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1. What happened the ENTAIL, pray?  The whole basis of this nonsense (don’t get me wrong I’m addicted to it like squirty cream) is that the nearest heir DIED and they had to drag middle-class Matthew to come on the scene because the estate was ENTAILED and could not pass to Mary and it would cost too much and probably be a waste of time to try and break the entail because Lord Grantham the last had been a canny lad who had tied the estate up very tightly.

SOOOOOOOO – that being said. How the buggeration is, as he gets a bit financially strapped, Lord Grantham that is able to suddenly say “oh well, never mind, I’ll have to sell the monstrosity and we can all go and live in this hovel, cough, sorry, enormous OTHER house I appear to have over here.”

Inquiring minds need to know, Mr Fellowes. *folds arms*

2. I absolutely refuse to believe that a family of such standing would—as Edith rightly said—accept a chauffeur into the family and yet turn away A LORD OF THE REALM WITH A FUCK OFF GIRT BIG HOUSE just because he’s got a game arm and he’s the same age and Lord G. It’s errant nonsense!  Another generation back and they would have probably arranged a marriage for Edith to someone of that age, regardless of infirmity. I CAN beleive that Sir Anthony Strallan might cry off, but it was pure shock value and LETS MAKE IT A SOAP OPERA – to do it in the church. Big Lawsuit for breach of promise. HUGE. Lord G wouldn’t have had to take Matthew’s money then (which oddly has gone from “noooo, i must not take this filthy lucre” to “my fortune.”)

3. What the bloody hell was the whole Bates thing about? I swear, Fellowes has got as much idea of PLOTTING as I have of quantum physics. “Hmm, now Bates is in prison, but he’s still on contract and we mustn’t forget about him because I’m obviously going to get him out again before they die of old age, so what can I do?” There follows an incomprehensible plotline involving mattresses and odd packages and being able to stick knives into walls without experienced screws noticing. Seemed to me that the entire thing was merely to set up the married couple reading their letters in bed. And squeeze me, why didn’t ANNA go and find something out rather than “he hasn’t written for weeks” and why has she given up her investigations?

4. As my good friend Henri says – (reverting back to Edith’s marriage) – it’s errant BILGE that the Dowager Lady Grantham would-say with heartfelt Edith Evansness-“And so Edith begins life as an Old Man’s Drudge.” because… hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! hahahahahha!!!!!!!!  What drudgery was she likely to be doing? Sitting on satin couches? scoffing cucumber sandwiches? She not likely to be washing his bedsheets and pushing him around in a bath chair is she? As i say above. nonsense.

5. Thomas. Now I love Thomas. Yes, probably because he’s a baddun and homosexual but really…. Both Carson and Lord Grantham know he’s an utter rotter and they’ve got PROOF that he’s been stealing from them, they’ve all but sacked him once—if it wasn’t for the war--and suddenly he’s the valet. It’s Mrs Crawley who has the evangelical zeal, not Lord Grantham. A valet would have access to money, jewellry, god knows what and they aren’t even bothered about it – and Grantham actually said last week “are you not liked downstairs?” which he KNOWS – sometimes I think that Fellowes doesn’t bother to keep notes.

Thoughts gratefully received, btw – in case you can explain any of these (particularly the Entail) or have a grumble of your own….

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