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Severus is off to the vet tomorrow - even if it's only to put my mind at rest.  He has a fatty-type lump in his skin on his back. It's not part of his spine or anything, because it moves around around and it doesn't seem to be bothering him -  but it has got bigger today so vet tomorrow.  He also has a small lump in his left groin so that needs to be looked at too. *worries*

Think good thoughts for him please. His brother was lost to wandering feet, so I can't bear the thought of losing the silly Sev.

Good Lord, Amanda Tapping was born in the same place as me! She can't manage a good English accent though - have just discovered Sanctuary. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on my flist before -how strange.
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It's ruddy chilly, pissing with rain and I find myself with Stuff To Do.

1. The edit of Transgressions
2. The final proof edit of Frost Fair
3. The short story promised to [ profile] iulia_linnea for [ profile] livelongnmarry
4. Go to the post office to take copies of all the paperwork for my ITIN and post off.

And it's cold and all I want to do is curl up under a blankie and watch The Sea Wife. (wonderful wonderful Burton).  It doesn't help that a certain Mr Snape keeps going out into the garden, gets soaked and then launches his hideous wet self at me, dries off and nods off in my arms.  I doubt either publisher would take that as a valid excuse.

Now The Sea Wife has bunnied me into writing 2 men on a desert island..

*restrains self*
Erastes's Dragons

Grow up, damn you!

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He managed one tiny piece of chicken this morning but was clearly no better so off to the vets we went. He has a high temperature and "probably a virus" so he's had an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory and a appetite stimulator. He's already eating in fits and starts so hopefully he feels better already.

How is it though that people doctors say that antibiotics don't work on virii?

Fingers crossed.

I love watching the pets in the waiting room though, all the animals are so polite it's hilarious. One man had a Rottweiller who was probably as big as he was and he was sitting on the man's lap. There were several Cocker Spaniels and Jack Russels and so lovely to see their beautiful tails. I'm so happy that barbaric habit had been banned. The embarrassing thing is that the vets call the PET'S name when it's your time to go in. I die of the blushes when they come through and yell "Severus". Anyone would think I was a geek or something.

He's still eating! *happy*
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You know those "No More Fanfic" Rules I set myself?  Well... as [ profile] rwday said to me today, don't feel guilty, they are more like guidelines, anyway. :)  But inner Lucius made me. How could he not, after that photo?

Letter from Lucius to Severus in early 1976 inspired by the delicious photo of Young Severus
For [ profile] sinick whose inner Severus will always be "my dear boy" to my inner Lucius
Rating PG
(I'm not JKR and I'll try not to do it again.)

My Dear Boy, )


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