May. 17th, 2012

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In my case, I’m literally hopping against homophobia.  I want the word itself erased, wiped out, never to be used.

Here’s why.

Homophobia: Fear or hatred of homosexuals and homosexuality.

Interestingly the OED has this as the second definition of the term, the first definition is the fear of men, all men.

Let’s break that down still further shall we?

Homo (don’t forget it must be pronounced “homer” NOT HOMO (so you can’t go calling people homos, that’s incorrect, they are “homers.” Get it right, haters.)

Phobia:   A fear, horror, strong dislike, or aversion; esp. an extreme or irrational fear or dread aroused by a particular object or circumstance.

Most of the bigots who are homophobic, aren’t homophobic at all, so perhaps we can get rid of the word entirely. I’m all for that. Homosexuals (which encompasses every pocket of the QUILTBAG range I’m sure, because you can’t be a real homophobe if you accept Ladyboys but loathe the idea of lesbians.

Plus it’s not a phobia. It’s not an “irrational fear” – it might, in some cases, where people have been raped or beaten to death, be extreme, but that would have to include that people run screaming from them, stand on chairs, or need to get someone else to get them out of the bath.

It’s not irrational at all, except that if you are a normal human being it IS irrational even to consider anyone treating anyone any different based on any part of their personality. People are prejudiced against colour because that’s something that they can perceive. However if I tell people I’m bisexual (and am long term single) how can they treat me any differently just because of who I might (one day!) have in my bed. In my own house. In private. It might be irrational to you and me, but it’s not an irrational fear. You might be able to get away with that when you (like me) get completely freaked out over earwigs (love most other insects) but to say you are phobic about anyone under the QUILTBAG umbrella is just  an excuse. You aren’t phobic.

You are a hater.

So let’s call a spade a spade shall we? Let’s not pretty up a vile thing by cloaking it in pretty “oh, it’s an irrational fear, like flying, I can’t HELP how I feel” Greek terms. Let’s call them what they are. Haters. Haters of anyone who isn’t exactly like them.

The Hop Against Homophobia is an attempt by over 250 m/m authors, reviewers and publishers to stand together and create awareness of homophobia. Go check out the blogsite and find the other blogs by all these amazing authors.

I’m offering two of my books – either ebooks, or print, the winner's choice – from my back catalogue. One book each for two people. Simply comment to enter, even if it’s only hi, but PLEASE go and read some of the other blogs – and I’ll announce the winners on Monday.

Thanks for reading.

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The Home Office’s Consultation on Equality in Marriage

I had no idea about this (thank you, Elin Gregory for pointing it out!) but the H.O. has an online consultation about equality in marriage.

Apparently the religious right are whipping up opposition to skew the numbers, so let’s skew them right back. Not that it would be skewing the numbers, simply adding our voice as to what is right and proper.

And today – on International Day Against Homophobia – is the perfect day to do it.

So, if you are British, or live here then please please fill in the online form, take a minute of your day and do something positive.

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for you knowledgeable types.

The word i want to use as an advert tuberculous – doesn’t exist. So my character wants to say “those tuberculous poets should take a lesson from me” – so what word would he use?


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