Jan. 16th, 2012

A Wreck!

Jan. 16th, 2012 11:20 am
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Although I’m feeling a BIT better than yesterday. Re-torn the weak muscle in my calf (i tend to do this a lot) and still very breathless but not as bad as yesterday, it’s a small improvement and I’m grateful for it.

Have no appetite either which can’t be a bad thing.

No writing yesterday despite good intentions as coming home from Mundesley where we’d had lunch, i got a puncture—and I thought I didn’t have a spare so rang the AA – although let’s be honest I wouldn’t have been able to change it in my state anyway (i can NORMALLY, she says, proudly) and the AA arrived bang on time within the hour. Dad was appalling—not a surprise I suppose as he couldn’t remember why we were parked on the side of the road and kept asking every five minutes but getting more and more angry each time. By the time we were sitting in the AA van as the man worked (he magically found a spare tyre which I did not think I had—secretly I think he found it in his van and didn’t want to charge me for it, because it certainly wasn’t in my spare tyre space—what an angel, if so) Dad was positively aggressive and we ended up shouting at each other. Yes, I know this achieves nothing but it lets off my steam.

Anyway, that whole debacle took 2 and a half hours in all, so no writing yesterday. I’m just waiting for the conservatory to warm up—because i CANNOT get him to turn the bloody radiator on in there when he gets up no matter how many ways I try and remind him—and then I’ll pop out and try and write. There is no way I’m going through another entire year of no writing.

I tried to do a Twitter giveaway (and I think this brings home the usefulness/complete waste of space re promotion that is Twitter) and failed miserably. I offered to giveaway a signed copy of Junction X to the 1000th person. That person didn’t bother to reply, so I tried the 1001 person who didn’t want it, so I gave up. Can’t even give my books away it seems! I’ll try again at 1500. If I should live that long!


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