Mar. 22nd, 2012

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1.  Finally worked out how to set up a spam/delete filter on my email so I don’t get bothered by a particular stalker any more. much relieved. I know that the delete button is there, but I’d rather just not see the name in my inbox.

2.  Petrol gone up again in my day off – now £1.40 per litre for unleaded and £1.48 for diesel.

Americans: if you dare comment about petrol, let me translate that for you.

TEN DOLLARS A GALLON. i spend more than half of my Carer’s allowance simply on petrol. I think I should inquire as to whether I can claim for that, although I think I’ll know the answer. I don’t know how they expect anyone to live on £20 a week.

And, with the budget, it’s going up again in the Summer. Hurrah!  Something to look forward to, eh?

3. Still a clean sweep of m/ms on the Carina Press best seller’s list – and finally! I make a late showing!

1. Moving in Rhythm
by Dev Bentham

2. Brook Street: Thief
by Ava March

3. First Time, Forever

4. A Brush with Darkness
by Erastes

5. Bitter Harvest
by Kim Knox

But m/ms aren’t commercial. No no no .

4. “Smash” “Homeland” and “Fringe” continue to rock my little world, in case you wondered.

5. Am playing “Fallout 3” which kind Teddypig treated me to. It’s another one of those “You do know you are never going to scratch the surface of this game, don’t you?” games (see Oblivion, Skyrim et al) but I’m enjoying it so far, even if it’s all a bit too dark at times.Am picking up random rubbish (and I do mean rubbish – such as ruined books and bits of scrap metal) in the hope that they will come in useful at some point.

6. Congratulations to the Lambda short listers (no, not me, sob) particularly the small smattering of historicals which are showing. Notably, The Affair of the Porcelain Dog by Jess faraday and The German by Lee Thomas, which were two of the best reads for me last year, so they truly deserve to be on the list.

OK. Off to write a blog post, even though I' have no idea what to write.


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