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Which is: Statistics.

I've been updating my page at (which is very useful site - go join - shoo!) and putting in all the agent queries that I can find in my inbox. As you can see, it's pretty depressing reading. Out of the 21 queries I've made, you can literally say I've had 20 rejections (because one was made this morning).

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Yesterday was not a good day, and I'm going to draw a veil over it, learn not to be so idiotic/naive and move on. Saturdays are not good days for me right now, as it's still an anniversary of mother's death - always will be, I suppose but it's still a bit raw and I'm having trouble sleeping on Friday nights. But in the light of losing her, it brings every single thing into sharp focus - I compare other things that happen and think "What's more upsetting? Losing your mother or worrying about a bit of stupid bitchery?" There's no comparison, really, is there? The work is the most important thing. blah blah blah )

Talking of agents, does anyone on my flist have one? I have been trying to get one for a while, and of course it's difficult because I have little track record to give to them, don't know my sales figures yet - and they wouldn't be interested in my short story success of course. As far as I can see there's no agent who specialises in gay fiction - but there must be! Michael Manzilla has moved to non-fiction as far as I can see. I suppose at the moment I shouldn't worry - but if you have one for m/m I'd be interested to know which agency - and I won't mention your name if I apply!

[ profile] rwday sent me a PS2 game - Splinter Cell, Double Agent! I cannot wait to play it. I just adore Sam, he's all gravelly and tough. Voiced by Michael Ironside. Yum.

And I should say, that Dan Brown has certainly made money out of me. I read Da Vinci, went to see the film (gag on both count) and most recently have bought the game. However, the normal trend is that a game franchise from a successful movie sucks big time, but DVC is the exception to the rule and is actually and intriguing and difficult puzzler. The puzzles are all different to the book, which is just as well, although the plot follows it, but it's very playable and actually had me punching the air a few times as I got "Decoded" up on the screen when I solved a problem. There's fighting, but it's piss easy, and that's the sort of fighting that I like - and you only really need to fight if you fail at sneaking around, and sneaking around is what [ profile] erasteses do best in games. I can't tell you the JOY I felt when stealth made a major inroad into games. Hide under a table until the guard's gone past? Get in a cupboard? What BLISS! But no games for me until I've finished this chapter.

*head down, scribbles*

Hope you have a good weekend, y'all.


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