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Advent Calendar time again. Today we have a little Christmas Quiz - ten easy peasy questions about Christmas - and all correct entries will go into The Hat and you can choose your choice from my books if you win!

For those still waiting for their Tricks from my Hallowe'en Competition, I do apologise - What with being sick they haven't been posted yet.  They'll be posted this week, they are all bundled up and ready to go.

Lili is being a brat.  I have had the big storage heater on for a couple of weeks but she's only just discovered this (Lucius has been sleeping on the chair in front of it for ages) and now she's pinched it. Despite both boys being twice her size, neither of them are rude enough to push her off. I would!!  Now Lucius has stolen Sevvie's spot (on the windowsill) and Severus was moping on the floor "I've got nowhere to sit" - despite there are cat beds on two other chairs and Lili's spot is free.  So now he's squashed up on the windowsill with Lucius...  Cats!
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Catch this:

Line 1. Enter your name. If you are a disregarded entity with a single owner who is a foreign person and you are not claiming treaty benefits as a hybrid entity, this form should be completed and signed by your foreign single owner.

Well, that's easy enough! *BOGGLES*

It's the dreaded IRS ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) - something foreign authors if they have a US publisher. I've finally got mine, after eight months and just in time, too, as the publisher had to have it by the end of the year. Phew.

If you haven't got one, and are worrying about it--Alex Beecroft wrote a superb post on How To Do It.

I, however, naturally, bungled the entire thing from start to finish and my cautionary tale of How NOT to do it, can be found here.

Check the Advent Calendar. More angsty smut today.
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And when Oliver Postgate goes to sleep, all his friends go to sleep too.  Sweet dreams, Oliver.  Your imagination shaped my childhood and made me believe that trains could talk, Vikings were really lovely people, and that I could understand Clanger.


Most hopeful LJ line of the year: "Now all I need to do is wrap up WARRIORS and SUICIDE KINGS and... yes... A DANCE WITH DRAGONS,"

I like the words "wrap up"  this hints of "nearly done-ness" Unless he uses it in the same way that I use when I say "Hangingstone Hill just needs wrapping up"

Advent Calendar has a smutty short story today. Enjoy!

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Just received the proof copy version of Transgressions via UPS. An enormous parcel containing 300 pages of A3. It made me tear up, I have to admit, (as in weepy, not going into a paper ripping frenzy) seeing the book all in book layout form. It looks very very pretty.  So that's what's going to be keeping me busy for the next few days - going through it and finding any further errors.  How to deal with getting the corrections BACK to them is another problem. I ordered a scanner which is useless now as these sheets are A3, so I'll probably be typing the corrections out like I do with Linden Bay.

They also included a copy of Running Press's Spring 2009 catalogue which is a paperback book the size of a graphic novel and beautifully produced. And in double spread on page 24 and 25 are Transgressions and False Colors with their covers and blurbs.  I assume that I'll be able to let you know what the covers look like very soon. I'd do it now, but I need the formal OK from the publisher.  There's also an article on M/M fiction to introduce it to the booksellers.  Nice phrases like "a ground-breaking new line" and "first m/m romances to come from a mainstream widely distributed publishing house" which makes me feel weak at the knees.

And they are going to be advertising in Romantic Times and Affaire de Coeur. I shall be watching to see if RTs actually REVIEW them (as per their agreement "place and ad, get a review)....However, famously they don't review ANY m/m even when an advert is placed which has caused much furore. However: they DID review Suzanne Brockmann's book. So we'll just have to see.

Oh - and Running Press and the books in particular will be a presence at the RWA conference too.  What a bloody shame Alex and I both live in the UK, eh?

It's all a bit exciting. *goes weak*

In other links - the inimitable Alex Beecroft has a wonderful first post on what promises to be a series about writing. Fanfic vs Profic which is wonderfully interesting Read the comments too, as there are some great points of view.

Don't forget the Advent Calendar!  What's wrong with you guys? Don't want a free book?  I've had TWO entries to today's competition. Two!! If I continue to have two, they'll BOTH win a prize, because that's hardly fair, is it, a 50/50... I don't know - I can't give books away... *grumble*  Ok - the question needed a bit of google searching but it wasn't HARD!!
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Don't forget to pop over.

Today you have a bit of a treat as it's the Regency m/m story that I wrote for the [ profile] livelongnmarry story for [ profile] iulia_linnea. She has given permission to post the story in its entirety.  Thank you, [ profile] iulia_linnea and I'm happy you liked it.

I hope others enjoy it, too.

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Day Four of the Advent Calendar. Enjoy!

I have a "Spotlight Spot" up on Jessewave's Blog and she asks me lots of unusual questions.

I've just heard from the Running Press editor of Transgressions - and the copy edits will be with me next week.  I need to get them back as hard copies, which is a problem - so I've just ordered a scanner. This is a desk problem now, the desk I have simply doesn't have the space. I have the screen and a printer on the deskspace -  However there is a space next to the desk on my right about 3'x3' - so I could possibly stick a small table there and put the flatbed on that...  I do need a scanner, and it can double as a photocopier too, so it's an expense I'll have to bear.  I'll really have to ask someone how tax concessions work, because I have NO clue and I'm sure I can get some money back for promotion and hardware? *feels incredibly dim*

It's bloody freezing again, blowing a gale and raining. Really unpleasant and I need to go to the library. I can't even be bothered to get out from under this knee blanket. The cats are all snuggled up warm, and yes, we still have a Lucius! It's a miracle!  He's been scoffing artery clogging fat making stuff such as cream and butter and he's put on all the weight he lost through being ill. If I could get him to put a bit more weight on, I'd be happy, but I'm afraid that he's probably always going to be like his namesake, tall and willowy.

Right. off to stare at the WIP.

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Things that we've learned from gaming. 

My favourite: "bad guys enjoy carrying around the types of bullets you use, even if they themselves are unarmed." 


Don't forget to check the Advent Calendar. Something new each day, and there will be competitions at least twice in the month.

Jessewave has reviewed Standish, and she absolutely loved it. She says :This is definitely not a book for the faint hearted and I don't know that I can classify it merely as a romance partly because it's so complex a story, and also some of the horrific scenes are very detailed especially the rape, but I have to admire the author's superb writing and her desire to produce a story which she thought was truly representative of the era.

Full Review here. Thank you Jessewave.


Busy busy!

Dec. 1st, 2008 01:23 pm
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To celebrate my "back to wellness" (or nearly, at least) I'm running an Advent Calendar on my website - with a new "gift" each day.  Some new snippets, some brand new original fiction, some things older friends might remember, and other stuff I am not sure about yet - even a prize or two, I'm sure. 

It starts today!

So come along - bookmark the page and visit daily to find out what's new!

*jingles bells, festively* 


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