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And it seems to be Correct for everyone else to have an opinion apart from the person who made the review—and that's a little unreasonable. 

I rarely bother to comment on disgruntled authors who are unhappy that I didn't find their book particularly appealing, primarily because in the four years of Speak Its Name's existence I've only had two authors that I can remember who exploded in public, and one other who emailed me privately. I'm happy to say that 99.99 of the authors I encounter in Gay Historical Land are quiet and professional—and if they meltdown over something as silly as a subjective opinion then they do it in private.

One of the points that people seem to make when I point out that the historical aspect of a book isn't entirely historical is that they make the excuse that it's fantasy. And as such, it doesn't matter whether or not facts are true.  So—that's a point—is fiction automatically fantasy?

In a way, yes.

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Comments are open, but you know my rules. Disagree and dispute all you like but the minute it gets wanky and personal, out you go.

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Or what.

I've been reading a LOT for Speak Its Name recently and I'm finding some pretty decent stuff. I know that I talk about Gay Historical Fiction a lot, but everyone has to be obsessed with something, and from where I'm sitting, there aren't very many of us shouting out the message when it's actually a popular genre. When someone releases a new one, it's POUNCED on by the readers, and the word of mouth is passed around which means that a decent book can stay selling for a long while.

I'm currently reading:

Gaderene by [ profile] cbpotts and Tina Anderson Read more... )

Slaves to Love by J P Bowie - Read more... )

No Apologies by J M Snyder - Read more... )

But seriously, I'm hoping that this bodes well for Gay Historical Fiction, whether it is erotica, romance, adventure, whatever. From what I'm reading right now I'm seeing good things.

Here's a list of reviews we've done so far over there, if you haven't been paying attention. I bet you haven't heard of all of them - some of my reviewers take great pleasure in seeking out the rare, and we will continue to do that, too.

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