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Having a good day.  The weather has decided to give me a birthday present and is the epitome of autumn.  A light mist, a slight drizzle, warm for the time of year (16 degrees C) and the colours are glorious.  To treat myself, I drove 10 miles to the McDonalds and had a double sausage egg mcmuffin – and later I have raspberry cheesecake.  One thing a birthday should always include is cake.

I had the best ecard EVER from ZA Maxfield (Thank you dear!) and I’m sharing it with you, I was crying laughing when reading it.

What a birthday shouldn’t include though is accusations of e-piracy, talking of sharing….  I had this charming missive waiting for me (emailed 3 times) from Love You Divine regarding a recent review of one of their books on Speak Its Name.

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What annoys me is that publisher got the entirely wrong end of the stick, and reported me to the FBI(!) (how long will they take to get here, do you think? Will I have time to finish my cheesecake?) without discussing the matter with me first. The disclaimer clearly says that if I haven't received a free copy for review from the author or publisher, then I either BOUGHT IT or got it from the library. Sheesh. I replied, as politely as I could, explaining this, and explained that when I buy an ebook - of COURSE I have to pass it on to the reviewer, but I am a bloody professional after all—with a history of fighting piracy—and I don’t read the book concerned, and I delete the file from my PC. I can’t do more than that, can I?

How else does she expect me to pass books to reviewers? 

Anyway, if I disappear off the face of the earth, you know where I am. Forward any further pressies to Guantanamo Bay.

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I'm touched at the nice things that have happened already - virtual gifts all over my info page, You've got to love someone that sends you a bat for a present.  Who am I -Alice Cooper? *laugh*

As I just wrote to a friend, this is the first year that I'm another year older and no deeper in debt.  Who knew that giving up work would make me BETTER off?

So here it comes - Hallowe'en Night
And I don't want to give you a fright
So come, take a look,
Win some of my books.
Where hot men go BUMP in the night!

The TRICK OR TREAT giveaway is open!


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