Mar. 19th, 2012

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March 19 will be the start of M/M Week at Carina Press, when Carina will release six m/m romances by Me, Kim Knox, Ava March, KC Burn, Dev Bentham, and Larry Benjamin. Many thanks to Carina Press for offering one lucky commenter the chance to win all six books! :)

Carina Press M/M Week Blog Tour

Starting March 19th, Carina Press will have an entire week of releases from some of today’s hottest authors in m/m romance, as well as some newcomers to the genre. In celebration of the first ever Carina Press M/M week, the authors are going on a blog tour. At each stop along the tour, you can enter to win an ebook bundle of all 6 book releases! Yes, that means six chances to win!

Blog Tour Schedule:
19th March - Dev Bentham at Fiction Vixen
19th March  - Ava March at The Macaronis
20th March - Larry Benjamin at Joyfully Jay
21st March - Kim Knox at Rarely Dusty Books
22 March- Erastes at The Macaronis
23 March- KC Burn at Babbling About Books, and More

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How the hell that GLBT got lumped in with “Het Erotica” in The Romance Room Awards? This really really pushes at my Grrrrrrrrr button. And yes I have one.

I used to see this a lot, that gay romance was considered to be TOO SAUCY to be considered on its own merits and it often got shoved into the Erotica category, but this is… appalling! I thought we had come past this particular obstacle. Obviously not.

The only thing I can think of is that they reviewed so few GLBT books that they didn’t know what else to do with them, but – er… at the risk of sounding the Bleeding Obvious perhaps just putting them in the normal categories would have been better? I’m sure Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon would much prefer to compete against other historicals rather than erotica. And for Gawd’s sake, House of Mirrors ISN’T erotica. Not at all.

It infuriates me in this day and age that gay romance/sex is automatically considered erotica (and many book shops are guilty of this still, we can’t have our books in the Romance section, despite many many of the het books already there are more explicit and with far more explicit covers. We are therefore lumped into Erotica OR “Gay studies”!!!). I mean – WHY? If Charlie Cochrane had been nominated in these awards, her very sweet and inexplicit sex scenes where innuendo leads more to the fore than graphic description—would be labelled erotica.

one step forward two steps back.


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