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I have this account set up, and I've added it to my Live Writer client, so I'll crosspost to my Livejournal and my blog (that gets picked up by various other places). I don't know if i have the energy to seek out all my friends here, so I just hope they find me, so I can friend back immediately.

News: I has some.

but the reviewer was absolutely blown away by the book. I made her cry more than once, and this pleased me muchly. If I can touch people in that way, then I'm doing something right.

One of the very best books I’ve ever read in my life. Staggeringly brilliant on so many levels, it suited me more than perfectly. I adored it. I can’t really say much more than that without the knot of emotions I thought I’d buried when I finished the book slamming back. I don’t think I can handle their return at the moment. Buy it and love it—but be prepared to be dragged through a gamut of emotions. Tissues nearby would be good.

Strong praise! Thank you, Miz Love.

What else? My report on the GLBT UK MEET Is posted and is here in case you missed it. (Link goes to my blog, not Livejournal) Plans are already afoot for next year (which will have to be earlier, or later due to the Olympics – so I'll update you with news on that when we have it.

Oh and finally – This is the kind of noise pollution I have to put up with. It's lucky the Snucius are entirely silent, but they probably think she does the talking for all of them. She'd just been fed, it's not cold, so I have NO CLUE what she wanted here, but she does this all the time!

video is HERE
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Hurrah hurrah hurrah! If you'd have told me when I started out that I'd be writing for a Harlequin Imprint, I'd not have believed you.

AND!  It's already had a review!  Five Stars from CSI Librarian.

Muffled Drum by Erastes5 Stars. An engaging, fast-paced historical gay romance that isn’t bogged down by issues of sexual orientation but focuses instead on two lovers dealing with amnesia and finding a way back to each other. I loved the setting, the details, and how the conflicts were resolved. Both main characters were lovely too. This title comes out on July 4th, 2011 from Carina Press and it is one that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great, short M/M romance to read.

Happy face from Erastes today.

Gratuitous blurb and cover post.

muffled drum v1

Bohemia, 1866

They met in a port-side tavern, their lust-filled moments stolen from days of marching and madness. After eighteen months, Captain Rudolph von Ratzlaff and First Lieutenant Mathias Hofmann have decided to run away from everything they hold dear. Resigning their commissions is social suicide, but there's no other choice. Someone will eventually see Rudolph's partiality toward Mathias.

Now their plans have gone horribly awry... When Mathias goes to Rudolph's tent after their last battle, his lover looks at him without a hint of recognition. Mathias can hardly believe the man he knew is gone. He wants to fill in so many of Rudolph's missing memories, but the doctor says a shock could result in permanent damage. The pain of seeing Rudolph on a daily basis, when Rudolph doesn't remember their love, is excruciating. Now Mathias must decide whether he wants to fight for the man he loves or forget him completely...

43,000 words

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Dad Stuff Read more... )

The Historical Novel Society Conference is on 17th October in Manchester. Theoretically this is under 200 miles from here but as it's entirely across country with no motorways, I've gone from "yay! we should all go!" to "fuck me -it will take me five hours to drive that."

I can't easily go overnight (Cats, Dad) and if it had been in Birmingham that would have been ideal (even so it's a fair tramp on A and B roads) And it's on Sunday, so no trains that will get me there at 10am. I shall think on it some more. I really would like to go, though. I'd like to go SATURDAY because Maria McAnn is giving a talk and I want to sit and worship her. Perhaps the cats WOULD be ok overnight if i put a whole heap of food down. After all, I used to leave Spooky from Saturday morning to Sunday night on a regular basis when I went over the Isle of Wight from Bournemouth. The UK conference is only every 2 years and I think it's important to have a gay historical presence this year--seeing as how they are accepting our books into the historical world without any of the apron waving and "Janet, Donkeys!" that you see from the Romance Crowd.

I stopped and snapped this beautiful young man on my way to "work."

Talking of work; - I went and signed off at the Jobcentre yesterday and was treated (by yet ANOTHER strange face, and presumably a contract worker) with the care and attention and politeness that I have come to expect from the Jobcentre.  I really feel like writing a letter outlining my experience with them over the 2 years of my unemployment. Perhaps I will – I don't want it to sound like a frothing rant, though, just a clear explanation of how rude many(not all, some of them have been very helpful) of the staff treated me like something on their shoe.

I should get Muffled Drum finished by Sunday, if I push on and work through the hump-- and then it's off to the betas (particularly a very valuable Prussian beta!) for their opinion, a quick brush and polish and then off to a publisher. Eek. Then on with something NEW. Hurrah!! Muffled Drum is novella length-; will be about 35k when done I think, which means I've done two novellas back to back, I really want to get stuck into a novel again, and exploring new characters and savouring the slow path.


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