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From Cocktail Reviews: 

This is what they said about Hard & Fast ....the style – including the summaries at the start of each chapter, really evoke the serialised fiction of the period. It’s very genteel yet charmingly whimsical. The language is bang on, with gentle humour and more than one tip of the hat to Jane Austen. This was my favourite of the three stories in the anthology, mainly due to Geoffrey’s exquisitely drawn, self-deprecating character and the nuances he notices in everyone and everything around him. The romance is also the cleverest of the three, an accomplished comedy of manners that plays off perfectly until the end of the story. 5 Flutes.

Read the rest of the review here.

It's nice they realised that it was supposed to be a pastiche - I don't think it was as good a one as I wanted it to be, frankly, because it started off with a fair amount of vicious humour which it lost as it progressed - but it's very nice that someone noticed the "jokes".  No-one noticed the Four Feathers allusion yet though!


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Expectations riding on young Englishmen are immense; for those who've something to hide, those expectations could prove overwhelming.

Speak Its Name is a "Trilogy" from Linden Bay Romance - three novellas in one volume by three writers of Gay Historical Romance. It will be available as an ebook at first, followed in a few weeks by a print version. Buy here

Aftermath - by Charlie Cochrane (1920's Oxford)

Gentleman's Gentleman - by Lee Rowan (Victorian)

Hard and Fast - by Erastes (Regency)


In which I meet the young lady my father has meant for me and I deflect my father from spoiling his own endeavors.

There are certain things expected of a third son. That one will not put oneself forward, that one will join the army, or the church, or the bar. That one will not, in an attempt to inherit and whatever the provocation, murder one’s elder brothers and that one will, if at all possible in the circumstances of being a third son, marry well.Read more... )


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