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Him or me?

I just spent ten minutes lying on the top of the stairs playing peek a boo with Severus.

So much fun!!
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1. Is there a trick to getting anything posted on  I've tried several times, book releases, EAA Directorship change, and other things but the webmaster has never even replied with a "no thanks."  Any advice?

2. Is Favorite PASTimes a Christian based site?  It certainly seems to be showing a pre-ponderance of Good Healthy Clean Livin' Christian Historical fiction, but I can't work out where the flipping profile is on Blogspot, truly MySpace and Blogspot baffle me completely. There's no point me promoting Le Gay Historical over there if all I'm going to get is Christian Women covering their faces with their aprons in horror. yes yes - offensive [ profile] erastes. Go sue me.  the blurb says it's welcome to all, but I rather doubt that... I'll ask.

Made my deadlines - actually submitted five stories in the last week. Go me.  Three are for the same publisher, so I'm unlikely to be lucky lucky lucky, but we'll see if I'm even lucky once. I've got two longer stories to write this month - one by the 11th, and of course need to get the package off the Agent.

Haven't updated on the Snucius recently, but they are big and healthy and loving and they both love Lili inordinately and let her boss them around and beat them up on a regular basis.

EAA membership is now closed. It will re-open again on 1st August. If you aren't seeing your name on the site yet, don't panic, I'll get it done by Sunday at the latest - I have about 30 new members to add yet.

And GIP - the Puppy that Voldemort will be reincarnated into.  "Get me my kibble, MINION!"

And now. Bed. *whoosh*
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But I had to share this.
He'll get square eyes! )
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Cats are so hard to photograph when they are not asleep...

Cat Spam! )


Jan. 28th, 2007 04:24 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] stormheller!  May this year be full of sales!

As promised - some Kitten Spam.image heavy )

Standish was at number two on yesterday. slipped to 9 today.  There are benefits to being miscatagorised as Gay History.It's also still on the bestseller list for literature, which is pleasing.  I only realised recently (how dim am I) that, unlike records and films - a book's popularity can be improved by time and hard work. 

I had applied to Customised Erotica as it looked like the sort of thing I could do - write to order - fandom is good training for that.  But now I've had time to think about it, I withdrew my application.  The thing is that "erastes" is a m/m writer, and if I were to write Het, I wouldn't like to do it as erastes, I'd have to use another name, and what would be the  point of that?

Nothing else to report, been to Dad's - he's had the wills sent to him and he's put them "somewhere safe"  It's just about the worst thing an Alzheimers sufferer can do.  Because now we can't find them. Gah. It's very frustrating.  It's not that it precludes probate, but it makes things more complicated - and with dad's memory, more complicated is something I wanted to avoid.

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The Snucius are aptly named.

They love each other madly. They sleep together, tangled up in each other. I mean, if I were watching the REAL Lucius Malfoy stick his tongue in the real Severus Snape's ear, I might be mildly turned on.... As it is... Not so much.

And they like torturing small things. Or in today's case, not so small. So far I've had a rat, a large bird which looked suspiciously like half a chicken, (thank god no rare birds as yet) and a frog and worms but today took the biscuit. A rabbit. Almost as big as them, too. And recently deceased. Luckily (although not for it) it was a wild rabbit, and not a black and white fluffy loved pet with lop ears and "Mr Fluffy" engraved on a rabbit bowl somewhere.

I dread them ever finding out that people keep them in hutches. "Oh look! A larder!"

I despair!

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All my icons until 24th December will be by the lovely [ profile] lysa1 which feature Lucius' finest feature.  *cough*  An Advent Calendar of Snakey and Lucius. Some of them are brilliant, and very clever.  *loves [ profile] lysa1*

I've finally got a new PC, courtesy of my mother who suddenly noticed she hadn't bought me anything for last birthday, christmas, birthday.  It's a lovely machine, and a fabulous flat monitor at last (which i can read from across the room!!!) but when I got it home I discovered it didn't had a phone port.  You think the specs on the website or the salesperson might have MENTIONED this.  *sigh*  In a normal place, this wouldn't matter but the nearest PC shoppe to me (being a country mouse) is 20 miles. grrrr. 

However, when I do have it up and running I'll get broadband and then whee!!!

What I'd like to say, though, is that getting a flat screen monitor and being able to move it from the main desk space to the back shelf, which is what the desk is mad more, has made space on the main part of the desk.  And guess what?  The Snucius have requisitioned it for their own.  So much for thinking that I would be able to start using the desk for what it's supposed to be used for.

I've just discovered that the number of the beast has been downgraded to 616.  Interesting and vastly amusing for all those roads and shops and hotel rooms that changed their numbers.
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It was either a BIG mouse or a smallish rat....

And there's something, as [ profile] gehayi rightly pointed out, rather satisfying to know that Severus wants to kill rats.

They both have Dark Marks btw, which is SO delicious.  You can't tell by the original photo but what you CAN see is that they don't have any marks on the front of their "arms"  However BOTH of them have a black blob on their forearms.  Lucius' is on his left forearm, (of course, because he is a dutiful and devious moglet) but Severus' is on his right forearm.

This is because he's a spy, of course....

Taking it all too seriously?  Moi? 

(I'm fighting every impulse to get a load more and name them Voldemort, Sirius, Remus, .... etc etc etc....)

And this is just cruel. Funny. But cruel.
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I've been at home today. I got to work and my mother (who has been ignoring me for 2 weeks, on one of her normal moods) phoned and said that she had to go into hospital and would I look after the dogs. Of course I said yes, (because I'm a nice person and won't take umbrage that she's treated me like shit for months).

But oMG what a day. Aslan was no problem at all - he knows about cats, he knows Lili and she was really pleased to see him.  The Snucius had legged it up stairs and I thought... "well that's probably best, I'll keep them up there, out of the way." D4 thought Lili was hilarious and spent an hour rushing around her barking and growling, but Lili, being completely used to dogs just sat there and ignored him completely. So cool.

After an hour or so (typical, they are scared of nothing) the Snucius sauntered downstairs, (I could almost imagine their languid discussion about tactics) and we had a very tense half hour while I taught D4 that agressive behaviour to cats was Not Allowed.  The Snucius were wonderful, after they realised that D4 was not allowed to attack them they were positively SMUG and lay around on the floor with practised casualness like a couple of lions.  It did D4 a lot of good as he suddenly realised that he wasn't the King of the World like he thought he was. Suddenly he was outnumbered, and he spent his time hiding behind me. He will be a LOT more respectful of cats in future, I'll warrant.

In other non-furry news - has anyone seen the trailer for The 300?  *dies of the lust*  It looks incredible, however I don't think there is any historical accuracy as to the relationships within the 300... (sadly) but I don't know. After last night's film, I'm beginning to think that gay is the new black. *hopes*


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