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I always get the wrong date for at least a month... Dad has phoned three times to know what the date is. I didn't make sure he had a new diary, bad me.  Still, it's good that he now relies on it. 

We had snow last night, but only a dusting, then it went under the sunshine - but now it's snowing again. Nothing much on the menu for today, other than updating Speak Its Name (done) and waiting for the new Doctor Who. 

I need to get my novella FINISHED so I can get on with the next novel--the subject of which is still very much in abeyance. 

I was inspired to write Mere Mortals, and the previous ones, but although I'm constantly bunnied every time I see a film or read a book and think "hmm. this era needs a gay story" I still haven't had anything PING me with a character or a plot.  Bah. Perhaps I should just start writing something, and hope for the best.  I do have an "in"- if you get my meaning - for Fleury's adventures, so perhaps I'll attempt that. It's the research behind it that's putting me off, though - America in the 1820's was not only hugely different from England in the 1820's but EACH AREA was different from the other - Boston would be nothing like New Orleans, New Orleans vitally different from California.... etc etc.  And he's going to travel around and get in and out of bed with nubile men mischief. as it won't be as much fun to set it in one place, as if he gets into young men's undergarments trouble as often as he's planning to do, he'll need to be moving from place to place.

Lucius is fine, he would send his thanks for your kind thoughts but he considers it his due, so he's not grateful at all. I am, though. At present he's sulking because Lili has requisitioned the "other" storage heater. She has (as I've mentioned before) a cat platform next to the main storage heater (up this end of the room) but when it gets really cold I'm forced to turn the other one on, which pumps out my heat and she decamps. However that chair is usually Lucius's - and he's too well-bred to chuck her off. I would. And no, he won't sit on her vacant seat either, because it's HERS.  I despair. He's twice her size. I should be happy he's so gentle, I suppose.  Both of the boys let her beat them up, too. Which is "playing" by her standards.  They lie flat on the floor and wave their paws at her, and she attempts to whack them on the head.

Typical.  I put a second chair by the radiator. Lili promptly gets off and goes back to her original spot.

CATS!!!! Can't eat 'em, can't put them in the blender.
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Slashy Movie Reviews - excellent site, there's a Livejournal feed here.

Blazing Trailers - one of the best promotional sites I've ever seen. The pages are comprehensive and informative. You can upload reviews, links to your site, the trailer itself, even an excerpt of your book. Whoever runs this is a STAR!  *applauds*

I just about finished Chapter Four of Mere Mortals last night which pushes it up to 10K. I'm liking how it's shaping up. I'm still getting the feel of the characters and letting them introduce themselves. I love this part of the process; I once tried to create character sheets - you know, the really detailed ones where you write down every single thing about your character before you even start writing but I simply couldn't stick to it. I think this approach possibly works better with third person POV if you are going to shift characters, but for a first person POV the only person you REALLY need to know well is your narrator, because he's on the same journey as the writer (and the reader) and he gets to know the other characters in the story at the same speed as you do. It's just nice to be writing after what seems like a dry patch, but isn't really because I finished Frost Fair mid last year and the rest of the year was spent working getting Transgressions ready for publication. I know I haven't been working as hard as I should have, though. When I get chapter four finished I'm going to start on a short story.

There are a TON of anthologies open right now. This is great, because last year seemed a little thin on the ground. I have sent out two or three short stories to places in the last couple of weeks, which is exciting, and I'll be biting my nails until the results come in. But there are loads of new markets and I'd really like to get something done for them. Steampunk, gods, superheroes - there's a lot out there right now! If you haven't seen them, troll over to [ profile] erotic_authors. And if you see a call that's not on there - let me know!

I have a headache. Don't know why. Possibly stress related )

What am I giving up for Lent? Not writing.

Dollhouse )

Heh. Robin Hood was from Yorkshire. Ee by gum!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] shoganrea and [ profile] robertsloan2. Have good days! That's an order.

I found a shop that sells Reeces Pieces online in the UK.!  Hurrah!  I have PACKETS of them!!!  *Scoff*

Thanks to [ profile] teddypig for this link.  Cannon towels.  I utterly refuse to believe that this was anything but very very deliberate.  What amazing adverts - I think my favourite has to be the Roman bath one. I shouldn't be surprised that LIFE ran these though, they often had very homoerotic covers.

There are some new reviews on Standish and Frost Fair on Amazon. I particularly love the reader who loved it but cried all the way through Standish. I know that's mean of me, but I adore to cry at a good book and I'm thrilled that stuff I've written has been enough to reduce someone to tears.

Thanks to [ profile] gehayi for this link. Pride & Prejudice on Facebook.  Do not be drinking anything.  My favourite line:

Lydia Bennet and Kitty Bennet joined the group 1,000,000 Strong Against the Officers Leaving Meryton!

*gives up*

Dec. 9th, 2008 04:18 pm
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Proof Editing is not an easy thing for me at the best of times. I don't have an editor's eye (and [ profile] auntie_marion if it was in digital form I'd send the entire thing down to you to sweep over) and can't ever work out where commas should go, or not go - as my patient betas will attest to.

However, it is made a lot more challenging when certain furry occupants of the house can't work out what Mother is doing with that red stick in her hand and OOO!! Isn't it fun to pat it?  And OOOO!!  This big pile of paper is so warm to sit on, and if I sit on JUST THIS BIT that she's looking at, she's bound to notice me.  Failing that, they sit on my shoulder as I hunch, Cratchit like over the work (trying to prevent furry bottoms from squatting on it)

Cats. Can't eat 'em. Can't make furry mittens out of 'em.

I made a HUGE mistake on I attacked someone with a small population and ran off giggling with my arms full of booty. What I didn't check was that it was his SECOND village - and his main village is fuck off HUGE. And he's coming after me. eep!!!!   I'm going to be attacked in about an hour and there's not a lot I can do about it.  I've shunted all my resources off to someone else, have contacted my Alliance, but there's no-one answering, and I'll send my troops out on some wild goose chase just before the attack happens. He has to travel six hours to get to me, so hopefully it will be a one-off raid, but it's taught me a lesson. CHECK that the little kid you pick on doesn't have a big brother!
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I'm ashamed.

Lucius is hiding under a padded envelope and Severus is playing with a J-Cloth.

Do you think they are trying to tell me something about the lack of toys?
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Severus is off to the vet tomorrow - even if it's only to put my mind at rest.  He has a fatty-type lump in his skin on his back. It's not part of his spine or anything, because it moves around around and it doesn't seem to be bothering him -  but it has got bigger today so vet tomorrow.  He also has a small lump in his left groin so that needs to be looked at too. *worries*

Think good thoughts for him please. His brother was lost to wandering feet, so I can't bear the thought of losing the silly Sev.

Good Lord, Amanda Tapping was born in the same place as me! She can't manage a good English accent though - have just discovered Sanctuary. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on my flist before -how strange.
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He managed one tiny piece of chicken this morning but was clearly no better so off to the vets we went. He has a high temperature and "probably a virus" so he's had an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory and a appetite stimulator. He's already eating in fits and starts so hopefully he feels better already.

How is it though that people doctors say that antibiotics don't work on virii?

Fingers crossed.

I love watching the pets in the waiting room though, all the animals are so polite it's hilarious. One man had a Rottweiller who was probably as big as he was and he was sitting on the man's lap. There were several Cocker Spaniels and Jack Russels and so lovely to see their beautiful tails. I'm so happy that barbaric habit had been banned. The embarrassing thing is that the vets call the PET'S name when it's your time to go in. I die of the blushes when they come through and yell "Severus". Anyone would think I was a geek or something.

He's still eating! *happy*
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Him or me?

I just spent ten minutes lying on the top of the stairs playing peek a boo with Severus.

So much fun!!
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Meme: gacked from [ profile] dastier. Name any fictional character I would know, and I'll give you three reason why they suck.

Come on, don't be predictable - go for it!

Cat Party )

OK - PIRATES! OK. It wasnt' as good as the first film. That film is as perfect a piece of cinematography as it is possible to get and NOTHING was ever going to top it, but it was better than the second film - which I also really liked, so it was between really good and Grrrrreat! But there was a LOT to like. First of all, it completely blows the "this is Disney, this is SAFE" out of the water from the very first scene and after that went past I just knew that nothing was impossible - in a real GRRM way.

Spoilers ahoy!(I MEAN IT) )

So, anyway, off to see it again next week - and probably the week after too!

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But I had to share this.
He'll get square eyes! )
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Cats are so hard to photograph when they are not asleep...

Cat Spam! )

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The Snucius are aptly named.

They love each other madly. They sleep together, tangled up in each other. I mean, if I were watching the REAL Lucius Malfoy stick his tongue in the real Severus Snape's ear, I might be mildly turned on.... As it is... Not so much.

And they like torturing small things. Or in today's case, not so small. So far I've had a rat, a large bird which looked suspiciously like half a chicken, (thank god no rare birds as yet) and a frog and worms but today took the biscuit. A rabbit. Almost as big as them, too. And recently deceased. Luckily (although not for it) it was a wild rabbit, and not a black and white fluffy loved pet with lop ears and "Mr Fluffy" engraved on a rabbit bowl somewhere.

I dread them ever finding out that people keep them in hutches. "Oh look! A larder!"

I despair!


Nov. 10th, 2006 06:34 pm
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Lucius just brought a WORM in.

And ate it.

There is food in their bowls.

Cats. Go figure.
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However - as [ profile] rwday coined them, they are Gozittens. They both of them are bigger than Lili already, albiet rather lean and "poor". I'm sure in a week or so they will fill out, but bugger me - they are going to be BIG cats.

They are just perfect though - not at all timid. Obviously a little nervous for strange sights and sounds (just about everything) but are relaxing already, lying flat out on the floor and jumping up onto my lap for a cuddle (at one point both of them together).

They have been spoiled, I think, as they both know what "people food" is and any time I eat they are trying to find out what it is. I think they have the capacity for sheer naughtiness, as "lucius" (for want of a better name, the cat formerly known as Piglet) stole the chop bone off the table before I had time to remove it. *frowns*

Lili isn't particularly impressed. There is no violent aggression, but there is growling if they get to close to her and she swiped "Severus" (Popp) once as he passed. However, the brothers love each other to pieces, and will be great company for each other and for her, hopefully, once the settling in process has gone. I don't think they've ever seen stairs before and are galumphing up and down them at the moment.


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