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Happy Birthday [ profile] hansbekhart!

D4 Puppy Spam, dial up beware. These are in sequence over the last couple of weeks. He's grown so much - look at his earlier pictures!

He's a monster!  )
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Sad when you can't even think of a name for your blog. Other brains more full with imagination than I call their blog entries things like "Chasing the Mackerel Sky" or "My toilet and I" but my brain is entirely to M.A.S.H. Suiicide is painless. la la la la la.

Yes, I've cracked up. It's official. I've been spending every second of the last three or four days editing and I'm getting edit crazy. I haven't had time to check my flist or play a game or watch a film (well, that's not entirely true, I've had Howard's End on loop for days but I can't say I've taken any of it in IN.) BUT the good news is that it's nearly finished. Or at least the first run of the second full edit is nearly finished. I've got completely through it and have accepted all the deletions of commas and additions of commas, changes in line breaks, etc etc - the mechanical stuff in other words. I've just got about 20 sections or so where she says "show don't tell and I need to consider every single one of them by their merit and see if it actually needs changing. Some of them will some of them won't. Then what happens is that I send it back to her, and she comments on my comments and on we dance until we've agreed on all we can agree on. When we finally can't compromise any more then she sends it on to the publisher and the FINAL and THIRD edit begins and off we go all over again.

However, the publisher are now very keen to get this onto the shelves, so perhaps we can compromise and they can let me have all my telling. *G*

Lost! Night tonight. To those of you who have only seen the Channel Four version and NOT the E4 version I say... EEEK!!!

I was sure I started writing this for a purpose.... Oh! Puppy news. Went to parents last week and D4 is (as they say over here ) "Half way there and all the way back" which means he's a bright as a button, and then some. I taught him to say please in about 20 seconds. e.g. the second (and everytime thereafter) i asked him to speak for a toy, he did it. He was housetrained in three days, sleeps all night in his dog basket (no screaming at all) he retrieves every single time. And he's only just 9 weeks. Amazing. He's also terribly naughty, and has the biggest opening of a dog's mouth I've ever seen, he can hold full sized balls (cricket/baseball size in his mouth) He chews EVERYTHING.

I read that if you want to teach a puppy to stop biting you, you squeal, because that's what their mothers do. This worked fine for about five minutes - until the Biggest Brain in Dogdom (sorry, Pongo) worked out that IF he bit you, THEN you squeaked, and therefore were more interactive and a lot more fun.

Mother is beginning to wish she had called him B4. B for Beelzebub. Pictures will be forthcoming.
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This is D4. My mother's new puppy. If there's anything cuter, I don't know about it.
coooooooooooooooooooooooote! )


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