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Happy Birthday L E Bryce!

Here's a quick poll which I'd dearly like as comprehensive answer to as possible, so please ask your friends just to pop over and tick a box?

Mass market or Trade paperback?

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Has anyone heard of this? Well, apparently she's looking for illustrators if any of my flist might be interested in that, or know an illustrator who might be.

Finished Temeraire. It didn't get any better, in fact it had an incomprehensible battle for the White Cliffs of Dover. It's all a bit odd, as dragons returning from Gibraltar are going to take a week doing so, but then when he first flies with Temeraire he says just how fast he goes. Then later he clocks him as going 12 knots (13mph) which seems extraordinarily slow. You'd be quicker walking. Oh well, who am I to know one way or the other. Not even sure if I'm interested in reading the rest of the books, to be honest. Meh. The film might be worth watching though, if only for the spectacle. (with... very....slow....dragons.....) I bet they miss out the bits about whores though.

I also read Silverfin (The Young James Bond) by Charlie Higson. Although I cheated and read the graphic novel. Enjoyed it a lot, although with the GN it's impossible to tell whether the writing is any good. Liked James, definitely not a Gary Stu. He gets bullied and hurt and in true Bond fashion he even gets tied to a table at one point. So Master Bond....we expect you to die! Of course, he didn't, and that's not really a spoiler, is it?

No snow, so don't believe the ARCTIC ENGLAND hype. It's bloody sunny here right now. Grrrr.


Jan. 4th, 2009 05:06 pm
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So, I've nearly finished Temeraire and I'm probably about to make myself really unpopular. 

stuff I liked, and stuff I didn't-SPOILERS! )Anyway - as I say, things might improve, so I shall read on, and get the next book and see what happens.

Talking of dragons! Campino doesn't need a click because he's grown, but just wanted to show him off.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Nice tits!

Dec. 30th, 2008 11:38 am
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Prodigal sauntered in after 24 hours... No more publicity for him--he only does it to get his name on LJ, I'm sure.

If I was going to start reading Diana Wynne Jones, where should I start?

Yesterday I had a wonderful treat - a whole flock, consisting of about 10, of long tailed tits.  I'd never seen them in real life before - although my mother said that she had once had a flock visit her garden. They always travel in numbers, apparently, and are never still, but they are the most beautiful of the tits (in my opinion) being white, and black and pink! (under the cut) )


Cute eh?

OK. Off to finish this werewolf story. Yes!  Werewolves! Must have it done by tomorrow.

Editing amusementHe sat reading Michael's feet.

Ok - so this is obviously some 17th century prognostication that I haven't heard of before, is it?  Foot Reading? Or perhaps Michael has taken the time to write out some Witchfinder's Instructions all over his feet, and for kinky reasons, Jon is reading them.

Amazing what the lack of one tiny word can do.

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If you want some inspiration about what to read, what to buy after Christmas - when those sales kick in! - then you can do worse than to check out Lisabea's amazing Post That Ate Christmas - a huge post of M/M writers and bloggers discussing their favourite books. Josh Lanyon, Patrick Fillon, Teddypig, Ally Blue and many many more.

Talking of books. I just want to have a quick book wibble as I have read tons recently and haven't discussed 'em.

Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling.  Far too many L's.

I was really annoyed that my library didn't have a copy of the Nightrunner series and I had to get a copy from another library which cost me £2.50. *grumps* I might as well have bought a cheap copy.  However it was well worth the money and I will now go and buy the remaining books rather than get them from the library. 
Spoilers )

The Taos Truth Game by Earl Ganz.

Read more... )

Notre Dame de Paris.

Read more... )

The Loom of Youth by Alec Waugh.

Read more... )Don't rush to read it thinking it's a great gay romance, because it's not, but it's a great insight into that era, that class-essential reading for historical writers imo.  Hayden Thorne did a great review of it here, btw - and the book is available free online at Gutenberg.

I think I'll make a list of what I read in 2009, gets so I forget sometimes. I had to ask gehayi what the name was of The Historian because although I vaguely remembered the plot, that's all I could remember.

And not books, but TV. John Adams starts this week!  Hurrah!  I've heard so many good things about this series, so I'm really looking forward to it.


Jan. 20th, 2008 05:56 pm
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It's a strange thing, to me, that I can get so very involved in fictional characters that they evoke a huge emotional response in me even long long after I've finished reading the book, or finished watching the film.

I'm talking primarily of Swordspoint, which has haunted me since I finished reading it. I got Privilege of the Sword through today and SPOILERS )

Received seven books today: Mask of Apollo (Renault), The Loom of Youth (Waugh), Erotic Tales of the Knights Templar (Starre), Privilege of the Sword (Kushner), Hindoo Holiday (Ackerley), The Gay Disciple (Henson) and The Single Man (Isherwood) - Anyone seeing a theme here? Ooo the thrill of wallowing in new (to me) books! Am off to wallow in hot bath, so I can then wallow in Privilege of the Sword.

Expect more sobbing.

Oh and I just went and funny cheezeburger - please go and vote for it!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ally_blue and [ profile] asphodeline! Hope you both have a great day.

I've added a page to the website offering free bookplate. You can either choose any bookplate you like, I'll print it off and post it off to you, or you can use the Erastes bookplate image under the cut )

I'm also offering to sign books, if anyone wants it. Horribly non-English and big headed of me, but - well - I can't see me getting into bookshops any time soon as I have no idea how to even arrange this, and I don't think there's many gay bookshops near me anyway.  Email me if you want a signed book.


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