Jun. 8th, 2012

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*waving hands madly*

Yesterday I finished “I Knew Him” – or at least the first draft. I am soo bloody relieved I can’t tell you how I feel. I seriously thought that I’d never get it done, that I couldn’t write any more, that writing was just another nine minute wonder as so many of my “hobbies” are. (competition entering, knitting, crafts, blah blah)

It was purely down to my internet mates prodding me on a regular basis that kept me going, in particular Erin Gregory and Gehayi.

It’s been two years since I started it – June 2010, although I haven’t been writing it for 2 years (despite me sitting with the laptop open every day….) I think I’ve been resting on my laurels because I had three books out last year but I’ve shot myself in the foot because other than “A Brush with Darkness” it’s unlikely in the extreme that this one will come out this year, maybe not even next.

No more murders for me, not ones that need to be solved, at any rate. Crime writers get my deepest respects and the next time I kill off a character I hope it’s in some Regency alley with no witnesses. Murder must have been so easy back then!

I need to add some detail in, and of course edit it like mad, because as Gehayi can attest my relationship with punctuation—whilst better than it was—could still be called “casual” at best. Commas are other people’s worries, to be honest. :D

Weatherwise, we are still deep in the grip of drought here in Norfolk, with a hosepipe ban, but as it’s been raining non-stop for weeks, it’s handy that we don’t need to use the hosepipes.


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