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Ok - thanks to another day with Dad, where I can wibble at him endlessly about plotting and bunnies and god knows what and never never bore him because he forgets about ten minutes later I've come to the realisation that I'm completely approaching the new book in the entirely wrong direction.  If you are writing something with mystery elements there's no bloody point Explainin' It All in the first two chapters. D'oh.  So, I'm going to have to dump 2 chapters. *weep*  They will serve as author's notes though, so that's something I suppose. I've created four characters in those chapters so it was useful for something. And named them!! And as you know that's a big bug bear (try saying that ten times fast!) of mine, so that should help things along. But I have (another!) starting point, and I think I can work on this one. So I'm determined to get bloody started. As I've said before, if Transgressions is a success and Running Press goes "oh yeah! What else you got?" Then "Nuffing" isn't really the best answer to give.

Plus I'd like to do another novella for Linden Bay or Samhain if they still want me.

In gooder news - the copies of Frost Fair arrived in the post.(which are so PRETTY, despite not really explaining what the book is about). Can't really call them author's copies as with LBR you have to pay for your own copies, albeit discounted. But I'll be posting them off to the people I promised them to and to those who won them. Hope I have enough! And the scanner arrived so be warned! I'll be able to share stuff I never shared before! Hurrah!

There's a massive "Welcome to Samhain, Linden Bay Authors" chat over at - There's no entry requirements, so you can just pop in, join for the day and then pop out (as it's a VERY active group, so best not to stay on it for individual messages for more than a day) and lots of lovely excerpts.  Linden Bay will be giving away books too - and I'll be doing a giveaway as well. I'm the giveaway queen at the moment!  But then, anyone who knows me well will say I've always been that, long before I started writing.

Still no word on whether we can release the Transgressions and False Colors covers.  *gnash*  I'd dying to share them.

Some bugger CAPTURED all my legionnaires. I have none left!!
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Austin Healy just made my ovaries explode.  And Merlin just proved he's a virgin.

Hangingstone Hill
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,173 / 100,000
Real progress. It's nice to hit the 2000 mark, because one feels one has a sense of actually starting.


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