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I'm touched at the nice things that have happened already - virtual gifts all over my info page, You've got to love someone that sends you a bat for a present.  Who am I -Alice Cooper? *laugh*

As I just wrote to a friend, this is the first year that I'm another year older and no deeper in debt.  Who knew that giving up work would make me BETTER off?

So here it comes - Hallowe'en Night
And I don't want to give you a fright
So come, take a look,
Win some of my books.
Where hot men go BUMP in the night!

The TRICK OR TREAT giveaway is open!

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My right shoulder aches, on the front - like a broken collarbone. And that's impossible as I haven't done anything more strenuous than PC sitting for days. *lathers on the Ibuleve*

Frost Fair has had the green light - and any errors I missed will just have to stay in there - and it's off to the printers etc.  Although I appreciate the fast turnaround that small publishers do, it means that there's no hope at all of getting one's manuscript off to the more professional review sites who want a book WEEKS or MONTHS in advance. It's not up on the site yet, (not even on the Coming Soon page(!!!!) but will let you know when, obviously.

Four days to Trick or Treat on my website!

OK. Back to  editing...


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