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Good luck to everyone who's taking off with NANO today! You are all mad, but I hope you make it. I look forward to reading your progress.

OK - how funny is this? I'm pretty sure that my ex-boss, who I've mentioned a few times, was trolling the Speak Its Name chat last night. *incredulous blinking* The email address she used was her initials which I should have spotted when she applied, but didn't - and when I approved her I just approved everyone in one lump (bad moderating...). I didn't even notice until that email unsubscribed this morning. Her application said "The prospect of participating promises to be stimulating" which again, might have rung alarm bells (In conjunction with the email address) if I hadn't been hopped up on cake because everyone one else mentioned the historical fiction or where they'd learned of the group. God knows what she expected to find.

How very sad. And incredibly funny. You'd think that someone in her position would have better things to do than pathetically spying on a group of readers and writers having a fun chat. So if it was you? Imagine me laughing my arse off at you right now. I hope I'm wrong, though, because... creepy!

I had a great birthday, thanks mostly, to all of you. Thank you ALL. I still haven't managed to thank everyone for all the good wishes, virtual gifts, cards etc - or to read through all the posts on the Chat yet - had 500 emails in 10 hours.... The Speak Its Name chat was hugely successful and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had hundreds of posts, some great giveaways, and about 100 members by the end of the night. I think it will be a good group to help promote the genre of gay historical fiction.

I went out for dinner with Kerry and went to watch the James Bond film.Read more... )Well, better get some lunch! And Tadzio had better wipe the blood from his mouth and stop being evil.
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Not bad - it definitely improved as it went on - at one point I thought I was never going to like the main character at all - which didn't help, and was happy for horrid things to happen to him as he was such a git. Was nice to see "Engerland taking on NY" but I can't really recommend it. Wait till the DVD.  Simon Pegg is great, as ever and the Americans mainly play it tongue in cheek but it's all been done before, and if you've seen Ugly Betty/Devil Wears Prada- then you've seen this already.

I couldn't help it but the thought of Bush going public attempting to calm the international financial crisis reminded me of nothing more than Dad's Army.  "Don't Panic, Don't Panic!"

All we need now is Gordon Brown... "We're Doomed!"

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!  (the green one is grown up and doesn't need any clicks but I just wanted to show you how cute he is)
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First off - Charity Auction: Handwritten story by Emma Collingwood (author of the lovely "Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood, deceased") which is to benefit the Morpeth Lions Club Flood Fund - a club once patronised by Captain Collingwood himself and a good cause.

There is also an original picture by the illustrator of "Samuel Blackwood" - Amandine De Villeneuve

Click on the links to take you to the Ebay (UK) auctions.

As for Cinema night:  Well, it was DEATH RACE starring the delectable Jason Statham.  I'm old enough to have seen the original, but I'm afraid I never did. Was that the one where the drivers got points for each person they hit? I could go and look it up but I'm too lazy, but there were a lot of jokes about "ten points for the old lady" when I was driving with boys as a teenager. Perhaps it'll be on the TV one day.

Anyway, this one was really bloody enjoyable, and it was a bit of a surprise. We booked it because it had Jason Statham in it, and both [ profile] canarieschick and I really like him and love his hotness.  I never thought I'd be impressed by a film that had little to draw me in other than hot cars, hot men and hot chicks (which frankly were a bit superfluous) but I was - the storyline was not convoluted; one knew pretty much what would happen to the bad people, but all the same it handled it in a way that was entirely satisfying.  There's even a very hot black gay guy. "Everyone has a woman navigator, apart from Joe.  That's because he's gay."  "No, it's because he gets through them too fast and the network got squeamish." "yeah - he gets through them - through the arse."  I think there must be a law now that any film CC and I go to see has to have major gay elements.

There's not a lot to the film. Cars. Explosions. Revs. Rivalry. A Wronged Hero doing what he has to. But it works in all the right places for the right reasons. And the most interesting fact about it - and the reason I wanted to see it (other than Mr S getting his vest off, AGAIN) was that they deliberately didn't use any CGI in the film at all. When you know that - the story suddenly gets a lot more interesting, and you sit there, like a child, thinking "fuck! how did they DO that!" which is how it should be, imo.  Loved it.  Who knew I was such a petrol head, eh?
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I've been keelhauled mateys!  Me and my cabin-boy [ profile] canarieschick sat down to watch Tropic Thunder - some Shipping Forecast about the Tropic of Capricorn I thought - to find it was some war film!  I shot the usher in the aisles, overturned the popped corne stand and plundered the grog bar in disgust. 

However it was bloody funny and I loved it.Read more... )

If you like war films, you'll spot the references, if you like Hollywood satire (they are harsh - but I think they could have been harsher!), if you like to laugh at "luvvies" - all good reasons to go and see this.  I think it's one of the best films this year to be honest, and I wonder if the satire will go over people's heads. They might see it like a watered down "superhero movie" or something - which in a way - it is- but it's far far FAR cleverer than that.

Hamlet in Facebook stylee - hilarious.

ETA:  I've just noticed that you can change Googles language to "Pirate" - BRILLIANT!
ARRR! Where�s me grog, wench?
more animals
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I'd been to see a few of Ritchie's films and frankly wasn't really looking forward to this one -Revolver for god's sake - does someone want to explain that one to me?  I'm still baffled.

However - it was great!  Funny, wonderful characters (without -in my opinion having them completely over the top for a change) Tom Wilkinson (at bloody LAST) given a big meaty tough guy role.  In fact the performances were all so bloody good that Gerald Butler almost got swallowed up - he certainly didn't stand out -not because he wasn't good, because he was - but because everyone else was too.

I would think that some non-Brits might need subtitles, but I do really really recommend this: It's like Ritchie is poking gentle fun at himself and it works really well. It's not as bloody as some of his work, and that builds the tension because he makes you care for the characters even the pretty awful ones - and you just know that someone is going to get it and I know that there was one or two that I really really didn't want to die.

The only quibble I have is the fate of the painting, so when anyone else goes to see it, please let me know your ideas - that was just left hanging.

I was wracking my brain throughout as to where I'd seen "Archie" before, and when the titles came up I realised that he was Mark Strong and had played Septimus in "Stardust" (phwoar) and was just as hot in this in quite a different way. Thandie Newton? Excellent. A role worthy of her.

Oh - and did I mention the gay?  No?  *innocent face*  Oh well, you'll just have to go and see it won't you?  Let's just say that you see Gerald Butler's arse,and it's worth seeing, too. There aren't many films that make me really laugh out loud but this one did it. Well done, Mr Ritchie, well done.
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So there's rumours floating around that Alyson has gone out of business - don't know if anyone else has heard anything?

Went to see Hellboy II which was great. Not quite as good as the Mummy 3 imho but the baddie was worth the ticket by itself, an evil looking Lucius Malfoy lookalike who really shouldn't have been hot, but was.

Until I found out that it was Luke Goss.  Didn't I feel stupid.  BUT HE WAS HOT!
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I loved it! Better than Indiana Jones, better than the Mummy 2 (that's for sure) - the car chase with the golem horses? Possibly one of the best action sequences I've seen - ever? There were bits when I was sitting there thinking "I know this is mostly CGI but hot-dayum!" Jet Li was fabulous as usual, and great to see so many kick-ass women characters. So much nicer to see than the wilting Wilheminas like Pepper wosserface and Mary Jane.

Loved it loved it. Of course a complete dog's dinner of the actual story of the first emperor, but who goes to these films to be educated?
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Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I wasn't entirely expecting to, thinking it would be too childish or just too soppy for me, but I shouldn't have been disappointed, I don't think Pixar have disappointed me yet.  It was completely absorbing and as usual, the animation was so incredible I forgot I was watching an animation completely.  It even got me a little (just a little) choked up, at the end. There were some very funny parts and some really clever parts too. 

HOWEVER. The star of the show for me was "Presto" - the short which is now tradition before any Pixar main feature which had me crying with laughter and was (as always with these) just too short. Rather the point, I suppose. But hilarious, and the rabbit (who I think was called Alec) was adorable.  Sneak Peek snippet.


Jul. 16th, 2008 11:24 pm
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I wrote more today than I've written for YEARS.  Don't know why, perhaps, as [ profile] alex_beecroft said yesterday my sub-concious was up to something and I was percolating the story in my head.  I don't know. I rather felt I was being lazy... :D  However!  instead of trying to force through from where I was in the middle and breaking my mind I jumped forward and did what I usually do, wrote the end - or rather a large chunk of leading up to the end and PING!!!!! something unblocked - the character that I thought was Mostly Filler turned out to have a rather vital use after all and I had FUN writing something for the first time since I started Hard & Fast and that was over a year ago. I had to make myself stop in the end for two reasons : 1. I had to go to the cinema and 2. the next section is the HEA... and I need to think that over without melting into utter candy-floss vomitorium sweetness.  I'm forcing myself to try and write an ending for a change, and not a "cheat"....

But it was 3241 words, and I haven't written that much since Standish, I think!  Thank you all for brainstorming with me.  Not that I don't miss my mother 99 percent of the time, but I really do miss her for being able to chat person to person whenever I had a writing problem. I miss having someone I can chat to voice to voice.  Dad's a darling but 1. he don't really get the process and 2. He forgets what I said five minutes ago.

film Night: Kung Fu Panda.  Perfection.  There's no other word for it.  If you like animated CGI's you'll love this. If you like Kung Fu films and know the genre, then you'll love this.  If you love Dustin Hoffman, you'll love this.  I loved every second of it, from the classic animated graphic novel style beginning to the inevitable ending. The humour is laugh out loud funny (and for an English person to say this, believe me, you'll be rolling in the aisles if you aren't English) the action pretty much relentless, characters GREAT but the animation Rules.  Really.  Really and truly. It's SO beautiful that it's almost distracting.  You want to sit there and wonder and marvel at the movement of the hairs in an eyelash, or the random waving of a flag, the blowing of peach blossom or the movement of water and you CAN'T because there are animals Kung Fu-ing themselves into oblivion!!

My tip?  Don't sit too close to the screen. Sit at the back or you'll find it all blurry and it will ruin it.  But don't miss this one. It's amazing.
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...about forcing oneself to go to the cinema every week even if there's not anything on that you really really fancy seeing is that sometimes you go and see something that you wouldn't have gone to see and today was one of those days.

Went to see "Gone Baby Gone" which I'd seen the trailer for and thought "oo - that looks a bit too intense" but shit it was absolutely worth the view.  Read more... )
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Jumper:  Visually very stunning (although a bit too much "wobbly camera" for me at time which I was sick of five minutes after the first director used it) and logistically it must have been a NIGHTMARE to film as it jumped from the north pole to London to New York to Cairo to Tokyo to Ann Arbor all in the space of ten seconds of screen time.

Jamie Bell acted Hayden Christensen off the stage, but even his diction failed at times and it took me about half the film before I realised that they were saying "Paladin" - And w00t!  Samuel L Jackson as a very convincing bad guy! Hayden was more of the Sith-same, really. Instead of grabbing the girl and getting the hell out of dodge, it was all "Let me explain...." when the very bad guys were just about to bash the doors down! Less yak, more escape for gawds sake!!

However, what was really wrong with it was completely unnecessary Girl (and that has nothing to do with any slash, but she was utterly pointless) without whom they could have managed more of what was really missing, e.g. any plot at all.  The whole thing seemed like a set-up to the sequel, really, which was a shame.  Has anyone read the book? Is that better?  I liked the idea of it, and I had a feeling that it was probably a lot more deep than the film gave it credit for.

On a more sombre note and found on [ profile] ruth_sims' LJ - Please go and sign this petition and try and stop Mahdi from being extradited back to Iran where he will most certainly be exected for homosexuality.

(Mahdi) came to England on a student visa to study, his boyfriend in Iran was caught out and executed, and under torture gave Madhis name. Mahdi has already been refused asylum in the UK and shall certainly face horrific torture and most likely execution if the British government is allowed to send him back to Iran .  A campaign must be started to prevent this from happening, especially as the young lad had already suffered and is now going on a hunger strike.
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Surprisingly, it didn't suck!  I actually enjoyed it!  granted, Winstone's accent was appalling "Why did yer fink yer could kill me? You aren't the first or the hundref."

Bad casting, imho, but the animation is spectacular and the 3D is incredible - I'd actually never been to see a 3D film for years and so wasn't expecting black glasses and not those silly coloured ones that Dr who likes.  The technology is obviously coming along very nicely indeed - Beowulf nearly put my eye out with his sword (yes the metal type, more of that later) a couple of times, and I was tempted to go all Michael Caine and shout "Oy! Stop shaking those bloody spears!" but I did not. It was bad enough the moronic woman sitting behind me was trying to CATCH things floating over my head.

"Yes, madam, there IS a dragon in the cinema, should I phone the police or would be like to try and catch its tail again?" *rolls eyes*

There was more blood than my comfort zone managed and Grendel was truly truly scary and the violence was quite graphic but OMG we couldnt show a CGI cock 0h no no no no no!  That kind of threw me actually because it was the first really big action scene, Beowulf stripped off to his buff CGI self (yum) and then began a coy "joke" of covering his genitals with various props - and it was tacky and stupid and was totally inappropriate for the fight. Like the naked Bart scene in the Simpsons Movie.  However - it wasn't that awful and I actually quite enjoyed it.  (I realise that purists will probably be rolling in the graves, but I'm embarrassed to say I don't know the poem so I don't know how faithful it was and I don't know much about 6th century clothing but it LOOKED authentic to me.

BUT if you can make fab cgi men and wonderful "monstas" then why the blithering HECK can't they do horses properly!!!!!???

"Brit" meme gacked from [ profile] zoepaleologa Read more... )
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OK - I've found my true home. Gay Sci Fi Nerds

Due to the Haworth sell-off, I don't think my gay space opera will be finding an anthology in the near future, I've heard nothing from the editor, and nothing from the company. It wasn't contracted, and Greg said that he was planning to put it into "Distant Horizons 2" so we are talking a long long time in the future - if ever. So... I thought - as I've already written another short story with the same characters - I might do a novel with them, perhaps a short story adventure per chapter - vaguely moving along an underlining plot - but each story standing in its own right. Kind of like a television series, I suppose. Could be an interesting project to do. Means also that I won't get mired into a novel, and I can dip in and out of it. And when it comes to Erastes and sci-fi, we are talking space opera, so there's less Sci and more Fi if you get me. I don't do maths, or physics and according to Heinlein, that makes me nothing better than a simian who has learned not to mess in the house. Anyway, that's for a future project. *G*

Film Night: No Reservations - Catherine Zeta Jones. AVOID. Truly bad. Rom-com with no Rom and no Com. Chick flick to make you sick. So so AWFUL. CZJ - i've yet to see you in a film that I like. Come back here and learn your trade properly, perhaps.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] jezzabe! Hope you had a great day!

Went to see NEXT with Nicholas Cage

Better than I expected )

Please check out Simon & Shysters new policy/contracts. They are now holding perpetual rights. That's not good. At all.

Finally - I'm (depending on how much it is - I haven't had the application form yet) considering having a stall at the Winchester Book Fair. Anyone want to come and support the lone pornographer if I do? S[are chair, flask of soup and bitchy comments for anyone who pops in.
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Film Night: Gothieman.

Film in a nutshell - MAJOR spoilers )

tagged from [ profile] gehayi

1. Grab the nearest book
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next three sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favourite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
6. Tag five other people to do the same.
Read more... )

Homosexuality in History by Colin Spencer

I don't usually like to tag people, because I think they think I'm a pest, but I'll do it. Im picking people who have rarely, if ever commented, because I wonder sometimes what people are here for.  [ profile] 1st_corinthian, [ profile] annesible, [ profile] elanorgardner, [ profile] rimpig, [ profile] paintedponyxox
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Film Night: Blades of Glory
Well, it was bearable I suppose. I blotted my copybook last week with Excruciating Hogs, so I couldn't exactly say "No I don't want to go and see Will Ferrel in a silly comedy."
It was silly enough to make me laugh, and slashy enough to make me happy. The gay jokes were affectionate rather than homophobic, but when it comes down to it Will Ferrell just doesn't LOOK like a male skater., and in the end they skated off together into the sunset leaving the girl behind. My favourite bit was when the girly boy skater (It was very yaoi, btw, with Big Dark Seme and girly blond Uke) kissed the girl for the 2nd time and she said "Oh you've improved" and he blushed and said "Oh Chazz taught me some stuff"
But I would have been happier if the stars had been hot. Perhaps.... *dreams happily* John Barrowman and... Alex Pettyfer.
Now THAT would have been hot. Perhaps not as funny, though.
But I can't really recommend it. Not unless you are a hard core Will fan.
I've put a new page on the website btw - the Gay Historical Fiction page - which is HERE. Someone has suggested doing the same for f/f historical fiction, which I'm happy to do, but other than Sarah Waters I know of none, and, it being a genre that interests me not at all, I'm not going to obsessively hunt for it like I do for m/m However, that being said, if anyone fancies bombarding me with titles, I'm happy enough to put up a f/f historical fiction page.
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Oh why oh why oh why didn't I go and check the reviews before I went to see it?  This week was MY CHOICE and rather than go and see Blades of Glory (which [ profile] canaries_chick really wanted to go and see) I thought I'd be safe - seeing as how it smashed all records in the first weekend in America.

What was I thinking?   Just awful awful awful awful awful.  Unwitty script, dreadful performances, hideous stereotypes (it didn't even do what sometimes the Americans are good at doing, taking the piss out of themselves), the only jokes seemed to be gay-bashing jokes which had me on edge from the word go.  What was Macy thinking?


We walked out after 45 mins, and we've only ever walked out on one film before (New World) - we didn't even walk out on Lost in Translation.
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Most of you have already seen this, I'm sure.  But I liked it. I was talking to Bad Mother today about how I'm completely naive when I watch films.  When I read a book I'm always trying to work out what's going to happen but with a film I never think about stuff until it hits me. I'm fodder to the film maker. I'm the one with my jaw dropping.  :)  the only things wrong with the film wereEd Norton's horrible beard and the fact that the film broke just before the Illusionist came on stage for the first time, and when they started it again it was AFTER the orange tree illusion so gawd knows how much we missed.

I've just finished "Children of Men." on DVD. Bleak, wonderfully done, but standard ending. I'd like it to have ended like it would do in real life.

One more week and I have 10 days off, and OMG I really need them, I have a lot of PC work to do, as well as writing, editing, submitting, finding agent, finding a home for transgressions.  I really have second-novel-itis about Transgressions...  I'm not saying Standish has been a SUCCESS! but it's had a favourable welcome, and I hope that later in my writing career people will find it as my first and not find it awful.  Actually thank god that Standish wasn't a big success. How the hell do people cope?  Laurie Lee never did, I know (until very recently)

I had fun over on Lust Bites, by the way. They say I'm the best guest they've had so far. *blushity* (This is only because I have no life and I had the time to reply to comments, the way I can't do on LJ any more) but it was fun and people were nice enough to ask a shedload of questions. I plan to do a chat in May, so more on that later.

Why isn't it Friday night? I have lots of nice pink wine....
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You Are Corona

You don't drink for the love of beer. You drink to get drunk.
You prefer a very light, very smooth beer. A beer that's hardly a beer at all.
And while you might not like the taste of beer, you like the feeling of being drunk.
You drink early and often. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes alone. All the party needs is you!

This is scarily accurate. However - I do like the taste of beer, and Corona/Sol (with lime) is my favourite tipple. I wish it was stronger, though.... *G*

Film Night: The Number 23 )
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Yesterday at about 11pm I reached number 2 in the best seller list in Canada.  Not even for "Gay Fiction" but for "Historical Romance"  there were Proper Historical Novelists all over the place, and then there was me.  And I ranked 1817 in books. This may not sound a lot, but I've slipped down to rank 320,000 in America, so you can see what a big deal being 1817 is.

I Love Canadians. Thanks guys, yay.

Because I'm a sheep and I want lots of silly presents - please give generously!

my xmas stocking )

Film Night! Flushed Away

Brilliant - I laughed like a drain! )

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And I thought I didn't like Alan Bennett )

Rating: Highly Recommended.
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Elizabeth Swan deserves to die )


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