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Don’t ever think “it’s not worth having my pirated book taken down” because it is worth it. As we all know ASAtalk is the most notorious site for this – I find Standish there about once a week.  But these files are removable, you just have to be a little savvy about it.

I couldn’t believe Jim Butcher in a recent interview where he said that he didn’t care about pirates because pirates probably bought his books eventually.  OK if you are a NY Times Bestseller, Jim, but it really gave out the wrong message

Here’s some ideas.


-- Flame the thieves.  It’s hugely tempting, and I know how you feel but there is no point in doing it.  All it will do is to get you banned and then you’ll have to invent another user name and remember another password to get back on the site.  I’m on my sixth or seventh incarnation.  I don’t learn very quickly, as you can see.

--Bother to contact ASAtalk (or whichever site it is) about having the files taken down.  They will ignore you, or reply with a pseudo lawyers letter, or point to their own TOS.

--Get despondent.  I’ve seen several authors saying that they wanted to give up writing after this experience.  Just shrug it off. You are a better person than the wankers who can’t pay $5 for your book.

--Listen to idiots who say that by passing on pirating sites you are making matters worse.


--Apply to the hosting site.  I’ve found three or four that has hosted Standish, and without exception they have been polite, professional and FAST. 

--Always ask for the files to be taken down, and check the same bookmark daily to see if the file has been reuploaded (Standish has been several times by the same person) – it’s a pain, but keep taking it down, keep taking it down.

--Let your publisher know the details.  If you can't get the file removed, then they will have more clout and a stern cease and desist letter or even a lawyers letter coming from a professional body has more weight.

--Share the site with others. If you see someone else’s files—let them know. The more of us who are acting in this way make a difference. Work together.  The hosters may eventually rethink about what they allow to be uploaded.

--Keep writing.


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  as you can see, there are new egges. There is also one that smells of cheese (must be French, in honour of 14th July) but I didn’t manage to get one of those.  I really really want a stripey one – or to be honest, four stripey ones, as there are four available but I don’t spose I will, along with paper, silver and gold

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I found this on a site where there is a hilarious explanation of The Victorian Breakfast.

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also view a breakdown of results or put one of these on your own page!
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