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Well I’ve had the all-clear from the publisher.  As you know, I have requested to pull Frost Fair and Speak Its Name from Samhain.  I’ve had the reversion paperwork for Frost Fair – still waiting for them to get back to me regarding SIN, they are being exceedingly slow – and now I can announce that CHEYENNE PUBLISHING is going to be putting Frost Fair on sale as soon as the rights revert from Samhain- which should be August.

The Cheyenne website is soon to be updated with the information when all the paperwork for the titles is in place so I’ll keep you posted regarding this. It’s very exciting, and I’m so happy to be with this publisher I can hardly tell you.

What’s even nicer is that I have had 100 input into my cover. I hated the Linden Bay cover as you know, not only was it likely to have killed the men on the cover, naked in the ice, but at no point did it say “this is a historical story” – the new cover, designed by the gorgeous [ profile] alex_beecroft, is BELOW THE CUT and while it doesn’t say “male romance” it CERTAINLY says historical. AND IS WONDERFUL!!!!

eta: It will be available as print AND ebook.

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Fallen Angel Reviews:

Whitney would have liked Thouless to have got some comeuppance, but... well, life don't work like that, I'm afraid.  And if I'd done something horrible to him, he couldn't have appeared in Hard and Fast!  I think that three times will be the charm, and hopefully he'll get his comeuppance in the third instalment. Perhaps he'll meet up with another Irishman..... *grins evilly*

Manic Readers:

The reviewer felt it was a little "cold" - heh.  It was typical that I saw the unfavourable aspects of this review and it took a good friend to point out the words "The writing is flawless."  I'd always considered myself an optimist, and I had been concentrating on the bad!

And last time I mentione Linden Bay's bestseller list there were four gay historicals on it (out of 10)  now there are six. SIX OUT OF TEN!

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I know a good few of you have been waiting for Frost Fair to be available as a paperback version and now it is. First off you get a spiffy nicer cover with the Linden Bay's new theme black border! It's available on Linden Bay's site and on Amazon US. No sign of it on Amazon UK yet, but it'll be along, I'm sure. I think that if you contact LBR they will price a UK delivery for you, but it probably won't be cheaper than Amazon.
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Thank you to Jessewave for a lovely review of Frost Fair

Five out of five - Extract:I think that the main reason I love Frost Fair is the characterizations - an area where Erastes excels. This Regency romance reinforced my respect for her ability as a writer which I had a glimpse of in her short story Hard and Fast in Speak its Name: Trilogy No.III. The historical background was quite detailed in terms of the speech, dress and mannerisms of the characters, and even the decor.

And if you look at the best seller lists on Linden Bay - you'll see that not only is Frost Fair at number three - but that 3 out of 10 titles are gay historical.

A small, unloved genre with no market?  I DON'T THINK SO!
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Freezing Cold London - check!

Hot men - check!

Ripped buttons - check!

Angst, pitfalls, misunderstandings, UST and  smut. .. check and check!

February 1814: Gideon Frost is a proud man barely clinging to respectability.  Unable to make enough as a printer to earn money for food or heat, and hopelessly in love with Joshua Redfern, who all-too-infrequently purchases his engravings, Gideon sometimes resorts to a spot of prostitution to pay the bills. When the Thames freezes over and London holds what will be its last frost fair on the ice, Gideon, like countless tradesmen, takes the opportunity to move his shop onto the frozen river, hoping that the fair will earn him enough to save him from looming bankruptcy--not realizing that malicious, acquisitive eyes are watching

When disaster strikes, Redfern offers him a position within his household. But when Gideon leaves his life of hardship behind him, he discovers that desire and delight can co-exist with the most terrible doubt...and that some prices are perhaps too high to pay.

ebook now - print book in a few weeks, and I'll let you know when it's up on Amazon too.

Hope you enjoy it.
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You wouldn't think that a few spots would cause so much pain, would you? but. ARGH!

Can't concentrate, can't write - can't do nothing but refresh my flist endlessly and wait for people to ping me who don't.

However, I did find this - possibly one of the most homoerotic images I've seen. How this man (J C Leyendecker, I'm going to do an article on him on The Macaronis next week) got AWAY with this advert, I really don't know. One really doesn't know where to look for the subtext.

I was going to do a chat over at Speak Its Name today, due to Frost Fair being "released today" but it's all a bit of a damp squib. It's not on the Linden Bay site yet so I'll do a release party some time after release. *sigh*

At least there's lots of crap on TV. And does anyone know where I might be able to see Sunday's True Blood?? *worries*
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Come on over to Talking Two Lips and chat to the m/m authors from Linden Bay Romance.

Linden Bay Romance will be offering a print copy of any of their books to one lucky commenter.  I dare say some of the authors will be doing giveaways too!  I certainly will!

Frost Fair has had another nice review from [ profile] elisa_rolle. She likes the way I've used non-titled (and indeed mostly common) characters and used the gulf of class as well as sexual preference.  Gideon - as a woman - would have been as difficult to woo for Redfern, as it is as a man, for example.

Here's a snippet.

The historical details are obviously very accurate, you can always picture the nineteen century London in which is set the story, and I bet that you can still follow the steps of Gideon around the city still now and seeing the same view he saw. The nice description of the Frost Fair, an impromptu fair held on the frozen Thames, is the same you can see in some prints of the time. I'm not an expert, but I believe that also the details on the gay underworld of that age (where one can find sex, more or less dangerous, more or less expensive) are well researched

Don't forget my Trick or Treat competition closes tomorrow!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] jateshi and [ profile] joyful_molly! Have a good one, darlings.

Wow. I'd love to do Cos Play - but here's the main reason I don't. I simply couldn't produce anything like these.  Look at the wings!!

Lust Bites announces its closing date. *cries*  I'll miss the community a lot, but it has got less and less interest in the last year.

Charlie Cochrane has posted to The Macaronis about herself and her books. I did a post there earlier in the week about men's underpants.

And finally - I did a book trailer for Frost Fair - It's less than a minute long (which I consider all book trailers should be!!!) so enjoy! It's rather silly (I know) to have a Regency trailer in the style of an old film, but indulge my peccadilloes (again) won't you? 

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And it's a really nice one!

Here's an extract:  [Frost Fair] imbeds itself deep until you can actually visualize in your mind the time and place, and the people he immortalizes. This empathy shows and allows the reader to experience the depth, the heart, and the very soul of the piece, and submerses us in the reality of the situation in which his characters find themselves.

Rest of review here
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My right shoulder aches, on the front - like a broken collarbone. And that's impossible as I haven't done anything more strenuous than PC sitting for days. *lathers on the Ibuleve*

Frost Fair has had the green light - and any errors I missed will just have to stay in there - and it's off to the printers etc.  Although I appreciate the fast turnaround that small publishers do, it means that there's no hope at all of getting one's manuscript off to the more professional review sites who want a book WEEKS or MONTHS in advance. It's not up on the site yet, (not even on the Coming Soon page(!!!!) but will let you know when, obviously.

Four days to Trick or Treat on my website!

OK. Back to  editing...
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I had an email from my editor at Perseus yesterday. She'd bought, read, and really loved Hard and Fast. This makes me hugely happy.

Also, I had an email from a man who had read Standish. It really made me tear up (soppy Erastes!) because he reinforced everything that I believed when I started out writing gay historical fiction.  My thought was that a few people had written it - but not many - and SURELY gay men must  want the costumes, and the romance, and the adventure, and the alpha males and the duels.  All the things that I loved about period drama - why should they be any different?  It's been wonderful to find out that I was right, and that gay men are looking for all the same things that anyone else is - why should they be different After all?  Part of what he said:

"I have all ways loved historical romance such as Jane Eyre and secretly wished the hero/heroine(s) were two males.   I never knew that books like yours existed.
Thank you so very much you have made a hopeless romantic very happy"

It makes a hopeless author very happy too. Every email I've had from men - and oddly, most of my emails ARE from men, even thought I assume that most of my readers are women - has said similar things, specially about not knowing that gay romance exists.  I always give them links!

Other news:  I have the cover for Frost Fair - it's not too bad.  I'll never be a fan of half naked people on covers but it's not bad. I wanted something with the fair, but I know there would be copyright problems to do that - and Frost is pretty difficult to show.  However, I can't help but think that their skins would be rather blue were they really standing nekkid waist deep in frozen water.  They'd be dead. There's no outdoor sex in the book, so don't expect it!  :D

Probably not work-safe under the cut. )And I've added a Frost Fair page to the website, with a section of the first chapter if anyone would like to read it HERE.

Oh.And that hisssst! click! that the Dog Whisperer uses?  Doesn't work on cats.
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Frost Fair is at 35K and I'm done, baby!  *slam dunks*

I put Gideon through HELL, I tell you, HELL!  bwahahahahaha!!!!

Drawback to living in the country  - FLIES!!!! I'm being driving insane at the moment. I've got a swat, a flykiller pen (which complete crap as I paint surfaces with it which the flies then land on and laugh at me) I have a hanging fly killing unit thingy, not an electric one and they just seem to like that and I'm going MAD!

Next year I'm going to invest in some fly screen material and plaster it over all the windows.  You guys with screen windows and doors don't know how lucky you are.


Jul. 16th, 2008 11:24 pm
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I wrote more today than I've written for YEARS.  Don't know why, perhaps, as [ profile] alex_beecroft said yesterday my sub-concious was up to something and I was percolating the story in my head.  I don't know. I rather felt I was being lazy... :D  However!  instead of trying to force through from where I was in the middle and breaking my mind I jumped forward and did what I usually do, wrote the end - or rather a large chunk of leading up to the end and PING!!!!! something unblocked - the character that I thought was Mostly Filler turned out to have a rather vital use after all and I had FUN writing something for the first time since I started Hard & Fast and that was over a year ago. I had to make myself stop in the end for two reasons : 1. I had to go to the cinema and 2. the next section is the HEA... and I need to think that over without melting into utter candy-floss vomitorium sweetness.  I'm forcing myself to try and write an ending for a change, and not a "cheat"....

But it was 3241 words, and I haven't written that much since Standish, I think!  Thank you all for brainstorming with me.  Not that I don't miss my mother 99 percent of the time, but I really do miss her for being able to chat person to person whenever I had a writing problem. I miss having someone I can chat to voice to voice.  Dad's a darling but 1. he don't really get the process and 2. He forgets what I said five minutes ago.

film Night: Kung Fu Panda.  Perfection.  There's no other word for it.  If you like animated CGI's you'll love this. If you like Kung Fu films and know the genre, then you'll love this.  If you love Dustin Hoffman, you'll love this.  I loved every second of it, from the classic animated graphic novel style beginning to the inevitable ending. The humour is laugh out loud funny (and for an English person to say this, believe me, you'll be rolling in the aisles if you aren't English) the action pretty much relentless, characters GREAT but the animation Rules.  Really.  Really and truly. It's SO beautiful that it's almost distracting.  You want to sit there and wonder and marvel at the movement of the hairs in an eyelash, or the random waving of a flag, the blowing of peach blossom or the movement of water and you CAN'T because there are animals Kung Fu-ing themselves into oblivion!!

My tip?  Don't sit too close to the screen. Sit at the back or you'll find it all blurry and it will ruin it.  But don't miss this one. It's amazing.


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