaxicon actually MEAN encompassing the GLBT?  Doesn't it say on the main page it's a "annual international Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror convention for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people and their friends."  Why then was this discussion even permitted to escalate into "there's no call for it"? 

Surely the discussion should have been a critique on why it hasn't happened yet, and looking at ways to help it to happen.  I wish I'd been there.
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I've just spotted this over on Dear Author

Ann Herendeen’s originally self-published first novel PHYLLIDA AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF PHILANDER, a “bisexual Victorian Regency romance” that marries camp and erotica to humorous effect, to Rakesh Satyal at Harper Perennial (world)

Typo about the Victorian Regency, as you can't have both at once - but I hope this is Good News and that Ms Herendeen's book is the thin end of the Wedge.  We've had F/F making mainstream, and although I haven't yet read it, I've skipped it and there's graphic gay sex in it.

I shall be watching the release of this with interest, to see if they've made her edit it in any way.  But WOOT - after this week, this is GOOD NEWS.

i hope.


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