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Woah! That really wasn't a good idea....

I set off for Dad's as usual at 10am - and wasn't half way there before I realised it was probably a really daft idea as it was snowing fast enough to cover the main road with snow faster than the cars were clearing it off - and the side roads were lethal. Took an hour to drive 17 miles - then I was with Dad for an hour before he packed me off home again, the skies were bucketing the snow down and it showed no sign of stopping - my car had 2 inches of snow on it after just that hour!

So I drove home, just as carefully! It's stopped now, so I feel silly for worrying so much, but better safe than sorry. I do no good to anyone in a ditch somewhere.

I also learned that my dear little Nissan cannot climb snowy inclines.... I used to have a old fashioned Skoda - like this one - which was fabulous in the snow. Built like a tank it never slipped or skidded - but the Nissan is just not built for it, skids all over the place!

This is the earliest snow we've had in years.  I doubt it will last, but it is lovely to have it.  The cats are all cooped up and running around the house like mad things. Well not Lili, of course!  Not while there's a radiator to snuggle up next to!


Nov. 23rd, 2008 09:58 am
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Did it snow last night? YES!

Is snowing now? YES!

Is it settling? YES YES YES!!

Is Erastes happy? Hooo yeah!

Still a little wobbly if I don't concentrate, but better a little everyday. Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and start something new - set myself a small word count and stick to it.


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