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Ok. I've been sitting on this news for WEEKS and I thought at one point I was going to explode with excitement. You'll see it everywhere I am, so I apologise for the cross-posting but hey - I never do it normally.


Perseus Books has picked up Transgressions!!!!!!  Running Press to be precise.

I KNOW!!!!  *bounce*  It's a long story, which I can't really detail yet because the other person involved hasn't signed their contract yet, but they have said that I can go ahead and squee due to my recent bad luck. And the publisher said that I could announce it weeks ago but I didn't want to for superstitious reasons. And I signed my contract today!! So. SQUEE!

Perseus have a good name, but this is a new venture for them and a risky one too I suppose, they do a little bit of gay fiction, Simon Shepperd and others, but not a huge amount.. The idea is (as far as I know at the mo) is to try out some gay romance - put the books into bricks and mortar stores and see how they run. It's all still very much ground floor stuff so I have no more details to share but.. well, let's say that the author advance is an average for a new author in a genre market - proper professional rates. (Although - unless it's £500,000, I'm not that bothered about an advance because it just means you wait longer to earn anything else, but still, it's still nice to get a professional rate!)

I'm excited personally, of course, but more than that I'm excited for the genre as a whole. Both Transgressions and the other book being published at the same time (Spring 2009) are gay historicals so I hope that people buy these books and it will lead the way for Perseus picking up more and more gay romance in the future. With Alyson selling, and with pubs folding left right and centre, it's great to see someone running with a new venture isn't it? And yes, it's risky but where's the fun in life if you don't risk? 
It was also nice to see recently that Waldenbooks were putting gay romance on some of their shelves and it was running out of the store!

In other news: I found it very amusing when Catherine Tate relayed the story of her cat's adoption. Apparently she was going to take one cat from the shelter but they said "there's a problem" - turns out that it had a prolapsed anus so she decided not to adopt.  A little later they called her and said they had another she might like... "but... there's a problem" they said. "What's the problem?" she asked. (thinking it would be more icky medical stuff "Well... he's GINGER..." 

In fury, she adopted him immediately!!

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For any of you you read and liked Standish, Fleury (the darlin' boy) has done an interview for Alex Beecroft's "In Their Own Words" Blog - which is a place for fictional characters to be interviewed - and can be found HERE. And hey, even if you haven't read Standish, you might enjoy meeting the bad boy. He'll have his own book soon, and then all will be explained as to what he's doing in Boston. And who. :)

The exciting news I didn't want to talk about earlier was that MEN Magazine have bought the story I sent them last month. I'm fairly stoked about this, as it's a national magazine and professional rates
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1. A Sale: Just heard from Alison Tyler editor of the Erotic Alphabet series that Cleis has accepted "Fire and Ice" to be part of their J is for Jealousy anthology. *skipping*

2. I did an interview for The Spiced Tea Party

3. Cruise Lines from Alyson (my story "Lifeline" (frantic shaggage in Titanic's lifeboat) is in it) is already up on Amazon for pre-order! [ profile] queertext and [ profile] jefffunk are two others whose stories are in it.

Random grump: PUHLEEEZE people. I only really enjoy one series on TV at the moment - and it's Heroes and it's infuriating that people on my flist keep posting their thoughts on Series TWO (when I'm ¾ of the way through series ONE) without hiding the spoilers under a cut. STOP IT!!


Sep. 20th, 2007 09:36 pm
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Just heard from Alyson Books and my Titanic story "Lifeline" (frantic cold sex in a lifeboat) has been accepted for their "Cruising" anthology.  If you were a member of my Newsletter... you would have had a snippet, too.... Is Mean.

Very Pleased. I've made my target sales this year, theoretically - but with the Haworth problems, two of those won't count.  Higher target next year.

Also - a friend of mine in Chesterfield, UK has just announced that she asked her local library to stock STANDISH and they sent her a card today to say that they'd bought a copy and it was ready for her to pick up, they bought it specially.

Erastes hits the public library system!  This is the only book available in the UK that I know of, so do me a favour, go into your local library and demand they get you one!
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I'm very happy about this one - it's to Cleis press for their "City Boys" anthology (now renamed) - my first sale to that particular publisher, and it's the most "underlucius-y" thing I've dared to write since leaving fandom. I'm sorry, but a lot of you won't know what that means. Underlucius was the name I had in fandom and I was dabbling with a strange literary style. this piece has elements of that, although not completely. I'm surprised and pleased as punch that this one - out of the three I submitted to Cleis last month - has been picked up. If it had to be any of the 3, I'm most happy it's this one. *sits on thumbs for the other two*

I'm not doing well with the Vampire fic. I haven't heard from the anthologist who commissioned it, and I'm not sure if it's still needed, and frankly I could kick my protag in the face, and that's not good.


Mar. 5th, 2007 07:52 am
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Just had an email regarding the Superqueeroes Anthology - "Right Hand Man" has been accepted for it (Haworth Press)

My second sale now for Haworth, for whom I have a lot of respect.

*Iz Pleezed*
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First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] thistlerose and [ profile] gnomi Hope you both had/have a great day!

Sale to "The Drabbler" of a drabble I wrote in August last year - I think, about Alien Pet Care. I think that's my first ever non erotic sale... *snigger*

want to write more, but am too damned tired
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I'm getting some nice news recently, and perhaps it's Karma. OK it will never bring mother back, but it renews her faith in me and gives me more heart to carry on and make her (hopefully) more proud.

I heard from Alyson today, and they've accepted "The Bird" for their baseball erotica anthology, "FASTBALLS"  I'm very happy about that, as I was a little unsure that it was good enough. *beams*

Book Report: Gallows Thief by Bernard Cornwell )
All in all, highly enjoyable.

I'm reading "The Remedy" now by Michelle Lovric, of which I know nothing, the blurb and the cover pulled me in, and so far - although it's nicely written, I'm not terribly interested as there is nearly all Tell and no Showing. And yes! Finally I appreciate the difference.
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1. [ profile] rwday's wonderful m/m near future fantasy (although that doesn't adequately label it, it actually defies catagorization) "A Strong & Sudden Thaw" is released today. I'm going to (try and) do a review of it when I get my lovely (signed) copy from the author. I'll try and be objective, but as I was there when it was written I don't know how successful I will be. You know my tastes, or most of you do, so I hope you trust me when I say that you'll love it. Those of you who knew her when she was [ profile] eumenides1 know how very talented she is, so won't need my paltry recommendation. I knew her before she was a novelist, you know.

2. A sale for me! I'm all bouncy about this one for more than the reason that I sold something. It was a "private call" from Alyson books for Pirates (hence why I was writing shagging pirates) and it was accepted. When I say "private" it probably still went out to 100's of people, so there was no guarantee of acceptance (I was invited to submit for Ultimate Gay Erotica 2006 after getting into UGE 2005, but wasn't accepted into UGE2006). So anyway. A Sale and so... SQUEE!!


Sep. 19th, 2006 04:36 pm
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*am bouncing around the room in a most unpiratey way*

"Whatever the Risk" has been accepted by Greg Herren for Haworth's "Distant Horizons."

"I loved the story" he says.

Idiot erastes forgot to put his email addy on the submission. *smites him *

*happy author dance* (whilst smiting)


Sep. 13th, 2006 04:55 pm
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Sold "Petard" to Clean Sheets! Peanut money, but huge readership!
Off to broadcast to various yahoo groups, so apologies if you see this
is a million places.

I really NEEDED this today.

*thanks Karma*

However this from them is rather worrying: "include a bio, playful or
profound, but a delight to read"

*terrified* It takes me long enough to make a story a delight to
read, let alone a bio.


Jul. 5th, 2006 05:58 pm
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Just heard from Alyson books - they've bought a PWP (and strangely for me, contemporary), piece called "In The Dark" which is about a powercut in a log cabin. And after all, what else is there to do in a log cabin when you've just lost power? *grins evilly*

Will appear in Ultimate Gay Erotica 2007!

I've also been accepted into the Amazon Shorts programme where I can sell short stories directly off Amazon and split the proceeds with Amazon. Haven't submitted anything to them yet, but I'll pluck up the courage later. I do note, though, that they don't appear to have a gay erotica section - yet...
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Sometimes I regret that most people I "know" live in different time zones, I can't share news until they WAKE UP!!

Sold "Ten Kisses" to Iris Print for their anthology which comes out in the Summer. I'm happy about this, because they actually asked for 2500 minimum but as Kisses is all boy-snoggage I thought I'd take a chance and it paid off!

A sale!

Apr. 12th, 2006 09:59 am
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I sold the prison sex story! Got the email last night. That's my first sale to STARbooks, which I'm pretty chuffed about, to be honest. I have no details other than that, as the email is at home and I was pretty drunk when I got it. And then when I got it it was an excuse to have a drink! yay!

There's a story behind it too, which taught me several lessons...

Read more... )

I really DON'T want to be at work today!


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