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Avast behind!  Here be a fun quiz for all ye land lubbery types out there. I’m goin’ to give ye descriptions of some salty seadogs, Capn’s all, an’ all ye have to do is to match the description with the Cap’n.

Sound easy?  Well of course it sounds easy!  Ye’ve been to school an’ college and wot not while some of us bilge rats have been afore the mast since we wuz knee high to a lanyard.


The correct answers will go into the Capn’s Hat and be shuffled and some benighted swab will win an autographed copy of Erastes’ only watery novel, Mere Mortals, Lily-livered son of a yellow-bellied dog that she is.  Send her your answers to Erastes at Erastes dot com. If ye don’t get them all ye’ll have to walk the plank the one with the most correct answers will win. CLOSES 30TH SEPTEMBER

Good luck ye swabs!

1. Went to Eton. Eyes turn red at certain times.

2. Singleminded.  Cruel to mammals, fancies going around by way of Perdition’s Flame…

3. Had one eye on the girls. And a hand in a famous Victory. Famously pickled.

4. Went to sea at 7. Sailing master on the Resolution at 22. Was fond of rum. Annoyed the Aussies.

5. “He is all teeth and curls, but with a pleasant, open face; his coat is of a better cut than everybody else's, and his beard is fantastic and glossy, and the ends of it are twisted with expensive looking ribbons.”

6. It’s said when the Navy decapitated him, he sailed around his ship with no head.

7. Had a face as big as a ham, and hopped like a bird

8. His ship is the Black Pig

9. Uses salty language such as "Billions of bilious blue blistering barncles!”

10. Organises by whistling, tore down a flag, married a nun.

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Avast, maties!

Here's be hopin' that yer buckets are full of chum and your rowlocks get the attention they deserve, for today be Talk Like A Pirate Day - the glorious 19th of September. Arrrrr!!!!

This be the fifth year I be celebratin' TLAPD and it's happy I am that I be no longer be chained to the oars in the Dastardly Slave Ship Steeles!  Death and Maroonin' to all lawyers! Arrr!

Once the sun is over the yardarm I'll be wallowing in grog, but before that me and my proud beauty [ profile] canarieschick are invading Riverside and will be pillaging something called "Odeon" for a magic lantern show called "Tropic Thunder"  T'is a promisin' name for a swab like me - hopefully will be an instructional show about Tropic of Capricorn and the danger of thunderstorms in that area.  Matters not, as if it disappoints I'll be slicing the gizzards of the lubbers and carrying off as much booty (maize bread and cheese, the popped corn and Cocaine-Kola) as the hold will carry.

What you be doin' this piratey day?

Here be a few itemes I found while sailing around my lagoon.

1. Kate Pearce talks knowledgabely about m/m and m/m/f (and variants) subplots in mainstream - the perils and pitfalls of getting them in there.

2. I did a pure self-indulgent post yesterday over at the Macaronis about men in costume drama and why we love them so.

3. John McCain a) Needs a hearing aid b) a Geography lesson c) retirement d) all of the above
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Chat/Text like a Pirate.


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Down, that is


AVAST - ye scum! Keep to The Code today or you'll be feeling the blunt end of my Jolly Roger!

And that goes for you, Master Bates, Seaman Staines and Roger the Cabin Boy!




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