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1. When you think Robin Hood can't get any more stupid.  It does.

Gunpowder. in 1192. When, as far as my research when doing historical stuff, revealed that  "Saltpetre, the principal ingredient of Black Powder first appears in the writings of Arabian, Abd Allah, in 1200"


This week, we had female assassins in harem pants (gauze) veils (gauze) and morning stars.  In Nottingham. In England.  Hmmmm.

I shouldn't watch it, really. It only raises my blood pressure.

2. Torchwood!!  Although it did bear a very strong resemblence to Doctor Who's "Gods and Monsters" (which, chaps, I know was only just aired in the US, it's a delicious spoof, please don't slag it off - it was one of the best episodes ever, for reasons I don't think I could ever explain to anyone who isn't English) was pretty good.  Yes, it was slower than what has been going on recently, yes, it was Gwen-centric (but oh -hasn't she IMPROVED?) with hardly any appearances by anyone else, but the end section punched me straight in the stomach and it touched me greatly.
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Not my day today... got a form rejection from Miss Snark of all people. gah! (I didn't query her for a book, just asked her a question regarding niche markets)

Doggies have gone home thank frell. It's like grandchildren, nice to have but oh so nice when they've gone home.

OMG!!! Jason Isaacs in  The State Within coming soon!!! Why have I not heard about this???? 

And dear oh dear Sharon Gless looks and sounds like a Female Impersonator.

Robin Hood No 3


Torchwood tommorrow!!  SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!
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OK! I admit it! I watched Robin Hood. When I said I wasn't going to. It wasn't any better, but it's chewing gum for the brain and good to Spork.



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