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The Historical Novel Society Conference is on 17th October in Manchester. Theoretically this is under 200 miles from here but as it's entirely across country with no motorways, I've gone from "yay! we should all go!" to "fuck me -it will take me five hours to drive that."

I can't easily go overnight (Cats, Dad) and if it had been in Birmingham that would have been ideal (even so it's a fair tramp on A and B roads) And it's on Sunday, so no trains that will get me there at 10am. I shall think on it some more. I really would like to go, though. I'd like to go SATURDAY because Maria McAnn is giving a talk and I want to sit and worship her. Perhaps the cats WOULD be ok overnight if i put a whole heap of food down. After all, I used to leave Spooky from Saturday morning to Sunday night on a regular basis when I went over the Isle of Wight from Bournemouth. The UK conference is only every 2 years and I think it's important to have a gay historical presence this year--seeing as how they are accepting our books into the historical world without any of the apron waving and "Janet, Donkeys!" that you see from the Romance Crowd.

I stopped and snapped this beautiful young man on my way to "work."

Talking of work; - I went and signed off at the Jobcentre yesterday and was treated (by yet ANOTHER strange face, and presumably a contract worker) with the care and attention and politeness that I have come to expect from the Jobcentre.  I really feel like writing a letter outlining my experience with them over the 2 years of my unemployment. Perhaps I will – I don't want it to sound like a frothing rant, though, just a clear explanation of how rude many(not all, some of them have been very helpful) of the staff treated me like something on their shoe.

I should get Muffled Drum finished by Sunday, if I push on and work through the hump-- and then it's off to the betas (particularly a very valuable Prussian beta!) for their opinion, a quick brush and polish and then off to a publisher. Eek. Then on with something NEW. Hurrah!! Muffled Drum is novella length-; will be about 35k when done I think, which means I've done two novellas back to back, I really want to get stuck into a novel again, and exploring new characters and savouring the slow path.


Jan. 28th, 2007 04:24 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] stormheller!  May this year be full of sales!

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Standish was at number two on yesterday. slipped to 9 today.  There are benefits to being miscatagorised as Gay History.It's also still on the bestseller list for literature, which is pleasing.  I only realised recently (how dim am I) that, unlike records and films - a book's popularity can be improved by time and hard work. 

I had applied to Customised Erotica as it looked like the sort of thing I could do - write to order - fandom is good training for that.  But now I've had time to think about it, I withdrew my application.  The thing is that "erastes" is a m/m writer, and if I were to write Het, I wouldn't like to do it as erastes, I'd have to use another name, and what would be the  point of that?

Nothing else to report, been to Dad's - he's had the wills sent to him and he's put them "somewhere safe"  It's just about the worst thing an Alzheimers sufferer can do.  Because now we can't find them. Gah. It's very frustrating.  It's not that it precludes probate, but it makes things more complicated - and with dad's memory, more complicated is something I wanted to avoid.


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