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I’ve been tagged by Fiona Glass to do this meme. Her post was on the 6th and can be found here – well worth checking out, as are all the others, so follow the chain! I was thrilled to be tagged, too!

What is the working title of your book?

Gentleman of Fortune – although I’m not won over by it. It seemed right to start with, but now I’m seeing that title might suit a medieval mercenary sleuth rather than one in the era I’ve chosen to write in. I hope something else comes to me. I doubt Gentleman of Fortune will be its published title, to be frank!

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I’m not really sure! I’ve been wanting to write something set in WW2 for a while, but the research put me off (let’s be honest, the research always puts me off and yet I still refuse to write contemporaries!) and then the character of Douglas Foster popped into my head—my books usually begin with a character rather than any idea of plot. Some say they stay that way, too. *guffaw*

What genre does your book fall under?

Er… WW2 espionage adventure?

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie?

I have NO idea about this, as frankly, only really Douglas has emerged semi-formed and I’m still nebulous as to who he’s going to find attractive, as it’s not really a romance, it’s an adventure story starring gay men in wartime so there may be relationship forming, but not hard and fast HEA.  I am not planning any more tragedy endings, though.

Hmm. *thinks* Michael Fassbender would be smashing, particularly as he is in this portrait by Barry McCall

The POSSIBLE love interest, I sort of see looking a bit like wossit.. out of you.. know… gah. *googles*

Ok – a cross between a younger Peter Wingfield than he is here…

and Michael Wincott as portrayed here!

I think you get the idea, here. Vivian, Douglas’s faithful secretary, is modelled shamelessly on Honeysuckle Week’s character Samantha in Foyles War. *loves her with a passion*

I think that will do to be going on with!

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book?

Oh dear, I suck at this, don’t I? No, no, that’s not the sentence!

*gravelly voice* Against the explosive background of the London Blitz, Douglas Foster starts his day with a seemingly routine case of blackmail, little knowing it will drag him into places even he hasn’t been before”

I think that’s suitably vague…

Will your book be self published or represented by an agency?

That’s an odd question. There is the option of having it published without an agent, you know. I do have an agent, Professor James Schiavione, and he will be handling it. I won’t self publish, not until there’s no option left on God’s Green earth. But this isn’t the place to tout my opinions of self publishing!

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
It worries me that most of my answers are “I don’t know.”  I haven’t finished it yet. I’m thinking it will get done by Spring 2013. But it’s bloody freezing right now and I can’t function well in the cold…

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre.

If you take the genre as “ WW2 espionage gay adventure?” there aren't that many to compare it with. I think Josh Lanyon’s done one, Aleksandr Voinov’s Skybound is one, I can only hope it will be as good as those.  It won’t be as popular with the m/m readers (see how good I am at promotion?) as many books because of the “not actually a romance more an adventure story” but I hope that people enjoy it anyway. When I’ve worked out what actually happens. I’d like it to be more mainstream than my previous books—after all, there are “adventure books with gay protagonists” out there, even if there are still quite rare—but if I can’t sell it to a mainstream publisher, then it doesn’t really matter.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

As usual, the answer is “my mother” for the most part – even though she’s been dead for six years (and no, don’t worry, she’s not living with me in ectoplasmic form) she still has a huge influence over my writing, she had so many ideas when I started to write, and a WW2 one was just one of them, I doubt I’ll live long enough to write out all of her themes! Gay men were a little more out in this time, not in any large way of course, but clubs were well established, although still very illegal and they still took a risk – we hadn’t quite reached the paranoiac heights of the Blackmailer’s Charter as detailed in that wonderful film “Victim.”

What else about your book might interest the reader?

I hope that I can pull off a book about a gay man doing a job, having an adventure, living his life without the homosexuality being the driving force behind it – that’s the sort of book I enjoy reading, so I hope I can write one, too.

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I’ve been sick. The Twittersphere might have been aware of this, as 140 characters was all I was capable of doing yesterday. I thought it was a kidney infection but now realise (due to the inflammation of my left leg, high temperature-103.1!!) that it was another bout of cellulitis. At least I know that that is wearing off quickly, so I plastered myself with savlon, and took paracetomols to control the temperature. And this morning I had sweated it out, thank goodness. Yes, I could probably get anti-biotics for this, but by the time I’d made an appointment, the bout would be over—plus I don’t agree with taking AB’s willy-nilly. I’d rather keep ‘em for something really serious.

Of course I feel like a damp dishrag today, but at least it’s over. I couldn’t make Dad’s yesterday. I did try, even got dressed but then realised that it was a mad idea. I worry about him in that respect, because 2 years ago—when I was in hospital—he was capable of going around to Sainsbury’s and getting himself a hot chicken or a ready meal and cooking it in the microwave, but he’s not capable of even warming anything up now. On the days I’m not here, I make him cottage pies or curries and he just eats them cold. sigh.

Anyway. Writing today, no matter how crap I feel. I’m on chapter two of the new book which is encouraging.

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I read an excellent post the other day by Alan Chin where he talks about how he creates his characters and how well he knows them. He knows everything from their political persuasion to what hand they use to do what and it was a wonderful insight into how writes work.

I feel such a fraud at times, when I see this level of craft that authors use. I think that I should be working like this. Alex Beecroft has blogged about how she plots every chapter, every scene onto cards and ends up with a whole novel worked out in advance, and then I look at my PC screen and… well, all I have is a WIP which grows—or not—like Topsy.

I did try the character fact-sheet route. After Standish I sat down and started to map out character fact sheets for the two Space Opera merchants that I was planning a series of short stories for, but I only got a few lines down on the first guy before I came to a grinding halt. I DIDN’T know about the character. I knew—roughly—what he looked like: a disarming grin, tousled hair, dark-brown eyes, but that was about it. I had no idea what he’d do in a pinch, because I hadn’t actually created that pinch in which he’d have to do anything. I didn’t know what he thought about puppies and rainbows or whether he got space-sick or whether he’d had sex with women, or anything at all.

I looked at the character sheet, and as so often happens, I felt inadequate. Like I was playing at this, and wasn’t prepared to put the work in. Then I wrote the story anyway and found out more than I ever would have done by giving the character his traits in advance.

You see, to me, writing (and reading) a novel is like making a friend (or getting to know a foe) in real life. When you first meet what MIGHT become your significant other, or your next bosom buddy or the bane of your life, you know little about them. You may have some third hand knowledge from another friend, perhaps they’ve arranged the meeting and you’ll know what they look like, or that he’s vegetarian, but until you’re out together on your own it’s all hearsay, and anyway, how he acts with other people isn’t going to be exactly how he’s going to act with you. Each time you meet you’ll get to know a little more and a little more—and you’ll never get to know the whole package, even if you kid yourself that you will.

So writing is like that for me. I don’t know that person as he hits the page. He might be running (and I don’t even know from what, or where to) – he might be sitting at a desk, he might be in the middle of an argument, he might be lying naked by a river. All I see is the image and as he continues to run, lies thinking in the grass, muses about his poverty, or stops his car at a hotel – until he starts to think and interact with his environment I know as little about him as the reader who is reading it faster than I can write it. Until I throw caltrops in his path I haven’t got a clue how he’ll cope—whether he’s brave or cowardly, whether he knows any kind of fighting, whether he’s corrupt  or has a good soul.

I know this probably sounds like madness to those organised and hard-working authors out there, but it’s unthinkable for me any other way. I’ve found that once I DO KNOW what’s going on with my plot I find it difficult to write, because as far as I’m concerned it’s already happened and I wish someone else would write it down. Same with characters – they’ve got to keep part of their mystery for me, all the way through, even to the end, or I just lose interest in them, which – *laughs * – probably explains many of my endings….

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This will begin a irregular series of blogs regarding writing—or at least, the plan is that it will be about writing. It might veer off into other aspects, but really, right now, all aspects of my life lead back to writing in some way, so it's all used and re-used, if you know what I mean.

What I'll say though is that I've come to realise that I'm not a writing guru. I can't write regular (or indeed any)blogs about HOW TO DO any particular subject.  Because frankly I believe that rules belong to other people when it comes to writing (and much of other stuff).But what I will do is speak about how things relate in my mind, so hopefully it might resonate with you.

So we'll kick off with A

A is for Antagonist

Every book should have one, and it doesn't necessary mean a villain in human form. It doesn't have to be human, or alive at all.

It could be a difficult journey, a war, inclement weather, the political climate, the location  of the story—many inanimate things can form your protagonist. Even the protagonist can be his own antagonist if he's beset with issues you could stack up and climb. Vonnegut said that you should be as mean to your characters as possible. I agree, or what's the point? You only learn about your "hero" (if that's who he is) when he's dealing with problems. If I have to read him making omelettes for 20 pages and then having schmoopy sex with his partner I'm really going to get bored easily. However if he's battling trolls or stuck up a mountain with only a toothpick for company, if he's stranded in a tree or trying to win over his parents in law then you have a story to get my teeth into.

Of course you can also introduce people, animals, even trees(!) in as things for your heroes to struggle against, which makes it all the more fun all round I find.

As anyone who's read any of my stuff will know, I like being mean to my characters. It's absolutely delightful (to me) to create a human being (or animal, I don't discount that one day I might try an animal story—War Horse beat me to the post re horses, sadly) which I love to matter his flaws (and there are usually scads of those) set him on his merry way and then throw rocks at . Loads and loads and loads of rocks.

I can imagine a new character arriving behind the scenes in my PC where the older and more experienced characters are and being inducted—or not, depending on how mischievous the others were feeling—as to what he's likely to be up against. Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!


There's almost nothing that annoys me as much as a reader as having a book with no conflict, no antagonist of any kind. The hero drifts through the story, handsome, talented—and things happen to him, but never for long and they are never terribly bad things. He might get hungry for a while, or homeless, or cold—but lo and behold there will be someone around who sees his pitiful handsome face and takes pity on him and soon enough he's got his feet under some guy's table for nothing more than a few fucks.

I don't think an antagonist (whether animal, vegetable or mineral) is necessarily conflict—it forms part of the conflict but an impressive enough antagonist can colour the whole book—such as in Gone with the Wind—or can sweep in and made one devastating change.

So, what do you think? What antagonists do you employ that aren't necessarily human? Do you find you have themes?

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OK – I can shout about it now!  I’ve had the contract, and signed and returned, for MERE MORTALS! 

The lovely, shiny Lethe Press snapped it up earlier this year, and I had the contract this morning which has been duly signed, scanned, emailed, and stuffed into an envelope ready to moulder on my mantlepiece for months. (Only kidding, Lethe)

I’ve been told it will be out “Early 2011” so watch this space.  Now I have to think about WORKING ON IT again. Argh.  I don’t even have a blurb.

It’s a full-sized novel by the way.

But here’s a rough blurb, until I do a proper one:

In Victorian England, life is cheap, and young men with no prospects or protection can vanish off the map without anyone even noticing.

The orphaned Crispin Thorne has been made ward of court to Philip Smallwood, a man he’s never met, whose home is the mysterious “Bittern’s Reach” in the depths of the Norfolk Broads, on Horsey Mere. There he meets two other young men, Jude and Myles, and he soon finds that not only does he have more in common with them than he ever would have imagined, but it is that shared trait puts them all in more danger than they could possibly foresee.

I’m hugely excited about this novel, and I hope you will like it.

Adopt one today! - Adopt one today! - Adopt one today! - Adopt one today! - Adopt one today!

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Royalties are Nice  Because, even if they aren't enough to buy me a car, or a yacht, or even a basset puppy - they can buy me Heavy Rain!

What worries me is that NOW (after I receive a copy in the post via ebay) I find out there's a bug in the programme which makes everything go black towards the end of the game and the only fix is to restart from the beginning. Apparently, official figures say its only 1 in 700 copies but what are the odds, eh? This is me we are talking about...

Got to go to the eye specialist this afternoon (god that came around quickly) to see what the "pigment changes at the back of the eye" actually mean. So not looking forward to that. Going blind (OK Yes, worst case scenario, just call me Eeyrore) would pretty much be a disaster any way you slice it. Anyway, let's not be gloomy.  Hand me that burst balloon and that empty pot.

It is sunny. I can't describe how much bliss that is. It's been overcast all week with not a peek of sun, and even last week when we had the last sunny day it was bloody freezing.  This sun actually has a bit of warmth in it, so perhaps Spring is actually here at last.  There are still no daffodils blooming yet, though, they are finally above the ground, but no flowers, still snowdrops (IN MARCH!!!) and brave yellow crocuses.  Nothing on the trees at all - I can't remember such a late spring.  Yesterday I did see some pussy willow though, but that's all, not a hint of blossom anywhere. Hopefully it will all kick off this week. And yes, I'm talking about the weather. LOL.

I'm taking a break from Jessewave's blog for a couple of months. I have a lot of stuff to sort out, writing wise, personal wise, and I really have difficulty coming up with a subject each week. There are many things I'd like to blog about, but often have to sit on my hands to prevent myself from doing so, as many subjects are a bit ranty, and Wave's blogs isn't really the place for that.  I don't know if there's any place for that now, to be honest. I really like the blog, and the readers are friendly and enthusiastic - I'll be back, and I'm very grateful that Wave is saving my spot for when I return.

I'm working on my collection of short stories this morning. I'm not sure whether adding one or two unpublished one is the thing to do - I suppose it is because then it's something new for people? I'll include just about everything I've got, and then the publisher can decide which ones they want to include.
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I always get the wrong date for at least a month... Dad has phoned three times to know what the date is. I didn't make sure he had a new diary, bad me.  Still, it's good that he now relies on it. 

We had snow last night, but only a dusting, then it went under the sunshine - but now it's snowing again. Nothing much on the menu for today, other than updating Speak Its Name (done) and waiting for the new Doctor Who. 

I need to get my novella FINISHED so I can get on with the next novel--the subject of which is still very much in abeyance. 

I was inspired to write Mere Mortals, and the previous ones, but although I'm constantly bunnied every time I see a film or read a book and think "hmm. this era needs a gay story" I still haven't had anything PING me with a character or a plot.  Bah. Perhaps I should just start writing something, and hope for the best.  I do have an "in"- if you get my meaning - for Fleury's adventures, so perhaps I'll attempt that. It's the research behind it that's putting me off, though - America in the 1820's was not only hugely different from England in the 1820's but EACH AREA was different from the other - Boston would be nothing like New Orleans, New Orleans vitally different from California.... etc etc.  And he's going to travel around and get in and out of bed with nubile men mischief. as it won't be as much fun to set it in one place, as if he gets into young men's undergarments trouble as often as he's planning to do, he'll need to be moving from place to place.

Lucius is fine, he would send his thanks for your kind thoughts but he considers it his due, so he's not grateful at all. I am, though. At present he's sulking because Lili has requisitioned the "other" storage heater. She has (as I've mentioned before) a cat platform next to the main storage heater (up this end of the room) but when it gets really cold I'm forced to turn the other one on, which pumps out my heat and she decamps. However that chair is usually Lucius's - and he's too well-bred to chuck her off. I would. And no, he won't sit on her vacant seat either, because it's HERS.  I despair. He's twice her size. I should be happy he's so gentle, I suppose.  Both of the boys let her beat them up, too. Which is "playing" by her standards.  They lie flat on the floor and wave their paws at her, and she attempts to whack them on the head.

Typical.  I put a second chair by the radiator. Lili promptly gets off and goes back to her original spot.

CATS!!!! Can't eat 'em, can't put them in the blender.
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Icon is from this advert, which I absolutely love. All their adverts are beautifully surreal.

Writing: It really helps having a "running mate" - I'm lucky that I have several writerly friends who are kind enough read my stuff as I write it, and they write as well, making it a symbiotic kind of thing.  Having someone like [ profile] gehayi or [ profile] rwday to use as a sounding board is hugely helpful.  I've been spurred on recently by [ profile] the_sea_to who is writing a 15th century Italian gay novel and her determination and daily word count (often huge) and the encouragement (read: POKING) she gives me by IM is incredibly motivating.  I just seem to find that if I have someone who is also writing at the same time I get more motivated to write myself.  What I find DE-motivating (and this is by no means a plea to have you guys stop doing this, because I think it's wonderful that you are writing) is to see everyone marching ahead with their word counts when I'm still floundering in the "not doing very much or anything at all" mode.  I've done 1000 words for the last few days which I'm very grateful for, and the book has got to that lovely stage where I'm enjoying writing it.  The characters are coming to life, or I hope so, at least! [ profile] rwday has been reading it as I go and she said "omg - it's creepy that his shoes are missing."  and I had to laugh - his shoes were only supposed to be missing for a scene, his valet was cleaning them. However it's funny she saw more into it. So yay for being poked.

Lili has gone out AGAIN.  Now that's really weird.  I mean--that cat simply doesn't go out. Hasn't gone out at ALL since Pixel died, and she's such a heat-hog she welds herself to the radiator all day. Going out is just...aberrant behaviour.  It's not sunny, it's not warm.  It's just.. odd!  But then she is an odd little cat.

Four new submission calls on [ profile] erotic_authors today.

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Jessewave has an interesting discussion going (I love Jessewave's Blog because she so often has interesting discussions) about "m/m" and the level of sex and emotional impact within them. E.g. what do people like? When is too much? Etc etc. Pop along and add your two cents.

What interested me was the promiscuity section. I've seen this discussed on many a het romance forum and I am gobsmacked that most people don't want promiscuity in their book, or unfaithfulness at least. They don't want any unfaithfulness at all from their heroes once they've met "the one."  I find this baffling, really.  Unfaithfulness (as I said in the discussion) is a standard romance trope.

I mean - look at Gone with the Wind (to pull one title from the ether) if Scarlett had remained "true" to either Ashley or Rhett it would have been a much smaller, and a much lesser book. She wouldn't have got married twice for a start.

In these discussions of both types (m/f and m/m) people say they won't read on if someone is unfaithful--they'd certainly not have got far with Standish then, with Rafe and his brain in his breeches.

Do you agree?  Do you think it's because people think--deep down--that a Rake can't ever be reformed and that the HEA won't last?

So after you've commented on Wave's discussion, pop back and talk to me about unfaithfulness, will ya?

ETA: R W Day is also discussing this, purely co-incidentally
, so go and chat to her too!!

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Slashy Movie Reviews - excellent site, there's a Livejournal feed here.

Blazing Trailers - one of the best promotional sites I've ever seen. The pages are comprehensive and informative. You can upload reviews, links to your site, the trailer itself, even an excerpt of your book. Whoever runs this is a STAR!  *applauds*

I just about finished Chapter Four of Mere Mortals last night which pushes it up to 10K. I'm liking how it's shaping up. I'm still getting the feel of the characters and letting them introduce themselves. I love this part of the process; I once tried to create character sheets - you know, the really detailed ones where you write down every single thing about your character before you even start writing but I simply couldn't stick to it. I think this approach possibly works better with third person POV if you are going to shift characters, but for a first person POV the only person you REALLY need to know well is your narrator, because he's on the same journey as the writer (and the reader) and he gets to know the other characters in the story at the same speed as you do. It's just nice to be writing after what seems like a dry patch, but isn't really because I finished Frost Fair mid last year and the rest of the year was spent working getting Transgressions ready for publication. I know I haven't been working as hard as I should have, though. When I get chapter four finished I'm going to start on a short story.

There are a TON of anthologies open right now. This is great, because last year seemed a little thin on the ground. I have sent out two or three short stories to places in the last couple of weeks, which is exciting, and I'll be biting my nails until the results come in. But there are loads of new markets and I'd really like to get something done for them. Steampunk, gods, superheroes - there's a lot out there right now! If you haven't seen them, troll over to [ profile] erotic_authors. And if you see a call that's not on there - let me know!

I have a headache. Don't know why. Possibly stress related )

What am I giving up for Lent? Not writing.

Dollhouse )

Heh. Robin Hood was from Yorkshire. Ee by gum!
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Well the car has been picked up by a Neanderthal in a wife-beater. And so I'll expect a bill for a squillion pounds any time soon as they allegedly replace every moving part in the car. No faith in the motor trade? Moi?

Not that I ever would be, but there's no way I could ever be a singer. Certain songs just make me burst into tears in the first few notes. "I'll get by as long as I have you." for example, many arias. How do singers sing without crying?

Rainbow Reviews has an interview with me. Please ignore the male biography, I have asked them to change it!

The Borrowers have stolen an entire bottle of lemon squash. How the hell did they carry it?

I'm struggling with doing Mere Mortals as a Third person. It seems to want to be first person...I don't know if this is a good idea as I know many people say "i can't read those" but then I don't write for what people want, it's the story telling me what it wants - as a mystery it might work better to make the MC as clueless as he needs to be, and to not see what's going on around him. I don't know. I'll keep going a bit longer and see where it takes me. I don't think I'll be switching POV, so I don't see the point of doing it in the 3rd. *ponders* And I've suddenly realised I haven't mentioned windpumps once yet. *stabs self*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I know i've complained about this before but gah!  NAMES! Sometimes I'm sooo tempted to go bananas and leap down the "implausible name route" like Deymien Aztec de Chandon or something.  I've actually started writing today and there i go, tap tap tap - I have the name of the butler and I stick "Mrs XXXX" for the housekeeper because she's not vital - and then I hit the first major male character and GRIND TO A BLOODY HALT.

I go and search for Parish records - and am bombarded with Charles and Edward and George and John -sheesh- all so DULL! Names just drive me bonkers.

Does anyone have any great links?  And no, I don't want baby names sites, I want parish records, or sites with real names!  help help help. Or you may be responsible for me having a Deymien Chandon.  (although that's SO bloody tempting...) I'd like unusual but plausible if you know what I mean.

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After Elton have a poll for the best gay books ever, my five? The Charioteer, At Swim Two Boys, As Meat Loves Salt, Swordspoint, Wicked Gentlemen. Perhaps the latter two aren't in the EVAH category, but the best I've read for a while - and ones that stick in my head, which is the point. Belimah sticks with me just as hard as Laurie for example.

I've bitten the bullet and told my editor that she'll have the rewrite done of Transgressions done by Sunday.  This means I need to do 50 pages a day starting today.  I'm hugely impressed with her work, actually - after the bad time I had with the edit of Standish - she's not done an historical before but she's working bloody hard to get her knowledge up to snuff - reading about the time period and - get this - checking just about every word for etymological correctness. (!!!)

Words that she's queried under the cut.

You can't say that! )

Now this is an interesting dilemma because how far does one draw that line in historical fiction? I've seen this argued over and over again on the Historical Novelists Society. One can't actually write the speech in the exact manner that the people of the time really used because it would be 1. pretty impossible, due to dialects and boring the reader so how far does one really go in using anachronistic words?

Granted the term Adam's Apple wasn't around when my Cavalier is kissing his lover's AA - so does one erase it? Is it ok to use it in narrative but not in speech? Such as "The sweat glistened on David's skin, and his Adam's Apple jumped as he nervously contemplated what Tobias had in mind." but not in direct thought/speech? Such as: "The hollow of his throat and that lump is adorable" Hmmm. One must have had SOME kind of word for these concepts even if the word wasn't used. Plus of course, etymology uses the first written record of these terms, so perhaps we can give some ideas the benefit of the doubt.

Stuff like Draconian, mesmerism and sadism though - she's bang on target and I am slapping my hands for even putting these words in, but I find it fascinating, because I'm a word geek, that these words and concept are so much a part of our speech that I can call my Witchfinder a sadist (which he SO is) without even questioning where the word came from even though I know where it did.

'Tis a puzzlement. However - I'm going to try and winnow out as many of these words as I can - I don't think stuff like "presumably" is necessary - but most of them can be replaced.

What do you think? How far would you go?  What about further back? Step back from the 17th century and the language becomes even more obscure.. I'm planning to do an Elizabethan one at one point - and I'm certainly not going to be writing the entire thing in nonnys and nuncles.

In other news, the cover is done and I should have it soon. I'm crossing EVERYTHING for a good one.


Jul. 16th, 2008 11:24 pm
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I wrote more today than I've written for YEARS.  Don't know why, perhaps, as [ profile] alex_beecroft said yesterday my sub-concious was up to something and I was percolating the story in my head.  I don't know. I rather felt I was being lazy... :D  However!  instead of trying to force through from where I was in the middle and breaking my mind I jumped forward and did what I usually do, wrote the end - or rather a large chunk of leading up to the end and PING!!!!! something unblocked - the character that I thought was Mostly Filler turned out to have a rather vital use after all and I had FUN writing something for the first time since I started Hard & Fast and that was over a year ago. I had to make myself stop in the end for two reasons : 1. I had to go to the cinema and 2. the next section is the HEA... and I need to think that over without melting into utter candy-floss vomitorium sweetness.  I'm forcing myself to try and write an ending for a change, and not a "cheat"....

But it was 3241 words, and I haven't written that much since Standish, I think!  Thank you all for brainstorming with me.  Not that I don't miss my mother 99 percent of the time, but I really do miss her for being able to chat person to person whenever I had a writing problem. I miss having someone I can chat to voice to voice.  Dad's a darling but 1. he don't really get the process and 2. He forgets what I said five minutes ago.

film Night: Kung Fu Panda.  Perfection.  There's no other word for it.  If you like animated CGI's you'll love this. If you like Kung Fu films and know the genre, then you'll love this.  If you love Dustin Hoffman, you'll love this.  I loved every second of it, from the classic animated graphic novel style beginning to the inevitable ending. The humour is laugh out loud funny (and for an English person to say this, believe me, you'll be rolling in the aisles if you aren't English) the action pretty much relentless, characters GREAT but the animation Rules.  Really.  Really and truly. It's SO beautiful that it's almost distracting.  You want to sit there and wonder and marvel at the movement of the hairs in an eyelash, or the random waving of a flag, the blowing of peach blossom or the movement of water and you CAN'T because there are animals Kung Fu-ing themselves into oblivion!!

My tip?  Don't sit too close to the screen. Sit at the back or you'll find it all blurry and it will ruin it.  But don't miss this one. It's amazing.
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I've just spotted this over on Dear Author

Ann Herendeen’s originally self-published first novel PHYLLIDA AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF PHILANDER, a “bisexual Victorian Regency romance” that marries camp and erotica to humorous effect, to Rakesh Satyal at Harper Perennial (world)

Typo about the Victorian Regency, as you can't have both at once - but I hope this is Good News and that Ms Herendeen's book is the thin end of the Wedge.  We've had F/F making mainstream, and although I haven't yet read it, I've skipped it and there's graphic gay sex in it.

I shall be watching the release of this with interest, to see if they've made her edit it in any way.  But WOOT - after this week, this is GOOD NEWS.

i hope.
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1. Is there a trick to getting anything posted on  I've tried several times, book releases, EAA Directorship change, and other things but the webmaster has never even replied with a "no thanks."  Any advice?

2. Is Favorite PASTimes a Christian based site?  It certainly seems to be showing a pre-ponderance of Good Healthy Clean Livin' Christian Historical fiction, but I can't work out where the flipping profile is on Blogspot, truly MySpace and Blogspot baffle me completely. There's no point me promoting Le Gay Historical over there if all I'm going to get is Christian Women covering their faces with their aprons in horror. yes yes - offensive [ profile] erastes. Go sue me.  the blurb says it's welcome to all, but I rather doubt that... I'll ask.

Made my deadlines - actually submitted five stories in the last week. Go me.  Three are for the same publisher, so I'm unlikely to be lucky lucky lucky, but we'll see if I'm even lucky once. I've got two longer stories to write this month - one by the 11th, and of course need to get the package off the Agent.

Haven't updated on the Snucius recently, but they are big and healthy and loving and they both love Lili inordinately and let her boss them around and beat them up on a regular basis.

EAA membership is now closed. It will re-open again on 1st August. If you aren't seeing your name on the site yet, don't panic, I'll get it done by Sunday at the latest - I have about 30 new members to add yet.

And GIP - the Puppy that Voldemort will be reincarnated into.  "Get me my kibble, MINION!"

And now. Bed. *whoosh*


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