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ETA: Just heard back from the local paper - they want me to ring them and tell them about Lucius and his mysterious journeys!

Lucius the Wanderer is back. Again.


Three months almost the day, I think... *checks* 25th July it was when he came back last, and he stayed 2 weeks. He's in beautiful condition, if a little too light, and very hungry.  He hasn't even got a flea dirt on him, so it's clear he's not living rough because someone is obviously treating him. God it's good to see him. I even had a feeling yesterday that he'd be back today -or perhaps it was because he knew I wanted him back today that he came back today. He won't stay, and the balance in the house is disturbed all over again, but still nice to see him.

I know how unlikely it sounds, even to myself. I've been fooled by so many stupid sock puppet stories. What I think I'll do is write to the local paper - it's a "local interest" story which they might like - and it would be good to know who else is fostering him.  I will definitely get a collar this time - with one of those little barrels with my phone number and a tiny message in it - at least then someone can ring me and tell me he's safe.  There's never going to be a way I can force him to stay- although I really wish he would. He's stuffed his face, and now he's in his basket. I can never face putting his basket away, just in case "today" is the day he comes home. I do wish he'd stay.

Severus is, of course, upset again.  It's really not fair.

True Blood.  Aww Billy-Bob the Vampire is such a gennleman caller! *squishes him*

Only a few sporks today.Tired, and I think I can see the end of it.

- they are sitting in a lighted room in a busy street in the dark. They kiss. They embrace. THEN they shut the curtains. er. No. 17th century remember?
- if he strips off down to his under-breeches, hose and shirt, he can't be wearing his ordinary breeches when he wakes up.
- What, pray, is a "half-wounded adversary"?
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So, I've seen episode one, at least! Pretty good! Interesting so far, and I'll carry on with it.  However couldn't they pick ANOTHER name for the Vampire than Bill?  Are all the vampires called William in vampire land? I liked the way she laughed at him and said "I was expecting it would be Antoine or something like that."  Bill the Biter is nicely broody, but a bit too hairy for my taste. I do like Anna Paquin, and I like that she's not uber hot. And gay chefs with a bear fetish - love it!  I love HBO. Has to be said.

God. Caffeine drinks. wow!


Why has this character got a French name? Is she French? No! *points to the 17th century* Imbécile!
Behooved? Great word! *snort* and it has two os. Word can spell better than you! Nyah!
Tell me, oh great writer - how does a person hiss when there are no sibilants in his words? Hmm?
See this? --> .   That is a FULL STOP.  See this? -->> ,  That is a COMMA. Say it after me. COM-MA. LEARN THE BLOODY DIFFERENCE!
Similarly despatch vs dispatch. 

ETA: Oh - and I know it's not "done" to talk about writerly earnings, but I banked £400 this month in royalties and fees.  Now - if I had four books out there doing as well as Standish - I'd be self-supporting! Whee! Of course if I wrote more instead of just gassing....wanders off...
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Amber Allure set themselves up for prodding with the Spork-stick at times because they proclaim themselves "The Gold Standard in Publishing."

And when I read blurbs like this - and excerpts like this I want to prod them with the spork and ask them what exchange rate they are using against their gold standard?

He gave the great-looking body a raking glaze.

Would that be tempura, slip, or sugar? (although I can't talk with my fropping to his knees thing.)

The dark aura from earlier came back to envelope them.

DEMON ENVELOPES!  *Runs screaming.*

And Do Not Ask about rugged, virile and expiring condoms. (I don't mean the condoms are rugged or virile)

Gehayi discusses things like this on this post and specifically towards the end where she makes a list of tropes.
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- If you describe someone as being slim, don't - when he takes his clothes off - suddenly start describing him as "stocky and barrel chested"
- Don't start a character using Aitches and then half way through the book start writing dialect. In fact, don't write dialect at all.
- Don't have "both boys talking" when one of them is a mute.
- Ten pages in two hours is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Arse? Meet Boot.

And this made me laugh - a lot

Ever wanted a map of the Ottoman Empire, 1566 to 1700  or  Remnants of the Roman Empire, circa 500 CE or Europe, 1848? then bookmark this:

And this will make [ profile] sleveen laugh, at least!Read more... )
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OK! I admit it! I watched Robin Hood. When I said I wasn't going to. It wasn't any better, but it's chewing gum for the brain and good to Spork.



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