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We’re posting love letters from our characters on the Macaronis blog and on the Speak Its Name yahoo group.  Why not come along to SIN and contribute your own?  Tweets and text speak are also welcome.  After all if we’re letting our characters loose on the computer, I’m sure they’d want to try everything :)

The hashtag if you want to join in on Twitter is #themacaronis

(text stolen shamelessly from Alex Beecroft)

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Happy Birthday [ profile] jateshi and [ profile] joyful_molly! Have a good one, darlings.

Wow. I'd love to do Cos Play - but here's the main reason I don't. I simply couldn't produce anything like these.  Look at the wings!!

Lust Bites announces its closing date. *cries*  I'll miss the community a lot, but it has got less and less interest in the last year.

Charlie Cochrane has posted to The Macaronis about herself and her books. I did a post there earlier in the week about men's underpants.

And finally - I did a book trailer for Frost Fair - It's less than a minute long (which I consider all book trailers should be!!!) so enjoy! It's rather silly (I know) to have a Regency trailer in the style of an old film, but indulge my peccadilloes (again) won't you? 

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Good luck to everyone who's taking off with NANO today! You are all mad, but I hope you make it. I look forward to reading your progress.

OK - how funny is this? I'm pretty sure that my ex-boss, who I've mentioned a few times, was trolling the Speak Its Name chat last night. *incredulous blinking* The email address she used was her initials which I should have spotted when she applied, but didn't - and when I approved her I just approved everyone in one lump (bad moderating...). I didn't even notice until that email unsubscribed this morning. Her application said "The prospect of participating promises to be stimulating" which again, might have rung alarm bells (In conjunction with the email address) if I hadn't been hopped up on cake because everyone one else mentioned the historical fiction or where they'd learned of the group. God knows what she expected to find.

How very sad. And incredibly funny. You'd think that someone in her position would have better things to do than pathetically spying on a group of readers and writers having a fun chat. So if it was you? Imagine me laughing my arse off at you right now. I hope I'm wrong, though, because... creepy!

I had a great birthday, thanks mostly, to all of you. Thank you ALL. I still haven't managed to thank everyone for all the good wishes, virtual gifts, cards etc - or to read through all the posts on the Chat yet - had 500 emails in 10 hours.... The Speak Its Name chat was hugely successful and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had hundreds of posts, some great giveaways, and about 100 members by the end of the night. I think it will be a good group to help promote the genre of gay historical fiction.

I went out for dinner with Kerry and went to watch the James Bond film.Read more... )Well, better get some lunch! And Tadzio had better wipe the blood from his mouth and stop being evil.
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Hello! I did a blog yesterday over The Macaronis about the various homosexual crimes men were indicted for, namely sodomy, assault with sodomitical intent, and more horrifically, CONSENTING to such an assault. I've briefly discussed it, and given the texts of a couple of cases - all from the wonder Old Bailey Online, which is a godsend to a writer of gay historical fiction between 1670-1910.

I hope you find it interesting.
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First stage of edit: done! I think it's definitely better for it, she's whittled out the omniescent where necessary (even if I still don't get it...) and has asked very good questions where they needed asking.  On to the next 100 pages! *soldiers on*

I have two posts up on blogs today:

Gay Love Poetry over at The Macaronis Kiss me with your mouth.... (Damn Tintin bloody Duffy to hell for ruining the Song of Solomon)


An article about Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies up on Lust Bites. Which was not about Covent Garden, or ladies - or even written by Harris!!  Confused?  You won't be!

The weather is perfect, and everything I love about Autumn. Still warm, no noticeable breeze but with a touch of smoke in the air and the promise of frost.  Foggy evenings and mackerel mornings. Yum.  *adores Autumn SO MUCH*  How's everyone? I've been skimming my flist, but haven't been paying a great deal of attention.

Have a lovely Norfolk Broads autumnal picture!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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