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I've decided, in light of the time of the year to run a very informal "award" over at Speak Its Name for Best Gay Historical of the year.

Very informal, self nominations allowed - as I say in the post, I'd love to do a more organised award with readers and judges... perhaps next year?  So this is more a bit of fun with a graphic as a prize.  :)

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Happy Birthday [ profile] cerisaye! Have a good one!

I've finally - due to busyness and illness - got around to updating Speak its Name with the latest batch of reviews - three new ones today for a start and here's the list of the most recent. I'm intending to get back to doing more regular reviews now. It's not like I haven't got about 30 sitting waiting to be read. How some people review a book a day, I can't imagine. I need about a week at least to inwardly digest and then write.

A Gentleman's Wager by Madelynne Ellis
The Taos Truth Game by Earl Ganz
Lessons in Love by Charlie Cochrane

Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen

Frost Fair by Erastes
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Connie Bailey and J.M. McLaughlin
Gerard and Jacques (manga) Vol 1&2 by Fumi Yoshinaga

Blitz by Charlie Cochrane

The Partisans by Martin Brandt

Champion of Olympia by Margaret Leigh

Full review list here
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Good luck to everyone who's taking off with NANO today! You are all mad, but I hope you make it. I look forward to reading your progress.

OK - how funny is this? I'm pretty sure that my ex-boss, who I've mentioned a few times, was trolling the Speak Its Name chat last night. *incredulous blinking* The email address she used was her initials which I should have spotted when she applied, but didn't - and when I approved her I just approved everyone in one lump (bad moderating...). I didn't even notice until that email unsubscribed this morning. Her application said "The prospect of participating promises to be stimulating" which again, might have rung alarm bells (In conjunction with the email address) if I hadn't been hopped up on cake because everyone one else mentioned the historical fiction or where they'd learned of the group. God knows what she expected to find.

How very sad. And incredibly funny. You'd think that someone in her position would have better things to do than pathetically spying on a group of readers and writers having a fun chat. So if it was you? Imagine me laughing my arse off at you right now. I hope I'm wrong, though, because... creepy!

I had a great birthday, thanks mostly, to all of you. Thank you ALL. I still haven't managed to thank everyone for all the good wishes, virtual gifts, cards etc - or to read through all the posts on the Chat yet - had 500 emails in 10 hours.... The Speak Its Name chat was hugely successful and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had hundreds of posts, some great giveaways, and about 100 members by the end of the night. I think it will be a good group to help promote the genre of gay historical fiction.

I went out for dinner with Kerry and went to watch the James Bond film.Read more... )Well, better get some lunch! And Tadzio had better wipe the blood from his mouth and stop being evil.
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It is with great pleasure that The Macaronis, purveyors of fine historical romance out of the closet, announce the grand opening of `Speak Its Name' chat group

To be located at , this is a group for the enjoyment, discussion, and promotion of GLBT Historical Romance fiction. Discerning adults are most welcome to join us.

There will be a splendid inaugural celebration on Friday 31st October, where a dazzling array of authors – Lee Rowan, Alex Beecroft, Charlie Cochrane, Erastes, Mark Probst, Emma Collingwood and Margaret Leigh, to name but a few – will be on hand to ply you with wit, wisdom and goodies. Your attendance is most warmly anticipated. R.S.V.P.

By which we mean: Friday 31st October sees the grand opening of the Speak Its Name Yahoo group, for the enjoyment, discussion, and promotion of Gay Historical Romance fiction. Come and join The Macaronis for the celebrations – there'll be authors, goodies and fun galore.
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Romance Junkies have a massive contest up on their site with spooky graphics and loads of links to different questions.  I have a free book available for one lucky reader (Speak Its Name) - either as a download or a paperback with a bookplate signed by me, Lee Rowan and Charlie Cochrane PLUS a bag of English Choccies.

Use the map and explore all the rooms - and good luck! There are loads of prizes, so your chances have to be good. 

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Rainbow Reviews have reviewed Speak Its Name and thought it was "Great" This is part of what the reviewer had to say about Hard & Fast:

The first-person narrative really heightens the feeling of Geoffrey’s confusion with Heyward because we’re offered no other perspective than Geoffrey’s. Heyward is just as hard to figure out for the reader as he is for Geoffrey. At times, his exasperation and his resignation are very intense and this is one of the story’s strong points. Erastes can express her character’s emotions without turning them into meaningless jumble or resorting to over the top angst.

“Hard and Fast” sets a good pace and is an excellent story… and is one of my favorites of the bunch. It’s worth reading alone for Geoffrey’s addictive narrative voice

She liked his voice - which is a great relief as it was a bit of a gamble.  She didn't like the ending though, never mind!  :D

Second Life. What's the fuss about?Read more... )
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Expectations riding on young Englishmen are immense; for those who've something to hide, those expectations could prove overwhelming.

Speak Its Name is a "Trilogy" from Linden Bay Romance - three novellas in one volume by three writers of Gay Historical Romance. It will be available as an ebook at first, followed in a few weeks by a print version. Buy here

Aftermath - by Charlie Cochrane (1920's Oxford)

Gentleman's Gentleman - by Lee Rowan (Victorian)

Hard and Fast - by Erastes (Regency)


In which I meet the young lady my father has meant for me and I deflect my father from spoiling his own endeavors.

There are certain things expected of a third son. That one will not put oneself forward, that one will join the army, or the church, or the bar. That one will not, in an attempt to inherit and whatever the provocation, murder one’s elder brothers and that one will, if at all possible in the circumstances of being a third son, marry well.Read more... )

Busy busy!

May. 17th, 2008 10:17 am
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Speak Its Name (the new anthology of three gay historical romances) is now up at the Linden Bay Website in their coming soon section. It will be available first as an ebook, and then in print in 4 or so weeks later. We worked hard with the publisher on the cover, Linden Bay insists on naked men on their gay book covers, but I think we've managed to diffuse the nekkidness and instil the romance.

It contains the following:

Aftermath by [ profile] charliecochrane - a tale of 1920's Oxford Undergraduates

Gentleman's Gentleman by [ profile] lee_rowan - A Victorian soldier/spy drama

Hard & Fast by [ profile] erastes - the Regency that makes Heyer spin in her grave!

To celebrate we've got a few chats lined up in the next couple of weeks. Today all three of us will be over at Coffee Time Romance where we'll be giving away a download of the book (though you won't be able to get it until 1st June) and we'll be taking requests for m/m drabbles from the peanut gallery.

We're also going to be over at Love Romances Cafe with many other authors from the Linden Bay Romance stable.

I hope you can pop in and read some excerpts.  I'll probably be sharing some work from Transgressions and Frost Fair too.  Busy busy!

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Or what.

I've been reading a LOT for Speak Its Name recently and I'm finding some pretty decent stuff. I know that I talk about Gay Historical Fiction a lot, but everyone has to be obsessed with something, and from where I'm sitting, there aren't very many of us shouting out the message when it's actually a popular genre. When someone releases a new one, it's POUNCED on by the readers, and the word of mouth is passed around which means that a decent book can stay selling for a long while.

I'm currently reading:

Gaderene by [ profile] cbpotts and Tina Anderson Read more... )

Slaves to Love by J P Bowie - Read more... )

No Apologies by J M Snyder - Read more... )

But seriously, I'm hoping that this bodes well for Gay Historical Fiction, whether it is erotica, romance, adventure, whatever. From what I'm reading right now I'm seeing good things.

Here's a list of reviews we've done so far over there, if you haven't been paying attention. I bet you haven't heard of all of them - some of my reviewers take great pleasure in seeking out the rare, and we will continue to do that, too.

Reviews Done )


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