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How to over-write a sentence.

Quinn grabbed Rafe’s arm and pulled him into the room, the feel of the bare forearm, exposed from the flowing shirt that was pushed up to his elbows, seemed hot beneath his hand.

And to make your creator go BWAH? as well.

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Things that we've learned from gaming. 

My favourite: "bad guys enjoy carrying around the types of bullets you use, even if they themselves are unarmed." 


Don't forget to check the Advent Calendar. Something new each day, and there will be competitions at least twice in the month.

Jessewave has reviewed Standish, and she absolutely loved it. She says :This is definitely not a book for the faint hearted and I don't know that I can classify it merely as a romance partly because it's so complex a story, and also some of the horrific scenes are very detailed especially the rape, but I have to admire the author's superb writing and her desire to produce a story which she thought was truly representative of the era.

Full Review here. Thank you Jessewave.

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I'm thrilled to be above A Perfect Waiter
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I had an email from my editor at Perseus yesterday. She'd bought, read, and really loved Hard and Fast. This makes me hugely happy.

Also, I had an email from a man who had read Standish. It really made me tear up (soppy Erastes!) because he reinforced everything that I believed when I started out writing gay historical fiction.  My thought was that a few people had written it - but not many - and SURELY gay men must  want the costumes, and the romance, and the adventure, and the alpha males and the duels.  All the things that I loved about period drama - why should they be any different?  It's been wonderful to find out that I was right, and that gay men are looking for all the same things that anyone else is - why should they be different After all?  Part of what he said:

"I have all ways loved historical romance such as Jane Eyre and secretly wished the hero/heroine(s) were two males.   I never knew that books like yours existed.
Thank you so very much you have made a hopeless romantic very happy"

It makes a hopeless author very happy too. Every email I've had from men - and oddly, most of my emails ARE from men, even thought I assume that most of my readers are women - has said similar things, specially about not knowing that gay romance exists.  I always give them links!

Other news:  I have the cover for Frost Fair - it's not too bad.  I'll never be a fan of half naked people on covers but it's not bad. I wanted something with the fair, but I know there would be copyright problems to do that - and Frost is pretty difficult to show.  However, I can't help but think that their skins would be rather blue were they really standing nekkid waist deep in frozen water.  They'd be dead. There's no outdoor sex in the book, so don't expect it!  :D

Probably not work-safe under the cut. )And I've added a Frost Fair page to the website, with a section of the first chapter if anyone would like to read it HERE.

Oh.And that hisssst! click! that the Dog Whisperer uses?  Doesn't work on cats.
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For any of you you read and liked Standish, Fleury (the darlin' boy) has done an interview for Alex Beecroft's "In Their Own Words" Blog - which is a place for fictional characters to be interviewed - and can be found HERE. And hey, even if you haven't read Standish, you might enjoy meeting the bad boy. He'll have his own book soon, and then all will be explained as to what he's doing in Boston. And who. :)

The exciting news I didn't want to talk about earlier was that MEN Magazine have bought the story I sent them last month. I'm fairly stoked about this, as it's a national magazine and professional rates
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Happy Birthday [ profile] treva2007! I don't think i've ever actually heard from you, but hope you have a good day anyway!

I just received "Maurice & Alec in America" which I'd really been looking forward to reading, and was puzzled why it was self published. I think I know now, Despite the writing (from a quick flick through) being really good, it's A.U. (Alternative Universe) and the author blatently admits this. hmmmm.... )

Good grief. Beowulf? Why the smeg isn't that going straight to DVD? Ray Winstone???? Who's deluded sense of imagination thought that he would be at all good in that part? "Oi've cum ter kill yer Monsta" *ashamed*

Character meme - gacked from [ profile] evremonde

1. Choose a few of your own characters (five at the most).
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself.

Ambrose (from Standish)
Michael (from Transgressions)
Valerie (from Junction X)
Read more... )
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Thanks to [ profile] evremonde for pointing the nominations out to me today.

Standish has been nominated for "Best Gay Romance"

Best Gay Erotica 2007 in which I have a short story has been nominated for Best Gay Erotica

[ profile] rwday's A Strong & Sudden Thaw has been nominated for two categories - Best Gay Sci-fi and Debut

Other nominees I know - Josh Lanyon, Lawrence Schimel, Lee Rowan, Greg Herren. Steve Berman!   Good luck everyone! 

Full List Here
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You'll probably be pleased that this will be the last image from Amazon regarding Standish, BUT.....

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I shouldn't bang on about LJ reviews, but [ profile] matociquala does, and she's a lot bigger seller than me, so I will too.

The nicest reviews aren't the ones from places where you've sent the book for reviewing (although they are nice, don't get me wrong) but are from complete and utter strangers who have just bought the book because they liked the look of it, and then were kind enough to spend time writing about it.

This one, in particular, from [ profile] zehavit_lamasu was completely unexpected (found by google-alerts!!) and made me happy in a lot of ways.  Read more... )

I ordered some postcards from Vistaprint the other day - and if you are an author and haven't tried their free postcards, then do. They are beautiful - glossy and showing the artwork of the cover - and they only cost the cost of postage (and in my case, I ordered some stickers with my website address on) Well worth next to nothing and they offer 100 free postcards every so often.


Jan. 28th, 2007 04:24 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] stormheller!  May this year be full of sales!

As promised - some Kitten Spam.image heavy )

Standish was at number two on yesterday. slipped to 9 today.  There are benefits to being miscatagorised as Gay History.It's also still on the bestseller list for literature, which is pleasing.  I only realised recently (how dim am I) that, unlike records and films - a book's popularity can be improved by time and hard work. 

I had applied to Customised Erotica as it looked like the sort of thing I could do - write to order - fandom is good training for that.  But now I've had time to think about it, I withdrew my application.  The thing is that "erastes" is a m/m writer, and if I were to write Het, I wouldn't like to do it as erastes, I'd have to use another name, and what would be the  point of that?

Nothing else to report, been to Dad's - he's had the wills sent to him and he's put them "somewhere safe"  It's just about the worst thing an Alzheimers sufferer can do.  Because now we can't find them. Gah. It's very frustrating.  It's not that it precludes probate, but it makes things more complicated - and with dad's memory, more complicated is something I wanted to avoid.

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I always regretted I didn't have a kink. I was never into cross-dressing, men in silk panties and dresses just didn't do it for me, bloodplay ditto, watersports and scat - ick. Fisting - intriguing but ouch and not sexy anyway... I felt horribly vanilla.

But writing cross-generational snoggage in JX, I suddenly realised I have a mild kink for hot hot older men, like McKewan, with young men just out of adolescence.  Yum. It's my kink, however small.

And Standish got Five Stars!  At Just Erotic Romance Reviews.  It's not on the site yet because the newsletter it was in is about a month ahead of the site update, so I'll post the text here under a cut.  I'm very pleased - Three out of three decent website reviews. Thanks, btw to Lee Rowan for spotting this.

*squirms* ) 

What I find interesting is that this reviewer thought the sex was less rather than more, and one of the other reviewers thought that it was a bit TOO hot.  :)

And oh dear, America.  I do feel sorry for you, as if one thick-as-a-plank leader wasn't enough, now you are getting Victoria and David?  Oh she is going to LOVE it there. Just love it.  David, why did you listen to HER?
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Another lovely review for Standish! This time at Romance Reviews Today. Whee!

Highly recommended, she says, but she found the ending too ambiguious. I knew some people wouldn't like it, but that is how it has to be - specially when you are writing about male love in 1820! It's not like they could get married and live happily ever after!

But whee! I'm very pleased.
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I've just been told that Standish has been nominated on the Editors and Preditors poll, which has surprised me. I'm very happy, so thank you whoever nominated me.

It's a bit like fandom awards by the look of it, anyone can be nominated and anyone can vote, so I dare say the popular kids will win, BUT if you have read Standish and enjoyed it, I'd be very grateful if you will go and vote.


Secondly, I'm starting a campaign to get Standish available in book form in the UK (other than Amazon). There's a good reason for this My best Real Life friend is the Gay Books Reviewer in Time Out. What! I hear you say - with a contact like that you should get all the publicity you like. However it doesnt work like that. She can't review it unless it's available in hard copy form in bookshops. Stupid, I know....


Please. If you bought your copy from AMAZON.CO.UK - AND - you genuinely enjoyed it - would you kindly go and leave a review on This is not for my ego - but Ms Godfrey from Time Out says that if the book has a few reviews she can write to the distributor (who she knows well) that it's a book that they should seriously consider stocking....

And then once it's available in shops - she can review it!

Thank you kindly!
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Standish gets over at Two Lips Reviews!

Thanks to [ profile] kay_derwydd for the heads up!
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Yesterday at about 11pm I reached number 2 in the best seller list in Canada.  Not even for "Gay Fiction" but for "Historical Romance"  there were Proper Historical Novelists all over the place, and then there was me.  And I ranked 1817 in books. This may not sound a lot, but I've slipped down to rank 320,000 in America, so you can see what a big deal being 1817 is.

I Love Canadians. Thanks guys, yay.

Because I'm a sheep and I want lots of silly presents - please give generously!

my xmas stocking )

Film Night! Flushed Away

Brilliant - I laughed like a drain! )

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This is my first trailer, and I'm really rather pleased with it.  The music fitted almost exactly without me fiddling with it.

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Now available

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Japan! (wasn't expecting that! thanks, [ profile] busaikko)

Amazon Germany!  NEIN!  Ya!



Nov. 19th, 2006 10:28 pm
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Well it's finally here!

STANDISH is finally on Amazon although only from associated companies at the moment - but can be ordered from your local bookstore too. The Amazon page is incomplete, e.g no cover and no order information, but will be done in the next couple of days, I've been told.  Bung it on your wish lists!

The Publishers page is HERE - but the other links to amazon canada, amazon uk, barnes and noble and star crossed productions aren't active yet.

I'll let you know when the pages have been brought up to date.

Exciting, innit?

Of course now I have to hide in a corner terrified, while you all hate it.


Nov. 7th, 2006 11:13 am
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Standish release date is 15th November.

I'm not sure if it will be on at that time, but as soon as it goes "live" on the publishers website, it will have links to and and, barnes and noble and star crossed productions - so be patient! It's exciting though, isn't it?

However THIS IS - and while it has no connection to me, or the book, I love it! *chortles*

Jason Isaacs was on Graham Norton's bigger picture last night and GAH he's so gorgeous. I want.

I've added a whole host of links to the Historical Writer's Research Link List, so I hope you find 'em useful.
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Guess what's off to the printer tomorrow?

Click here for the front and back cover! )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] nassima!! Hope you have a lovely day!

Standish has an improved cover! It's not so fuzzy and the tree has gone off the roof.

I'm thinking about joining the cool kids and doing a video promo on youtube for the book. What programme does one use for it? Or alternatively, does anyone want to help me? (as all I have is a Gif maker) I was thinking something very simple, just starting with picture of the cover, then some text in typical "gravelly voiced movie trailer man" manner - like "One great house, two men.. one forbidden love..." that sort of thing and ending with Standish, coming soon. and ending again with a picture of the house. I'd like to have Shuberts Piano Trio In E-Flat playing.

Other than that, I should be writing and haven't even started yet. Bah.
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Sad when you can't even think of a name for your blog. Other brains more full with imagination than I call their blog entries things like "Chasing the Mackerel Sky" or "My toilet and I" but my brain is entirely to M.A.S.H. Suiicide is painless. la la la la la.

Yes, I've cracked up. It's official. I've been spending every second of the last three or four days editing and I'm getting edit crazy. I haven't had time to check my flist or play a game or watch a film (well, that's not entirely true, I've had Howard's End on loop for days but I can't say I've taken any of it in IN.) BUT the good news is that it's nearly finished. Or at least the first run of the second full edit is nearly finished. I've got completely through it and have accepted all the deletions of commas and additions of commas, changes in line breaks, etc etc - the mechanical stuff in other words. I've just got about 20 sections or so where she says "show don't tell and I need to consider every single one of them by their merit and see if it actually needs changing. Some of them will some of them won't. Then what happens is that I send it back to her, and she comments on my comments and on we dance until we've agreed on all we can agree on. When we finally can't compromise any more then she sends it on to the publisher and the FINAL and THIRD edit begins and off we go all over again.

However, the publisher are now very keen to get this onto the shelves, so perhaps we can compromise and they can let me have all my telling. *G*

Lost! Night tonight. To those of you who have only seen the Channel Four version and NOT the E4 version I say... EEEK!!!

I was sure I started writing this for a purpose.... Oh! Puppy news. Went to parents last week and D4 is (as they say over here ) "Half way there and all the way back" which means he's a bright as a button, and then some. I taught him to say please in about 20 seconds. e.g. the second (and everytime thereafter) i asked him to speak for a toy, he did it. He was housetrained in three days, sleeps all night in his dog basket (no screaming at all) he retrieves every single time. And he's only just 9 weeks. Amazing. He's also terribly naughty, and has the biggest opening of a dog's mouth I've ever seen, he can hold full sized balls (cricket/baseball size in his mouth) He chews EVERYTHING.

I read that if you want to teach a puppy to stop biting you, you squeal, because that's what their mothers do. This worked fine for about five minutes - until the Biggest Brain in Dogdom (sorry, Pongo) worked out that IF he bit you, THEN you squeaked, and therefore were more interactive and a lot more fun.

Mother is beginning to wish she had called him B4. B for Beelzebub. Pictures will be forthcoming.
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Heard from the second editor at long last!  She's sending the Standish Mss back with the edits "tomorrow". Gah. Now I'll be all bichon frisey and be staring at my inbox for the next 24 hours.

Also heard back from the Mods at Fiction Alley re my complaint about the plagiarism, CC has taken her fics down (but she was going to do this before the shit hit the fan) and they say the other authors are or are in the process of editing, and revised versions either have been or will be posted in due course.

Which is more than mildly dissapointing, all I can say is that if I owned an archive (and I do, in a way, from [ profile] hp_literotica) and I had plagiarism pointed out to me, I would remove those fics and the author. However, Fiction Alley is far too big to worry about my ethical concerns, and if they wish to condone it, that's up to them. Yes, yes, I've heard all the arguments in [ profile] gehayi's thread here, but I'm afraid that's just my opinion.

meme gacked from [ profile] thistlerose

Name five characters you like who did something wrong:

1. Pip - He shouldn't have snubbed Joe when he came to town to see him.  Dear sweet Joe was horribly hurt - but then Pip did have rather Suey people around him, everyone forgave him in the end.

2. Ratty. In my favourite chapter of Wind in the Willows, Dolce Domum which is worryingly homoerotic and I even thought so when I was a KID) Rat ignores (well, to be honest he didn't hear him) Mole's pleas to stop at his house and Mole ends up in tears. It breaks my heart every time.

3. Linda (oh I so love Linda) in Pursuit of Love/Love in a Cold Climate for allowing herself to get pregnant again. I wept BUCKETS. still do.

4. Smith in 1984 - for trusting ANYONE and for really believing that he was unobserved.

5. Jude in Jude the Obscure. Did the man do anything RIGHT????

Oh and OMG - ST-TOS - Evil Kirk in "The Enemy Within" is on! He tried to rape his yeoman!

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CGI Rec. Alexander & Hephaestion - Not work safe. Very beautiful and touching, and the lighting is gorgeous

I've finally heard from my publisher. The 2nd editor has gone AWOL and whilst I hope she's OK and not had a major health crisis or something I'm a bit miffed, and worried that she might have buggered off to Japan and sold Standish over there. Mine wasn't the only manuscript she had, either. *panic* I heard about it happening to someone on ecademy, a friend of theirs went to another country, think it was Africa and saw his friends book on sale there. Of course that's worst case scenario, but I do tend to waver in that direction when I panic.

So, because I'm nice like that, have a snippet of the latest adventures of Teless and Kyrian, my space-gai boys.

Gays in Spaaaaaaaaaace! )


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