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The Hallowe'en Lust Bites competition has been judged and winners selected. First prize to Udo, second prize to [ profile] leathdykeuk, third prize to Marinca - well done all of you!

I was watching University Challenge last night and this question came up: "Who took control of fleet at Trafalgar after Nelson's death?" and I answered "Collingwood" without a second thought. The thing is - I didn't even know I knew that. (The students, didn't, hilariously)  So I've learned something from my Age of Sail chums, [ profile] lee_rowan [ profile] alex_beecroft and [ profile] joyful_molly!! I'll still never write an AoS book - the research is far too scary but it's good to learn something has rubbed off. Hurrah!

Transgressions has gone off to the editor after the first sweep. It was a very hard piece of work - god alone knows how I would have managed to have done it while I was working - it was difficult enough to do full-time.  But it's certainly a better book now than it was, that's for sure. Less purple (although Mrs Giggles still won't like it) by about 75 percent, and the history that I've put in (only small touches here and there, to keep the reader aware of how things are in the world around the protags) I think have helped to focus it.  I'm very happy with it, to be honest. 
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Happy Birthday [ profile] jateshi and [ profile] joyful_molly! Have a good one, darlings.

Wow. I'd love to do Cos Play - but here's the main reason I don't. I simply couldn't produce anything like these.  Look at the wings!!

Lust Bites announces its closing date. *cries*  I'll miss the community a lot, but it has got less and less interest in the last year.

Charlie Cochrane has posted to The Macaronis about herself and her books. I did a post there earlier in the week about men's underpants.

And finally - I did a book trailer for Frost Fair - It's less than a minute long (which I consider all book trailers should be!!!) so enjoy! It's rather silly (I know) to have a Regency trailer in the style of an old film, but indulge my peccadilloes (again) won't you? 

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First stage of edit: done! I think it's definitely better for it, she's whittled out the omniescent where necessary (even if I still don't get it...) and has asked very good questions where they needed asking.  On to the next 100 pages! *soldiers on*

I have two posts up on blogs today:

Gay Love Poetry over at The Macaronis Kiss me with your mouth.... (Damn Tintin bloody Duffy to hell for ruining the Song of Solomon)


An article about Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies up on Lust Bites. Which was not about Covent Garden, or ladies - or even written by Harris!!  Confused?  You won't be!

The weather is perfect, and everything I love about Autumn. Still warm, no noticeable breeze but with a touch of smoke in the air and the promise of frost.  Foggy evenings and mackerel mornings. Yum.  *adores Autumn SO MUCH*  How's everyone? I've been skimming my flist, but haven't been paying a great deal of attention.

Have a lovely Norfolk Broads autumnal picture!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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