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Lucius used to run away on a regular basis. He disappeared three times in a year, and each time he was gone for three months, almost to the day and then returned, tired and hungry but not in a bad way, so he'd OBVIOUSLY been living somewhere else, but I never found out where.  He would come back for two weeks, and then he'd be gone again.
However, since I stopped working, he never strayed away again, not even for a day - so it was clearly comfort he was after.
One day I plan to do a children's book about the things he got up to.
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Thank you SO much - the very sweet and kind (and talented, because I can't draw worth a damn) [ profile] essayel has just sent me this lovely picture of Lucius - done up to the nines and ready for a night on the town.

The original, who is lolling on my shoulders right now, and entirely naked, approves purringly.

Under the cut for size... )
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Well, I debated not taking him, as he seemed marginally better, but then I realised I'd just stress about it all day, and tomorrow is emergencies only, so in the box he went and off we drove to the vet with loud complaints from the furry one.

He was disgusting at the vets, purring and being unutterably beautiful and the vet fell under his spell immediately.  He's a little like that child from that book - I thought it was the Treasure Seekers but now I don't think it is--he's handsome and he knows it.  By the end of it, the vet was kissing him on his nose and scritching his ears.

I wanted the ground the swallow me up. And he was just looking at me as if to say--"you see? even Vets become my minions."

Anyway....she says she thinks it's a cut, he wouldn't let her take a good look and she didn't want to muck him around - so she did what I anticipated, he's had an antibiotic injection and an anti-inflammatory and I'm to wash his foot if he'll let me.  He probably caught it on something, or perhaps in a play fight with Severus.  Sevvie is being horrible to him now, as he smells of the vet and there is hissing going on so Sevvie's in disgrace at the moment.

Weather is foul. I forgot to put the mobile radiator on yesterday and the bedroom was so cold it was awful, thank god it pumps out a lot of heat and in a couple of hours it was bearable. No snow, just easterly winds and sleety cold rain. bleurghk.
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I sent Chris Smith a copy of the ARC of Transgressions because she's been very good to me recently and she read the entire thing in three hours - here's her review.

I don't expect everyone to like the book - it's a much darker read than Standish (and I know some people who thought that was dark!) and for those who have come to me through more polite Regencies like Frost Fair and Hard and Fast, it will come as a bit of a culture shock--but Chris' reaction is almost exactly what I was hoping for.  If I can affect just some people in the same way I'll be happy. It was a dark period in English history, so it wouldn't do to make it fluffy. And seriously, you wouldn't want Erastes to do fluffy, right?

Anyway, thank you so much, Chris.

Le Malfoy has returned, after 24 hours on the razzle. No alien pirate abduction, then apparently. Either that or it was just a short flight.


Dec. 28th, 2008 04:39 pm
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I got a fountain pen for Christmas (thank you, [ profile] charliecochrane!) - now I haven't owned or even used a fountain pen since I was at school and I'd forgotten what a sensual pleasure they are.  It's even loaded with blue-black ink which was my colour of choice at school.  I've been doing the edits on Transgressions with it today and it made the task a real joy. (Almost!) It makes my handwriting legible too, which makes a change.

The only snag was that when one of the cats leapt up onto the manuscript (as one of the boys will always do, they can't bear the thought of being ignored for five minutes) and rolled around on it - Lucius in this case, he acted a big furry blotting pad and ended up covered in blueblack ink. Well, ok, not covered, but smudges on his face and legs. He's buggered off now, in high dudgeon.

Adopt one today!

Yes. Don't judge me. How could I resist? It looks like a strawberry Campino!

I discovered The Historical Romance Club today and got all excited for five seconds. But I can't join their club. :(

"Genres we Do Not support include: standard contemporary romance; romantic suspense; inspirational; and alternative lifestyle—m/m, f/f. "

Hmmm.  As [ profile] gehayi just said to me: 

"...of all the genre fiction in the world, romance fiction is the most bigoted. Sci-Fi has had gay couples forever. Fantasy, almost as long. The first overtly gay detective appeared in the 1950s. Romance still needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Century of the Fruitbat. And that was LAST century."

Hear hear. I've asked HRC why they don't "support alternative lifestyles" - I'll just see what they say. I know what you are thinking..."Erastes? What about the New Year Resolution?"  Yeah, yeah. Still got three days...
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Day Four of the Advent Calendar. Enjoy!

I have a "Spotlight Spot" up on Jessewave's Blog and she asks me lots of unusual questions.

I've just heard from the Running Press editor of Transgressions - and the copy edits will be with me next week.  I need to get them back as hard copies, which is a problem - so I've just ordered a scanner. This is a desk problem now, the desk I have simply doesn't have the space. I have the screen and a printer on the deskspace -  However there is a space next to the desk on my right about 3'x3' - so I could possibly stick a small table there and put the flatbed on that...  I do need a scanner, and it can double as a photocopier too, so it's an expense I'll have to bear.  I'll really have to ask someone how tax concessions work, because I have NO clue and I'm sure I can get some money back for promotion and hardware? *feels incredibly dim*

It's bloody freezing again, blowing a gale and raining. Really unpleasant and I need to go to the library. I can't even be bothered to get out from under this knee blanket. The cats are all snuggled up warm, and yes, we still have a Lucius! It's a miracle!  He's been scoffing artery clogging fat making stuff such as cream and butter and he's put on all the weight he lost through being ill. If I could get him to put a bit more weight on, I'd be happy, but I'm afraid that he's probably always going to be like his namesake, tall and willowy.

Right. off to stare at the WIP.


Good News!

Nov. 21st, 2008 10:17 am
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Lucius is better!!! He jumped up on the bed in the night and started making a fuss of me like normal so I knew he was better - he'd just been lying around like a dead thing up to then. Then when I got up he ate his breakfast and is looking for more food even now. He's not getting any more for an hour, after five days of nothing, it's better he has a little at a time.

Thank you to everyone who cared enough to follow it and comment - it's silly to some people to worry so about one's cats perhaps (especially one who will probably only bugger off after he's back to full weight) but I can't help it.

As for me, I'm a little better, my dizzyness kicks in when I lower my centre of gravity and I won't be going to the cinema again tonight, and my head has a constant whine and my right ear is partially blocked, but much much better than before - so yay!

I'm doing a post today on The Britwriters about the Channel Four programme "The Devil's Whore" which so far, I'm enjoying enormously. Seeing as how I've spent so many years in the 17th century recently it was very illuminating to see it all on screen. It's rarely portrayed, this (pretty vital) period of our history which (having tried to make sense of it for ages) is not terribly surprising. It's hugely confusing, and not even really a "war" at all - just a load of disparate regiments marauding up and down the country taking great houses and towns - mainly for plunder rather than anything else. But such pretty clothes... And such pretty men.
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Yesterday was awful. The psoriasis is lessening every day but because of the ear infection the dizzyness hit its worst - I couldn't even stand up at one point and was crawling around the house on my hands and knees. Not pleasant and humiliating. Later when I was able to walk I was clutching the walls for support. And no, before you ask - nothing to do with alcohol!

And to make matters worse, Lucius (who decided to come back after a day) has stopped eating and yesterday I was completely unable to take him to the vet. Do you know how bad a human I felt, lying in bed watching him just lying there, not eating or drinking all day?  I managed to get him to drink a couple of teaspoons of water out of my palm by the end of the day, but he hasn't got up this morning at all.  Cats always pick the worse time to be ill, as today is the only day that the vet insists on appointments (normally you can just turn up) so they can't see me until 4pm. That's good for me, as the dizzyness is still present and it will take an hour or so for me to get my arse into gear and get washed and dressed, but not so good for him. I hope I can get some more water into him. Stupid cat!! Why couldn't he be ill in his other family's house?
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ETA: Just heard back from the local paper - they want me to ring them and tell them about Lucius and his mysterious journeys!

Lucius the Wanderer is back. Again.


Three months almost the day, I think... *checks* 25th July it was when he came back last, and he stayed 2 weeks. He's in beautiful condition, if a little too light, and very hungry.  He hasn't even got a flea dirt on him, so it's clear he's not living rough because someone is obviously treating him. God it's good to see him. I even had a feeling yesterday that he'd be back today -or perhaps it was because he knew I wanted him back today that he came back today. He won't stay, and the balance in the house is disturbed all over again, but still nice to see him.

I know how unlikely it sounds, even to myself. I've been fooled by so many stupid sock puppet stories. What I think I'll do is write to the local paper - it's a "local interest" story which they might like - and it would be good to know who else is fostering him.  I will definitely get a collar this time - with one of those little barrels with my phone number and a tiny message in it - at least then someone can ring me and tell me he's safe.  There's never going to be a way I can force him to stay- although I really wish he would. He's stuffed his face, and now he's in his basket. I can never face putting his basket away, just in case "today" is the day he comes home. I do wish he'd stay.

Severus is, of course, upset again.  It's really not fair.

True Blood.  Aww Billy-Bob the Vampire is such a gennleman caller! *squishes him*

Only a few sporks today.Tired, and I think I can see the end of it.

- they are sitting in a lighted room in a busy street in the dark. They kiss. They embrace. THEN they shut the curtains. er. No. 17th century remember?
- if he strips off down to his under-breeches, hose and shirt, he can't be wearing his ordinary breeches when he wakes up.
- What, pray, is a "half-wounded adversary"?


Nov. 8th, 2007 09:42 pm
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Well, Lucius is now officially "Missing" - he didn't come in for his dinner last night, or breakfast this morning or his dinner tonight.  My only hope is that he's a greedy guts and if someone is feeding him pouches, rather than tins or biscuits (which he gets here, because pouches for two growing boys are FAR too expensive) then someone may think he's a starving stray and may have taken him in.  I'm very rural, this is only one cul-de-sac in the middle of nowhere,so it's not like he could have wandered too far off so he's either defected, or been catnapped because of his beauty or he's had an accident involving a fox or a shed or something.  Tomorrow I'll print off some flyers and post them through all the letter boxes, and put one up in the post office. The local vet has been informed, and I can't do a lot else, until tomorrow. But it's very upsetting. To say the least. I hope Severus doesn't bog off too.
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Mar. 27th, 2007 10:45 pm
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Where is Lucius Malfoy and his family?  Do you really think, for one minute, that Lucius, the consummate Slytherin is languishing in Azkaban?  Not a bit of it.  With much thanks to [ profile] gehayi who tracked 99 percent of these proofs down.  It seems our golden family are in fact having to make a new life, and are (horror) having to work for a living - modelling for romance book covers.(and icons)

Proof positive that the Malfoys are now in the Wizarding Witness Protection Program:  Image heavy.
Read more... )

If you find any more of them, let me know!

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You know those "No More Fanfic" Rules I set myself?  Well... as [ profile] rwday said to me today, don't feel guilty, they are more like guidelines, anyway. :)  But inner Lucius made me. How could he not, after that photo?

Letter from Lucius to Severus in early 1976 inspired by the delicious photo of Young Severus
For [ profile] sinick whose inner Severus will always be "my dear boy" to my inner Lucius
Rating PG
(I'm not JKR and I'll try not to do it again.)

My Dear Boy, )

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I wish one of my myriad digital cameras were working. I would show you Lucius watching the television.  That's him in the icon.

He ADORES the telly.  He sits in front of it, bolt upright and watches avidly.  He even watches when sitting on my lap. 

He likes cartoons - probably the 2d thing - Futurama is one of his favourites, but he's quite fond of Spongebob.  His very favourite thing to watch is football (soccer) though, which is galling as I hate it, and (how sad am I) let him watch half an hour or so, because he enjoys it so much.  He gets up on his hind legs and follows the ball with his front paws.

Right now, he's in front of the screen watching the big final fight scene in Ivanhoe (the Elizabeth Taylor version).  He's rivetted.  He likes action scenes with lots going on, he particularly loved the Jousting, and was quite disappointed when Ivanhoe got wounded. 

He'll lose interest when the smooching starts.  He's not into soppy stuff.  But omg he does love a good swordfight!  He just punched George Saunders on the head.  *dies laughing*

Yes - the trial scene and he's buggered off into the garden.  He's so shallow.
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All my icons until 24th December will be by the lovely [ profile] lysa1 which feature Lucius' finest feature.  *cough*  An Advent Calendar of Snakey and Lucius. Some of them are brilliant, and very clever.  *loves [ profile] lysa1*

I've finally got a new PC, courtesy of my mother who suddenly noticed she hadn't bought me anything for last birthday, christmas, birthday.  It's a lovely machine, and a fabulous flat monitor at last (which i can read from across the room!!!) but when I got it home I discovered it didn't had a phone port.  You think the specs on the website or the salesperson might have MENTIONED this.  *sigh*  In a normal place, this wouldn't matter but the nearest PC shoppe to me (being a country mouse) is 20 miles. grrrr. 

However, when I do have it up and running I'll get broadband and then whee!!!

What I'd like to say, though, is that getting a flat screen monitor and being able to move it from the main desk space to the back shelf, which is what the desk is mad more, has made space on the main part of the desk.  And guess what?  The Snucius have requisitioned it for their own.  So much for thinking that I would be able to start using the desk for what it's supposed to be used for.

I've just discovered that the number of the beast has been downgraded to 616.  Interesting and vastly amusing for all those roads and shops and hotel rooms that changed their numbers.


Nov. 10th, 2006 06:34 pm
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Lucius just brought a WORM in.

And ate it.

There is food in their bowls.

Cats. Go figure.


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