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*Can you believe they don't have the Nightrunner series at the Norfolk libraries?  Unreal.

*Yanno, when we have our election I'm going to post extensively on every single second of it. See how you lot like portrayals of Gordon Brown opening supermarkets in Rotherham and David Cameron kissing babies in Aberystwyth. I may even post youtubes of Question Time. Serve you right. (yeah, right. Like I'm really going to care enough to do any of that...)

*I've just been over to Night Owl Romance to vote on a couple of books.  I'm a little disappointed that GLBT only gets an erotic category.  Bad Night Owl.

*Editing is DULL. To quote Craig Revell-Horwood. D.U.L.L.  And my Frost Fair editor missed loads of stuff.  Of course I did TOO, but then I know I suck. This is why I need editors!

*Is anyone else watching Strictly Come Dancing?  I get so involved - and every year I say I'm not going to.  The standard is amazing this year!

*Don't you wish you lived in the UK?  Look at all the Gay tv and radio coverage we get! Why isn't Strictly on that list?

*I watched Pan's Labyrinth. *sob*

*Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Don't worry - this obsession is wearing off as all my obsessions do. If they don't make it easier to get eggs soon (e.g. today) I'll be leaving my dragons to rot...


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