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Avast behind!  Here be a fun quiz for all ye land lubbery types out there. I’m goin’ to give ye descriptions of some salty seadogs, Capn’s all, an’ all ye have to do is to match the description with the Cap’n.

Sound easy?  Well of course it sounds easy!  Ye’ve been to school an’ college and wot not while some of us bilge rats have been afore the mast since we wuz knee high to a lanyard.


The correct answers will go into the Capn’s Hat and be shuffled and some benighted swab will win an autographed copy of Erastes’ only watery novel, Mere Mortals, Lily-livered son of a yellow-bellied dog that she is.  Send her your answers to Erastes at Erastes dot com. If ye don’t get them all ye’ll have to walk the plank the one with the most correct answers will win. CLOSES 30TH SEPTEMBER

Good luck ye swabs!

1. Went to Eton. Eyes turn red at certain times.

2. Singleminded.  Cruel to mammals, fancies going around by way of Perdition’s Flame…

3. Had one eye on the girls. And a hand in a famous Victory. Famously pickled.

4. Went to sea at 7. Sailing master on the Resolution at 22. Was fond of rum. Annoyed the Aussies.

5. “He is all teeth and curls, but with a pleasant, open face; his coat is of a better cut than everybody else's, and his beard is fantastic and glossy, and the ends of it are twisted with expensive looking ribbons.”

6. It’s said when the Navy decapitated him, he sailed around his ship with no head.

7. Had a face as big as a ham, and hopped like a bird

8. His ship is the Black Pig

9. Uses salty language such as "Billions of bilious blue blistering barncles!”

10. Organises by whistling, tore down a flag, married a nun.

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1. On Elisa Rolle's review blog:

Seems she really liked it, and it surprised her too, which was what I was hoping for.

I have to pay my homage to Erastes, since I started to understand where she was heading well in the working of the novel; I had a suspicious that the man who would have been Crispin’s lover was not so easy to pinpoint, but sincerely, I was not expecting the “dark” turn the story took almost in the end. It was a surprise but it was also quite right, once you put together all the pieces.

2. On Mizlovelovesbooks – and wow, they really REALLY liked it. (ignore the menage label, there's no menage)


If you enjoy a book that isn’t rushed, where everything unfolds at a languid pace, this book is a delicious stroll through the life of Crispin, Jude and Myles in a time where, if you one was privileged enough, valets attended those in the household and servants moved through life in the background. Intrigue, deception, love, mixed messages, and a mystery that chills and much as thrills, Mere Mortals is one tale I’m glad to have read.


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Gerry B's website reviews Mere Mortals

"If you are a fan of M/M romance, historical fiction or Gothic tales, all superbly written, then Mere Mortals is bound to please on all counts. Five Stars"

Thank you, Gerry!

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I can't believe how speedy this is happening. I have nothing but praise for Lethe Press as they've treated me so wonderfully throughout.

First of all – here's the absolutely – ABSOLUTELY – gorgeous cover.


There's everything there – there really is. It's so beautiful I can hardly believe it.

Here's the blurb:

Orphaned Crispin Thorne has been taken as ward by Philip Smallwood, a man he's never met, and is transplanted from his private school to Smallwood s house on an island on the beautiful but coldly remote, Horsey Mere in Norfolk. Upon his arrival, he finds that he's not the only young man given a fresh start. Myles Graham, and Jude Middleton are there before him, and as their benefactor is away, they soon form alliances and friendships, as they speculate on why they ve been given this new life. Who is Philip Smallwood? Why has he given them such a fabulous new life? What secrets does the house hold and what is it that the Doctor seems to know?

Great blurb too (not written by me, I hasten to say) which doesn't go down the route of obvious questions.

And it's already up for pre-order on Amazon (USA).  I will – of course – update you all when it's available on the UK site and in electronic form.

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OK – I can shout about it now!  I’ve had the contract, and signed and returned, for MERE MORTALS! 

The lovely, shiny Lethe Press snapped it up earlier this year, and I had the contract this morning which has been duly signed, scanned, emailed, and stuffed into an envelope ready to moulder on my mantlepiece for months. (Only kidding, Lethe)

I’ve been told it will be out “Early 2011” so watch this space.  Now I have to think about WORKING ON IT again. Argh.  I don’t even have a blurb.

It’s a full-sized novel by the way.

But here’s a rough blurb, until I do a proper one:

In Victorian England, life is cheap, and young men with no prospects or protection can vanish off the map without anyone even noticing.

The orphaned Crispin Thorne has been made ward of court to Philip Smallwood, a man he’s never met, whose home is the mysterious “Bittern’s Reach” in the depths of the Norfolk Broads, on Horsey Mere. There he meets two other young men, Jude and Myles, and he soon finds that not only does he have more in common with them than he ever would have imagined, but it is that shared trait puts them all in more danger than they could possibly foresee.

I’m hugely excited about this novel, and I hope you will like it.

Adopt one today! - Adopt one today! - Adopt one today! - Adopt one today! - Adopt one today!

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I always get the wrong date for at least a month... Dad has phoned three times to know what the date is. I didn't make sure he had a new diary, bad me.  Still, it's good that he now relies on it. 

We had snow last night, but only a dusting, then it went under the sunshine - but now it's snowing again. Nothing much on the menu for today, other than updating Speak Its Name (done) and waiting for the new Doctor Who. 

I need to get my novella FINISHED so I can get on with the next novel--the subject of which is still very much in abeyance. 

I was inspired to write Mere Mortals, and the previous ones, but although I'm constantly bunnied every time I see a film or read a book and think "hmm. this era needs a gay story" I still haven't had anything PING me with a character or a plot.  Bah. Perhaps I should just start writing something, and hope for the best.  I do have an "in"- if you get my meaning - for Fleury's adventures, so perhaps I'll attempt that. It's the research behind it that's putting me off, though - America in the 1820's was not only hugely different from England in the 1820's but EACH AREA was different from the other - Boston would be nothing like New Orleans, New Orleans vitally different from California.... etc etc.  And he's going to travel around and get in and out of bed with nubile men mischief. as it won't be as much fun to set it in one place, as if he gets into young men's undergarments trouble as often as he's planning to do, he'll need to be moving from place to place.

Lucius is fine, he would send his thanks for your kind thoughts but he considers it his due, so he's not grateful at all. I am, though. At present he's sulking because Lili has requisitioned the "other" storage heater. She has (as I've mentioned before) a cat platform next to the main storage heater (up this end of the room) but when it gets really cold I'm forced to turn the other one on, which pumps out my heat and she decamps. However that chair is usually Lucius's - and he's too well-bred to chuck her off. I would. And no, he won't sit on her vacant seat either, because it's HERS.  I despair. He's twice her size. I should be happy he's so gentle, I suppose.  Both of the boys let her beat them up, too. Which is "playing" by her standards.  They lie flat on the floor and wave their paws at her, and she attempts to whack them on the head.

Typical.  I put a second chair by the radiator. Lili promptly gets off and goes back to her original spot.

CATS!!!! Can't eat 'em, can't put them in the blender.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Novel like treacle
finale beckons like death
but draws no nearer


Jul. 13th, 2009 12:28 pm
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Suffering from yesterday. Legs hurt. ouchie.

I have been spending DAYS researching signal flares. It seems the flare gun was named after E. W. Very who wasn't born until the year that Mere Mortals was set, and the flare itself was invented by an American woman (Coston) a year or so before, so no use at all for my boys. So bugger it, they will have to fire their shotguns instead. *checks shotguns* Bah Historicals! I'm going to write contemps about kittens in future.

Caught up on KINGS, True Blood and (whee!!! so good to have the boys back) Entourage. American TV wins hands down against Brit TV right now, where we appear to be stuck in Variety Land what with Britain's got No Talent, some appalling thing that Graham Norton is doing, and Big Boring Brother.

There is a series on the Pre-Raphelites coming up next week, which I shall be avidly watching, all the pretty pretty young men, Rossetti and his pretty cronies. Rossetti is played by the guy who plays the vampire in Being Human and well worth an ogle.

I don't watch as much TV as it seems, to be honest, I simply watch what I like, Torchwood has been the only thing I've watched on British TV for god knows how long.

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Icon is from this advert, which I absolutely love. All their adverts are beautifully surreal.

Writing: It really helps having a "running mate" - I'm lucky that I have several writerly friends who are kind enough read my stuff as I write it, and they write as well, making it a symbiotic kind of thing.  Having someone like [ profile] gehayi or [ profile] rwday to use as a sounding board is hugely helpful.  I've been spurred on recently by [ profile] the_sea_to who is writing a 15th century Italian gay novel and her determination and daily word count (often huge) and the encouragement (read: POKING) she gives me by IM is incredibly motivating.  I just seem to find that if I have someone who is also writing at the same time I get more motivated to write myself.  What I find DE-motivating (and this is by no means a plea to have you guys stop doing this, because I think it's wonderful that you are writing) is to see everyone marching ahead with their word counts when I'm still floundering in the "not doing very much or anything at all" mode.  I've done 1000 words for the last few days which I'm very grateful for, and the book has got to that lovely stage where I'm enjoying writing it.  The characters are coming to life, or I hope so, at least! [ profile] rwday has been reading it as I go and she said "omg - it's creepy that his shoes are missing."  and I had to laugh - his shoes were only supposed to be missing for a scene, his valet was cleaning them. However it's funny she saw more into it. So yay for being poked.

Lili has gone out AGAIN.  Now that's really weird.  I mean--that cat simply doesn't go out. Hasn't gone out at ALL since Pixel died, and she's such a heat-hog she welds herself to the radiator all day. Going out is just...aberrant behaviour.  It's not sunny, it's not warm.  It's just.. odd!  But then she is an odd little cat.

Four new submission calls on [ profile] erotic_authors today.

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Well, I think I found out what was wrong with Mere Mortals:

If you are interested... )

And Talking about Happy - Things I'm loving about Patrick O'Brian:

SPOILERS )So much to love!  I don't understand much of the terminology, I have to admit--and that spoils it a little for me--I would have appreciated an extensive glossary, but it would have been impossible, as the glossary would be the same size of the book itself.  I suppose people buy companion books to the series to help them, but I'm just working around it. I admit that I do tend to try and use words in context to make things easier for my readers, but I applaud O'Brian's decision to just say "bugger it - if they don't get the words, let them look it up."  I'll probably be squeeing more about it all.

Bleurgh Blurb of the day.

"Famous for the witch trials of 1692, Salem has been trying to
smudge out the horrible images of murder and injustice for centuries."

Really? I rather got the impression that, rather than attempting to sweep the incident under the carpet, Salem based their entire economy on it.

ETA: And OMG. So. MUCH. WRONG. I don't get furries. I just don't. )
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Well the car has been picked up by a Neanderthal in a wife-beater. And so I'll expect a bill for a squillion pounds any time soon as they allegedly replace every moving part in the car. No faith in the motor trade? Moi?

Not that I ever would be, but there's no way I could ever be a singer. Certain songs just make me burst into tears in the first few notes. "I'll get by as long as I have you." for example, many arias. How do singers sing without crying?

Rainbow Reviews has an interview with me. Please ignore the male biography, I have asked them to change it!

The Borrowers have stolen an entire bottle of lemon squash. How the hell did they carry it?

I'm struggling with doing Mere Mortals as a Third person. It seems to want to be first person...I don't know if this is a good idea as I know many people say "i can't read those" but then I don't write for what people want, it's the story telling me what it wants - as a mystery it might work better to make the MC as clueless as he needs to be, and to not see what's going on around him. I don't know. I'll keep going a bit longer and see where it takes me. I don't think I'll be switching POV, so I don't see the point of doing it in the 3rd. *ponders* And I've suddenly realised I haven't mentioned windpumps once yet. *stabs self*

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