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OMG Doctor Who! JACK!

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I don't have a sensible thing to say other than it's YAY FRIDAY!

Just re-watched BLINK - and I have an annoying "error"  - or potential error.  Sally gave Billy her phone number, and Martha has a jiggerypokeried mobile phone that can ring through time, right?  So Billy could have simply given the Doctor Sally's mobile number....and Billy could have had a lift home!!!

Ah no. I can see why that wouldn't work, because Martha wouldn't know WHEN she was phoning her.

But then - how does she know when she's phoning her mother?

ARGH!  Time Travel Headache!

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I loved how Russell T Davies referred to Thomas Sangster as a "beautiful boy"... He might be 17 but he doesn't look it.

Marvellous episode(s). Made me cry at the end...Read more... )

Doctor Who

May. 19th, 2007 08:25 pm
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Excellent Doctor Who, action adventure, mild slash if you look sideways (yes, it's probably only me that saw it, don't worry you didn't miss anything). Unexpected twist on a well-worn premise of picking them all off one by one. Oh and in real time, too, clever reversal of "24" naming it 42 - being the number of minutes.

And the special effects rocked.

I did like Neil Gaiman's love letter to Dr Who yesterday, and I thoroughly agree with him about the early doctors, I'm old enough to remember them all, and although Tom Baker is my favourite doctor, for me, when it comes to characterisation and total BELIEF - for me it has to be Patrick Troughton. He IS the doctor, for me.

spoilers )
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Best line this week: (not correct but it's near enough)

Showgirl: You've got a good one in your forward looking fella in the trenchcoat
Martha: Oh no. We're not... together
Tallula: Aw come on, I've seen the way you look at him , it's obvious...
Martha: Not.. to him.
Tallula: Oh - I get it, he's into musical theatre?


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