Jan. 15th, 2012

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I’ve been tweeting and Facebooking, but I appreciate not all of you hang out there, and that’s probably a good job too.

So it seems I’m badly anaemic and have a big iron deficiency. This isn’t a great surprise considering how much blood I’ve lost this week. what I’ve been thinking about though is that it probably has been going on for quite a while because at regular intervals I get these tired spells where I have to sit down for a spell. right now it’s ludicrous though, I took my prescription into the chemist and thank God for chemist’s chairs! I collapsed onto one and it took a good minute to catch my breath. (After I’d walked a good 15 paces from the car!) The chemist was a real sweetie and rushed around looking after me. I have to take 3 pills a day for the next two weeks and then one a day thereafter. Hopefully that will keep it at bay.

Reading up on the problem, it seems that mainlining tea as I have been doing over the last few years isn’t a good thing either, so I’m limiting tea to two times a day, each one at least an hour after taking my iron pills with orange juice. I’m taking this very seriously. I think it was one of the lowest ebbs of my life last night when i was going to bed and I was lying face down on the stairs with both cats and dogs looking worriedly at me because I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. It’s even wearing me out typing.

It’s a shame because I love tea. However I can have one at midday, so only a few minutes to go.

I am scarfing iron rich food too, including black pudding which I absolutely love so it’s great to have an excuse to scoff it.

A friend pointed out to me yesterday that she’d been rewatching Sophie’s Choice and Sophie was anaemic. But all she actually was was pale and interesting, not walking six paces and then having to sit down with her head between her knees. That would have been a fun addition to the film, I think!

So – that’s me. Going to try and get 500 words done today, if I can tear myself away from STUPID FACEBOOK GAMES.

How are you all?


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