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I have this account set up, and I've added it to my Live Writer client, so I'll crosspost to my Livejournal and my blog (that gets picked up by various other places). I don't know if i have the energy to seek out all my friends here, so I just hope they find me, so I can friend back immediately.

News: I has some.

but the reviewer was absolutely blown away by the book. I made her cry more than once, and this pleased me muchly. If I can touch people in that way, then I'm doing something right.

One of the very best books I’ve ever read in my life. Staggeringly brilliant on so many levels, it suited me more than perfectly. I adored it. I can’t really say much more than that without the knot of emotions I thought I’d buried when I finished the book slamming back. I don’t think I can handle their return at the moment. Buy it and love it—but be prepared to be dragged through a gamut of emotions. Tissues nearby would be good.

Strong praise! Thank you, Miz Love.

What else? My report on the GLBT UK MEET Is posted and is here in case you missed it. (Link goes to my blog, not Livejournal) Plans are already afoot for next year (which will have to be earlier, or later due to the Olympics – so I'll update you with news on that when we have it.

Oh and finally – This is the kind of noise pollution I have to put up with. It's lucky the Snucius are entirely silent, but they probably think she does the talking for all of them. She'd just been fed, it's not cold, so I have NO CLUE what she wanted here, but she does this all the time!

video is HERE
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Hurrah hurrah hurrah! If you'd have told me when I started out that I'd be writing for a Harlequin Imprint, I'd not have believed you.

AND!  It's already had a review!  Five Stars from CSI Librarian.

Muffled Drum by Erastes5 Stars. An engaging, fast-paced historical gay romance that isn’t bogged down by issues of sexual orientation but focuses instead on two lovers dealing with amnesia and finding a way back to each other. I loved the setting, the details, and how the conflicts were resolved. Both main characters were lovely too. This title comes out on July 4th, 2011 from Carina Press and it is one that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great, short M/M romance to read.

Happy face from Erastes today.

Gratuitous blurb and cover post.

muffled drum v1

Bohemia, 1866

They met in a port-side tavern, their lust-filled moments stolen from days of marching and madness. After eighteen months, Captain Rudolph von Ratzlaff and First Lieutenant Mathias Hofmann have decided to run away from everything they hold dear. Resigning their commissions is social suicide, but there's no other choice. Someone will eventually see Rudolph's partiality toward Mathias.

Now their plans have gone horribly awry... When Mathias goes to Rudolph's tent after their last battle, his lover looks at him without a hint of recognition. Mathias can hardly believe the man he knew is gone. He wants to fill in so many of Rudolph's missing memories, but the doctor says a shock could result in permanent damage. The pain of seeing Rudolph on a daily basis, when Rudolph doesn't remember their love, is excruciating. Now Mathias must decide whether he wants to fight for the man he loves or forget him completely...

43,000 words

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1. On Elisa Rolle's review blog:

Seems she really liked it, and it surprised her too, which was what I was hoping for.

I have to pay my homage to Erastes, since I started to understand where she was heading well in the working of the novel; I had a suspicious that the man who would have been Crispin’s lover was not so easy to pinpoint, but sincerely, I was not expecting the “dark” turn the story took almost in the end. It was a surprise but it was also quite right, once you put together all the pieces.

2. On Mizlovelovesbooks – and wow, they really REALLY liked it. (ignore the menage label, there's no menage)


If you enjoy a book that isn’t rushed, where everything unfolds at a languid pace, this book is a delicious stroll through the life of Crispin, Jude and Myles in a time where, if you one was privileged enough, valets attended those in the household and servants moved through life in the background. Intrigue, deception, love, mixed messages, and a mystery that chills and much as thrills, Mere Mortals is one tale I’m glad to have read.


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Only one “professional” review as yet, but I live in hope.

For Transgressions

Library Journal

“this story exudes historical detail and will please historical fans”

Hans is Great

“the development of David and Jonathan's characters was outstanding…..I don't mind telling you I had a hard on the entire time.”

And for False Colors

“It was truly brilliant. …  The writing is exquisite; the romance is lovely; the research is meticulous; and the action keeps going and going.  It breaks your heart and then keeps going on.”

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Fallen Angel Reviews:

Whitney would have liked Thouless to have got some comeuppance, but... well, life don't work like that, I'm afraid.  And if I'd done something horrible to him, he couldn't have appeared in Hard and Fast!  I think that three times will be the charm, and hopefully he'll get his comeuppance in the third instalment. Perhaps he'll meet up with another Irishman..... *grins evilly*

Manic Readers:

The reviewer felt it was a little "cold" - heh.  It was typical that I saw the unfavourable aspects of this review and it took a good friend to point out the words "The writing is flawless."  I'd always considered myself an optimist, and I had been concentrating on the bad!

And last time I mentione Linden Bay's bestseller list there were four gay historicals on it (out of 10)  now there are six. SIX OUT OF TEN!

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Thank you to Jessewave for a lovely review of Frost Fair

Five out of five - Extract:I think that the main reason I love Frost Fair is the characterizations - an area where Erastes excels. This Regency romance reinforced my respect for her ability as a writer which I had a glimpse of in her short story Hard and Fast in Speak its Name: Trilogy No.III. The historical background was quite detailed in terms of the speech, dress and mannerisms of the characters, and even the decor.

And if you look at the best seller lists on Linden Bay - you'll see that not only is Frost Fair at number three - but that 3 out of 10 titles are gay historical.

A small, unloved genre with no market?  I DON'T THINK SO!
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Come on over to Talking Two Lips and chat to the m/m authors from Linden Bay Romance.

Linden Bay Romance will be offering a print copy of any of their books to one lucky commenter.  I dare say some of the authors will be doing giveaways too!  I certainly will!

Frost Fair has had another nice review from [ profile] elisa_rolle. She likes the way I've used non-titled (and indeed mostly common) characters and used the gulf of class as well as sexual preference.  Gideon - as a woman - would have been as difficult to woo for Redfern, as it is as a man, for example.

Here's a snippet.

The historical details are obviously very accurate, you can always picture the nineteen century London in which is set the story, and I bet that you can still follow the steps of Gideon around the city still now and seeing the same view he saw. The nice description of the Frost Fair, an impromptu fair held on the frozen Thames, is the same you can see in some prints of the time. I'm not an expert, but I believe that also the details on the gay underworld of that age (where one can find sex, more or less dangerous, more or less expensive) are well researched

Don't forget my Trick or Treat competition closes tomorrow!
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And it's a really nice one!

Here's an extract:  [Frost Fair] imbeds itself deep until you can actually visualize in your mind the time and place, and the people he immortalizes. This empathy shows and allows the reader to experience the depth, the heart, and the very soul of the piece, and submerses us in the reality of the situation in which his characters find themselves.

Rest of review here


Sep. 21st, 2008 05:24 pm
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Well. It's not quite as bad as Robin Hood - being a little better acted for a start but it's not that far off. You really have to suspend any knowledge of ANY Arthur myth, no matter who told it and start from scratch - pretend that you know nothing about the legends at all.

What concerns me is that kids will be watching this that will think that this IS the story, and their parents wouldn't know any better one way or the other. 

T E White, Malory, Monmouth and Tennyson are spinning - SPINNING - in their graves.

The Good
*  Merlin is a bit hot. So is Arthur.  I see much slash in the future and perhaps fanfic.  I'm sure this has been done deliberately by the writers. Merlin and Arthur hate each other and Merlin has been given the job of Arthur's manservant.  They are the same age.  *rolls eyes*  No turning him into a minnow then, I'm guessing.
* The Cast: Richard Wilson, John Hurt, Anthony Head (camping it up beautifully)
* Special effects look promising and they've chucked a lot of money at it.
* Gwen from Torchwood dies twice!  Hurrah!

The Bad:
* Makes the Sam Neill version (started well, got a bit floundering) look like The Definitive Version
* Guinevere is a serving wench and black. And no, saying that doesn't make me racist. But really - if she had even existed how bloody likely was it that she'd be black?  What is this? Retroactive Scriptwriting?  "OK Tarquin, we have a Muslim woman as a Merry Man, and a black Guinevere, do you think that'll make up for the Crusades and Slavery?"
* People throw perfectly good food at the Pillory.
* And they throw tomatoes. TOMATOES!!!
* When is this supposed to be set?  It's a hideous mish mash of eras and - like many a Hollywood version seems to be "sort of" set sometime around the 12th? century?  There's the knights dressed in plate armour and chain mail, someone saying that they can't find their glasses - metal hand rails set into stone castle staircases - and the architecture??? PLEASE don't get me started. Film in France apparently (and Wales) because obviously England doesn't have any castles. 

I'm ashamed.

Anyone else see it?

ETA: There's a new BBC version of Tess of the D'urbevilles on now. Let's hope there's no computers and spaceships.

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From Cocktail Reviews: 

This is what they said about Hard & Fast ....the style – including the summaries at the start of each chapter, really evoke the serialised fiction of the period. It’s very genteel yet charmingly whimsical. The language is bang on, with gentle humour and more than one tip of the hat to Jane Austen. This was my favourite of the three stories in the anthology, mainly due to Geoffrey’s exquisitely drawn, self-deprecating character and the nuances he notices in everyone and everything around him. The romance is also the cleverest of the three, an accomplished comedy of manners that plays off perfectly until the end of the story. 5 Flutes.

Read the rest of the review here.

It's nice they realised that it was supposed to be a pastiche - I don't think it was as good a one as I wanted it to be, frankly, because it started off with a fair amount of vicious humour which it lost as it progressed - but it's very nice that someone noticed the "jokes".  No-one noticed the Four Feathers allusion yet though!


Tomorrow: Busy. Or else.
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Well, I've just finished the three books of Apropos by Peter David - "Sir Apropos of Nothing", "Woad to Wuin" and "Tong Lashing" and those of you who know me, and know the books will know how delighted I was with the last chapter of Tong Lashing and at the same time how very dissapointed.


And spotted on [ profile] darklocket's LJ the (unsurprising) news that Rowling will be releasing all sorts of background stuff after she finishes the series. I knew she would, although perhaps she'll do them for charidee - i hope.

What concerns me is that - as always seems to happen when she releases any backstory or information (Bill's birthday/age anyone?) she gets is WRONG a lot of the time and ends up making it worse creating more inconsistencies and plot holes than were there in the first place (and that's saying something) I WILL be buying the last book - I'm a completer when it comes to series' of books (I have - to my shame - every single Dune book ....) but I WILL be sporking it, if it deserves it (and after HBP I can't imagine that it will be any better) and I WON'T be buying any of the Expansion Packs.

Perhaps Rowling should take a leaf from Apropos' book - literally. Now that I could support wholeheartedly.

Talking of HBP Sporks - have you read THIS GREAT SPORKING? It's very American and a bit slangy but very very VERY funny.
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I shouldn't bang on about LJ reviews, but [ profile] matociquala does, and she's a lot bigger seller than me, so I will too.

The nicest reviews aren't the ones from places where you've sent the book for reviewing (although they are nice, don't get me wrong) but are from complete and utter strangers who have just bought the book because they liked the look of it, and then were kind enough to spend time writing about it.

This one, in particular, from [ profile] zehavit_lamasu was completely unexpected (found by google-alerts!!) and made me happy in a lot of ways.  Read more... )

I ordered some postcards from Vistaprint the other day - and if you are an author and haven't tried their free postcards, then do. They are beautiful - glossy and showing the artwork of the cover - and they only cost the cost of postage (and in my case, I ordered some stickers with my website address on) Well worth next to nothing and they offer 100 free postcards every so often.
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I always regretted I didn't have a kink. I was never into cross-dressing, men in silk panties and dresses just didn't do it for me, bloodplay ditto, watersports and scat - ick. Fisting - intriguing but ouch and not sexy anyway... I felt horribly vanilla.

But writing cross-generational snoggage in JX, I suddenly realised I have a mild kink for hot hot older men, like McKewan, with young men just out of adolescence.  Yum. It's my kink, however small.

And Standish got Five Stars!  At Just Erotic Romance Reviews.  It's not on the site yet because the newsletter it was in is about a month ahead of the site update, so I'll post the text here under a cut.  I'm very pleased - Three out of three decent website reviews. Thanks, btw to Lee Rowan for spotting this.

*squirms* ) 

What I find interesting is that this reviewer thought the sex was less rather than more, and one of the other reviewers thought that it was a bit TOO hot.  :)

And oh dear, America.  I do feel sorry for you, as if one thick-as-a-plank leader wasn't enough, now you are getting Victoria and David?  Oh she is going to LOVE it there. Just love it.  David, why did you listen to HER?
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Another lovely review for Standish! This time at Romance Reviews Today. Whee!

Highly recommended, she says, but she found the ending too ambiguious. I knew some people wouldn't like it, but that is how it has to be - specially when you are writing about male love in 1820! It's not like they could get married and live happily ever after!

But whee! I'm very pleased.


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