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I belong, as you probably know, to an advertising consortium called ManLoveRomance which is a group of 50 M/M writers who club together, share expenses. It means that we can, as a group, afford to put adverts in glossy magazines and attend conferences as a Group whereas one person in the UK for example has little hope of every being able to afford a table at Romantic Times or Saints and Sinners.

So this year, Laura  - our founder and rugged leader attended the Romantic Times conference, for the first time representing the group.  Read how badly she was treated by the Hyatt here

I'm just disgusted at this.  I'm not surprised, however.  RT have clearly given the impression that they are utter homophobes already - and although they "denied involvement" they did nothing to support someone who had spent a FORTUNE to get there. Money I can't imagine I'd ever have free to be able to attend something like that.  Not that I will, EVER - until they get their bigotted arses in gear.

I personally will be writing to the Hyatt asking them for an apology - not that I'll get one. I've just checked my records and this particular event didn't cost me anything, but other conferences have done/will do. But they DID damage our advertising profile by STEALING our promotional material.

As for exposure however, it caused more attention to genre than it would have done without the stuff being stolen, so in that way, the Hyatt shot themselves in the foot.  Way to go, Hyatt.
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Manloveromance News is the new monthly newsletter for thirty (plus) of the hottest authors of male/male erotica and romances worldwide.

Each month we will update you on members' new releases, reviews, appearances and other tidbits. Our first newsletter will be going out on October 15th. Subscribe now and keep updated on the latest in the sensual world of M/M erotic romance and fiction by some of THE best authors you'll find anywhere in print and on the Net. This is an announcements only list.

Our authors include: Evangeline Anderson, Kayelle Allen, Lena Austin, Mardi Ballou, Laura Baumbach, Ally Blue, James Buchanan, Kirby Crow, Kay Derwydd, Vincent Diamond, Leigh Ellwood, Erastes, Renee George, Fiona Glass, Sedonia Guillone, Nathan James, Timothy Kelley, Jourdan Lane, JL Langley, Marguerite, William Maltese, Renee Manley, D.J.Manly, Sean Michael, Willa Okati, S.A.Payne, CB Potts, Luisa Prieto, Nigel Puerasch, M.L.Rhodes, Kira Stone, Julia Talbot with the talents of graphics artist Deana Jamroz.

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I've been spending a bit of time on self-promotion recently. I'm not the most marketing minded of souls (I had no clue about sending review copies off until I realised it was the thing to do) but I've gradually been pushing little ideas of promotion out there - and it seems to be paying off. I've noticed that from my Webstats on that I'm getting referrals from erotica author's association, the Historical Novel Society (although I hope they aren't too horrified when they get over here), and even wikpedia too!

I'd also like to point this site out, for you slash lovers. A group of us m/m writers have banded together and now have (thanks to Laura Baumbach's enthusiasm and organisation) a joint site to advertise m/m erotica, and we will be having a full size advert on  very shortly, which, we are all hoping, will spread the word that there are a lot more lovers of gay erotica than people realise.  Go check out the other authors!


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