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Happy Birthday to [ profile] shoganrea and [ profile] robertsloan2. Have good days! That's an order.

I found a shop that sells Reeces Pieces online in the UK.!  Hurrah!  I have PACKETS of them!!!  *Scoff*

Thanks to [ profile] teddypig for this link.  Cannon towels.  I utterly refuse to believe that this was anything but very very deliberate.  What amazing adverts - I think my favourite has to be the Roman bath one. I shouldn't be surprised that LIFE ran these though, they often had very homoerotic covers.

There are some new reviews on Standish and Frost Fair on Amazon. I particularly love the reader who loved it but cried all the way through Standish. I know that's mean of me, but I adore to cry at a good book and I'm thrilled that stuff I've written has been enough to reduce someone to tears.

Thanks to [ profile] gehayi for this link. Pride & Prejudice on Facebook.  Do not be drinking anything.  My favourite line:

Lydia Bennet and Kitty Bennet joined the group 1,000,000 Strong Against the Officers Leaving Meryton!

*gives up*

Dec. 9th, 2008 04:18 pm
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Proof Editing is not an easy thing for me at the best of times. I don't have an editor's eye (and [ profile] auntie_marion if it was in digital form I'd send the entire thing down to you to sweep over) and can't ever work out where commas should go, or not go - as my patient betas will attest to.

However, it is made a lot more challenging when certain furry occupants of the house can't work out what Mother is doing with that red stick in her hand and OOO!! Isn't it fun to pat it?  And OOOO!!  This big pile of paper is so warm to sit on, and if I sit on JUST THIS BIT that she's looking at, she's bound to notice me.  Failing that, they sit on my shoulder as I hunch, Cratchit like over the work (trying to prevent furry bottoms from squatting on it)

Cats. Can't eat 'em. Can't make furry mittens out of 'em.

I made a HUGE mistake on I attacked someone with a small population and ran off giggling with my arms full of booty. What I didn't check was that it was his SECOND village - and his main village is fuck off HUGE. And he's coming after me. eep!!!!   I'm going to be attacked in about an hour and there's not a lot I can do about it.  I've shunted all my resources off to someone else, have contacted my Alliance, but there's no-one answering, and I'll send my troops out on some wild goose chase just before the attack happens. He has to travel six hours to get to me, so hopefully it will be a one-off raid, but it's taught me a lesson. CHECK that the little kid you pick on doesn't have a big brother!


Dec. 7th, 2008 08:51 am
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Ah well. We continue!

I made my first raid on I felt really guilty about itRead more... )

Is this my LJ? Why golly gosh, I believe it is! Am I allowed to opine in it? Why, yes! (and yes, that was a piece of passive aggressive shit and not aimed for ANYONE on my flist.)

Who do I want off Strictly? Argh!  They are all so good. Probably Lisa and Brendan...Merlin was a bit of a waste of space.

Dear Firefox.  When you give me an update I do NOT appreciate you wiping all my cookies. Or making the screen so big-arse that I have to use the horizontal scrolling bar to get around. AND WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY 1000'S OF RESEARCH BOOKMARKS????? *suicidal* ETA: Phew. An easy tekkie fix. But not one I should have had to make. That was SCARY.

No love, EVER!!!!

Don't forget the Advent Calendar. There was a short story yesterday, and a complete one today too. Enjoy because it will all be gone after Christmas.


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