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Icon is from this advert, which I absolutely love. All their adverts are beautifully surreal.

Writing: It really helps having a "running mate" - I'm lucky that I have several writerly friends who are kind enough read my stuff as I write it, and they write as well, making it a symbiotic kind of thing.  Having someone like [ profile] gehayi or [ profile] rwday to use as a sounding board is hugely helpful.  I've been spurred on recently by [ profile] the_sea_to who is writing a 15th century Italian gay novel and her determination and daily word count (often huge) and the encouragement (read: POKING) she gives me by IM is incredibly motivating.  I just seem to find that if I have someone who is also writing at the same time I get more motivated to write myself.  What I find DE-motivating (and this is by no means a plea to have you guys stop doing this, because I think it's wonderful that you are writing) is to see everyone marching ahead with their word counts when I'm still floundering in the "not doing very much or anything at all" mode.  I've done 1000 words for the last few days which I'm very grateful for, and the book has got to that lovely stage where I'm enjoying writing it.  The characters are coming to life, or I hope so, at least! [ profile] rwday has been reading it as I go and she said "omg - it's creepy that his shoes are missing."  and I had to laugh - his shoes were only supposed to be missing for a scene, his valet was cleaning them. However it's funny she saw more into it. So yay for being poked.

Lili has gone out AGAIN.  Now that's really weird.  I mean--that cat simply doesn't go out. Hasn't gone out at ALL since Pixel died, and she's such a heat-hog she welds herself to the radiator all day. Going out is just...aberrant behaviour.  It's not sunny, it's not warm.  It's just.. odd!  But then she is an odd little cat.

Four new submission calls on [ profile] erotic_authors today.

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1. Is there a trick to getting anything posted on  I've tried several times, book releases, EAA Directorship change, and other things but the webmaster has never even replied with a "no thanks."  Any advice?

2. Is Favorite PASTimes a Christian based site?  It certainly seems to be showing a pre-ponderance of Good Healthy Clean Livin' Christian Historical fiction, but I can't work out where the flipping profile is on Blogspot, truly MySpace and Blogspot baffle me completely. There's no point me promoting Le Gay Historical over there if all I'm going to get is Christian Women covering their faces with their aprons in horror. yes yes - offensive [ profile] erastes. Go sue me.  the blurb says it's welcome to all, but I rather doubt that... I'll ask.

Made my deadlines - actually submitted five stories in the last week. Go me.  Three are for the same publisher, so I'm unlikely to be lucky lucky lucky, but we'll see if I'm even lucky once. I've got two longer stories to write this month - one by the 11th, and of course need to get the package off the Agent.

Haven't updated on the Snucius recently, but they are big and healthy and loving and they both love Lili inordinately and let her boss them around and beat them up on a regular basis.

EAA membership is now closed. It will re-open again on 1st August. If you aren't seeing your name on the site yet, don't panic, I'll get it done by Sunday at the latest - I have about 30 new members to add yet.

And GIP - the Puppy that Voldemort will be reincarnated into.  "Get me my kibble, MINION!"

And now. Bed. *whoosh*
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Why don't people READ?  On the first page - nay - the first LINE of the Erotic Authors Association website it says:

Join the EAA

The linked text says: Membership is free. Please e-mail the EAA director, Erastes after reading the information below.

(blah blah with what you need to send in that email)

And I've had three emails today with "Please can you let me know how to join?"


I think I'll put some small print up on the bottom of that page:

Anyone who emails The Director with stupid emails will be deemed too dim to join, and will get a badge confirming this.

What?  WHAT?!  I did promise whips, didn't I?

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I've spend an exhausting couple hours working on the Erotic Authors Association website.  I haven't uploaded the amended pages yet, probably won't until I've finished, BUT (and I'm going to be posting this all over the place) if you are a member and your name currently is in black on the members' webpages (e.g no links) and there's not description against your name AND you don't have a web presence that I can easily find by a quick google, I'm going to taking your name down from the site.

I don't see the point of having (for example) Erastes up there, if there's no link a website, a blog, a list of published books, an amazon page - whatever.  Otherwise it's just a name and means nothing.


I did warn you there would be bull-whips, didn't I?

Also, anyone with broken links. ditto. I will try and contact people though, before doing this.

[ profile] tillytilly - you don't need to worry, I've done yours.

Anyone else, email me on erastesdotcom at gmail dot com


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