Mar. 6th, 2012


Mar. 6th, 2012 03:51 pm
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1. Game of Thrones Simpsons parody. Genius

2. Oh! The dilemma! The new Assassin’s Creed game is going to be set in 1777 in America. Yes. Rebel Scum time! Trouble is I’m going to be playing as Rebel Scum with a hero called – don’t you just love names like this: Ratohnhaké:ton (although they call him Connor, d’oh) and presumably I’m going to have to KEEL the redcoats. Now I had no problem stabbing Templars and the like in previous games so i’m just going to have to toughen up.

And it’s being released on my birthday, How nice of them!  I know what I’m getting myself!

3. They’ve cancelled Terra Nova. Boo.

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I may as well post this here, because despite the fact that I really like this exchange, and actually have no remembrance of writing it, so it must have been ages ago, I can’t use it now I’ve actually got to that point in the novel. I have a habit of writing scenes or fragments of scenes that flash into my mind, even if they are a long way ahead and this was one of them, but when I actually got to the time when this happened, the way this morning started wouldn’t work and much of what they say here has already been said, or it’s not what they would say to each other, or the way they would say it. So… enjoy!  It won’t make much sense, but enjoy anyway.


I opened my eyes and struggled to a sitting position, expecting a maid to be pulling back the curtains as normal, for that's what usually woke me--unless it was other things, not enjoyed since--well, it seemed like months, but was in reality much less. Instead, the curtains were drawn shut, and a light burned at my desk. He was sitRead more... )

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Because when driving to dad’s day before yesterday, I saw about eight red deer in a field off the road, just standing in the rain. Amazing sight. All the traffic slowed down to boggle but there was no laybys (probably just as well or they would have run off) but I had to double take – I’d never seen anything like that outside the TV. About half of them had gorgeous antlers too.

I had no idea we had red deer in norfolk! Who needs Barra?


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